White Dresses and Purple Lips

The thing about weekend trips is Sunday’s come so dang fast! I wish I could stay in Wisconsin just one more day.

Our second day in the cheese state started off pretty slowly. The main plan for the day was to go dress shopping for the lovely Destiny, who’s getting married in September (to Steve:)


After 5 solid hours of wedding dresses, boutiques, sales consultants, and veils, we called it mission complete.


By 4:00, we were all pretty drained. We were in Madison for the day, but didn’t have much energy to explore. So instead, we met up with one of Kim’s friends at Sprecker’s for bloody mary’s and a late lunch:



I ordered a bloody mary and their winter brew since they were on sale for $2! We also all split a spinach artichoke dip appetizer which was quickly devoured.

For my main dish, I went with the barbeque salmon salad which was absolutely fabulous:


However, at that point, I could have eaten my arm and been satisfied, really.

After lunch, we made an obligatory stop by the mall. Kim had a $100 Sephora gift card in her pocket that had to be spent.


Since we were all slap happy by this point, silliness ensued:


I love being in a city where absolutely no one knows me or will ever see me again Open-mouthed smile haha

Although I didn’t intend on buying anything, the aisles upon aisles of makeup whispered sweet nothings to me, and convinced me to leave with some eye stuff, face stuff (? Kim convinced me to buy it,) lip gloss, and eye shadow. What can I say? I released my inner product junkie.

The rest of the night involved jammies, pizza, and a lame-o romantic comedy. It was perfect Smile

How many weddings have you been in, if any?

What’s your favorite make up brand?

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  1. Ive been in 8… And I’m in another this summer! I swear, we’re just at that age.

  2. I’ve been in two weddings, but I wasn’t really that close to the bride either time, which is odd. I can’t wait until some of my besties get married so I can be more involved in the process!
    I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup, but always get foundation from Clinique because everything else makes my face break out. I usually hit the drugstore for everything else unless I’m feeling fancy.

  3. Hey pretty lady!
    I’ve been in two weddings, one of which was in Hawaii! Gotta love destination weddings :)
    Sephora is favorite guilty plessure. Like your friend, I also had a $100 dollar gift card to buy all the make up I wanted. However, $100 dollars really doesn’t go far in Sephora. I ended up buying Makeup Forever Foundation in HD and it’s by far the best foundation I have ever tried. It would be even better if it weren’t so pricey!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

  4. I’ve only been in two (counting my own), but have another this summer. :)

  5. I don’t wear much makeup, but when I do… my foundation is pretty basic (Neutrogena) and I love MAC eye shadow!

  6. What a fun day! I am actually pretty boring when it comes to make up..I don’t use foundation and only use a little bit of mascara and eyeliner at times. So with that said, anything that doesn’t clump my lashes is what I’ll buy. The cheaper the better!

  7. I’ve been in 5 weddings (not counting my own). Mine was last, at least 2 years after the last one that I was in. Talk about feeling like always a bridesmaid never a bride!

  8. I’ve been in six or more weddings that I can think of off the top of my head. Lol. I didn’t keep the dresses… but I was definitely working on a collection! I like Mary Kay… but I don’t really know anything about makeup. I just like Mary Kay ladies. Haha.

  9. love weddings! and love the purple lips! I have been in 2 weddings and have been a ton 😉 always a great time!


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