Work it All Kettlebell Workout

I tried to watch the Super Bowl yesterday, I really did. I even made guacamole for the occasion!


But at the end of the day, I just wasn’t into it. Shane and I ended up just staying home to watch it. And by watch it I mean watch the first half and then becoming disinterested and turning to Breaking Bad instead. Yo.

What can I say? I’m a Midwest girl, not a Northeasterner!

We did end up celebrating with beer and pizza, though. Isn’t that a rule or something?


It felt appropriate, and tasted phenomenal. I picked up a whole wheat pizza crust on sale at the store, and we topped it with tomato sauce, cheese, spinach, and chicken sausage.


My plate – I ate it all but 1/2 a piece, and it was delicious Smile

I did have fun watching the commercials, though. My favorite one was the m&m milk chocolate one where they danced to I’m Sexy And I Know It.

bahaha! Had me cracking up. And lady m&m is so Vanessa Marcil, right?

Workout + Breakfast

This morning I had an early morning client, so about an hour before going to her house, I stopped at the gym to do a lifting workout. I’m still digging the 3/week full body lifting workouts, so this one was a full body workout as well.

Pin It

I plan on publishing a video of some of the exercises on youtube – I’ll edit and post the link as soon as I do Open-mouthed smile

Since I trained directly after working out, I sipped on some BCAA’s until I was able to get home and cook up some breakfast:


scrambled eggs, avocado, rainbow chard, and grapefruit


I haven’t craved eggs for breakfast in a while, but this hit the spot!

I’m in class this week as far as the BIC job goes, and the morning session got cancelled, so I’ve got a few extra hours on my hands. I think I might get started on Shane’s Valentine’s Day gift…

Have a great Monday, loves! Smile

What’s your favorite gym equipment to work out with out of these three: barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells?

What was your favorite Super bowl commercial?

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  1. I love to use kettlebells!

    my favorite commercial was the sketchers one with the french bull dog, probably because I am dieing for a french bulldog!

  2. looks like a great workout! i personally love dumbbells the most… i think just because you have so much freedom to do SO many different types of exercises with them. i personally haven’t used a kettlebell a ton, so i’m sure that would be one of my top favorites too. i need to get one!

  3. Ha! That commercial is awesome. That’s the only part of the superbowl I actually miss not having cable.

  4. I use dumbbell’s the most so I will so them.
    I am not sure I can choose one – but my top 3 are the M&M ones, the Volkswagen and dog one and the Doritos Bird of Prey one! The commercials are the only reason I watch the game 😉

  5. I had such a hard time watching that game. I watched the kick off and then some of the 3rd and 4th quarter. Between that, I was watching Zach and Miri Make a Porno. 😛

    I loved the M&M’s commercial! I wasn’t overly impressed with the rest of them though this year.

  6. just pinned the workout — love KBs! — but i’m unsure of what a few moves are like the step up and goblet squats/lunges.

  7. My favorite was definitely the sweet little dog that lost weight so he could fit out his doggy door :)

  8. I love kettlebells. I was terrified to try them for the longest time, but I’m so glad I got over that. They’re definitely one of my favorite things to use.

  9. That m&m commercial had me in tears. LOVED IT!

  10. I’d love to see your video of this mornings KB workout as there are a couple of moves I am unfamiliar with, the suitcase step ups in particular. Also, did you do each move for 1 minute then move on to the next? Or did you do a certain amount of reps cause I didn’t see anything on reps.

  11. I fell asleep watching the super bowl yesterday because I came down with a nasty cold :( I used to work in advertising so I LOVE the commercials. I really liked the one with the pug/french bull dog racing the greyhounds wearing sketchers shoes. LOL

  12. I love kettlebells but my gym doesn’t have them. I could purchase some, but I’d probably let them collect dust at home.

    My favorite was the Doritos one with the dog.

  13. I pretty much always go for dumbbells but have started using barbells for biceps and I do use BB for squats. Since I can’t do much high impact right now, I am getting into kettlebells doing tabata style workouts for some pretty fantastic cardio workouts.


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