What Shaped My Fitness History


Lunch was a no-brainer salad over here today. I think Monday’s simply call for it Winking smile


No brainer because I have half a gigantic tub of mixed greens (plus 1 full tub of unopened spinach) that I have to use up before it spoils:



No problemo!


Mixed greens—> edamame + corn—>feta (thanks to Kim for the gift of cheese!) –> avocado slices –> homemade vinaigrette dressing. I also ate a juicy plum on the side Smile


My Fitness History

Earlier today I was reading an article ACE  sent me on 50 events, people, and trends that have shaped the history of fitness.  It was a pretty interesting article, and listed everything from the primitive hunter-gatherer era to gymnastics to Jack LaLane.



RIP Jack (I love my juicer!)

It got me thinking how the past has shaped my fitness history. How did I come to where I am in my fitness journey? When did I start becoming interested in fitness?

9 People, Events, and Trends that Shaped My Fitness History

  1. tee ball – I played tee-ball at the young age of 5, and then continued with softball all the way through 8th grade
  2. Jr. High hang out – my boyfriend at the time worked out at the local gym, so my friend and I would also go and “workout.” What we really did was ate Twix bars from the vending machines and played some racquetball Smile with tongue out
  3. High school volleyball – this was the first time that a team sport made me work out in the off season. So work out I did.
  4. Denise Austin – I would get up in the early morning during high school and complete her two shows between 6 and 7 a.m. Yes, I was a weirdo.
  5. Tae-bo – I remember one summer (one that I was unhealthily obsessed with losing weight during a particularly bad time) I would come home from volleyball camp, and then continue to burn calories by completing a tae-bo   video. But Billy Blanks was pretty awesome. Am I right or am I right?
  6. Yoga class – I took a twice weekly yoga class in college, and became in love with the practice. I still love yoga, but wish I practiced more regularly
  7. Couch 2 5K – Shane and I completed this together my last semester of college, and I finally decided I liked running. Up until this point, I hated it.
  8. Sparkpeople.com – I utilized their (awesome) list of strength training exercise to the fullest during my college years.
  9. Healthy living blogs – This just ignited and set fire to the passion I already had.

I’d say that list pretty much spells it out! Close calls include: Walk Away the Pounds (yes I did this for about a year my last year in college, oy.) Turbo Jam, a big health scare I had my last year of college (this one probably could make the list,) and discovering a love for heavy lifting.


What’s on your list of what’s shaped your fitness history?

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  1. Interesting idea for a post! Mine was playing tennis, age 7 – highschool – then working out in college (elliptical, weights), then running, then spinning, now strength training too. :)

  2. high school sports (volleyball & basketball) definitely shaped my fitness history! one of my ex boyfriends was also really into weight lifting, so he got me into the strength training side of things too. starting to read healhy living blogs about 8 months ago has continued to shape it even more!

  3. Oh I love this! Mine definitely started when I was little (3) when I started dancing. I did ballet, jazz and tap. Tap was my all time favorite though. I wanted to be a rockette so badly! This was all the way through some of high school when the exercising really started. I wanted to be in better shape and prepared for marching season. So, I would workout to Gilad, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda and Cher (yeah looking back that was super funny to think about). I have worked out in the traditional since! Over the past 10 years, I’ve really started focusing on weight lifting and body sculpting too! I love fitness, it’s where my heart is!

  4. really cool post! i love seeing what shaped you! body for life was definitely the reason i decided to change for the better.

  5. very cool post and thing to reflect on. I’d say mine were:
    -playing soccer competitively from the ages of 4-19 on school to club to select teams.
    -Couch to 5K (got me loving running too)
    -SparkPeople (their calorie counting program jump started my weight loss)
    -healthy living blogs (exactly what you said about the passion thing)
    -and most recently, bodyrock. It’s only been 3 weeks but I can seriously see this becoming a huge passion/obsession.

  6. Haha, Denise Austin! I’m laughing with you, not at you. :) I think the first workout video that I did with any kind of consistency was Cindy Crawford’s. Seal played in the background! Damn, I wish my copy was on DVD instead of VHS.

  7. I was a pretty lazy kid, it wasn’t until I got my horse that I started getting more active. Funny how I picked a sport that involved sitting on my butt . . .
    We moved him to a barn close to my house after a couple years, so I started walking/running back and forth instead of having my parents drive me. That is where the love for running started.

  8. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    What a fun post! I would have to go with my 10 years on summer league swim team, 2 years of volleyball, 3 years on the dance team, a handful of 5ks, 2 1/2 marathons and one marathon. It’s pretty crazy to write all that out and see what I’ve accomplished!

  9. SO funny – we are on the same wavelength. I drafted a post on the flight out to Cali for work today that’s going up tomorrow that talks about where my passion for healthy living stems from. I love when that happens!!

    Ps. I used to LOVE Tae Bo LOL!

  10. Great post! My true relationship with fitness started with softball as a kid, and evolved a lot after a nasty breakup when I needed to do something for me. Now here I am, running half marathons and loving my healthy living blogs! :)

  11. Your fridge w/all that spinach reminds me of my own! Always have one of those tubs of it in our veggie drawer at ALL times for my daily salad beast lunches.

    What a cool idea for a post. I kinda wanna do my own on what inspired me on my fitness journey! I can tell you the biggest part tho – BLOGS.

  12. Laura @ Backstage Balance says:

    Neat concept! Some things that have influences my fitness life are (in no particular order): my boyfriend’s family and their obsession with running – they are definitely my inspiration for having started myself, my sister’s move to Colorado Sorings where she took up hiking and a more active lifestyle altogether, healthy loving blogs and the 2010 Healthy Living Summit and 2019 Foodbuzz Festival (riding a bike through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate bridge!), joining the swim team as a high school freshman.
    Also – I used to work out with Denise Austin in the mornings, too! I loved her shows on Lifetime Tv.

  13. For me, it was the shape.com forums. I was active in them before I discovered healthy living blogs (this was like 2004, so HLBs didn’t really exist) and that’s where I started eating healthy and running and stuff.


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