Wearing My Breakfast

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been putting a little less effort into dinners lately. I just haven’t had the energy or the drive!

Monday we had organic sausage, asparagus, and cheese quesadillas (don’t knock it ‘til you try it?) Tuesday we had chicken tacos, and Wednesday spaghetti and meat sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with this. It’s give and take and this week I wanted to take Smile

Last night my track record carried on with breakfast for dinner. IMG_7147

Hey, at least I fancified it by making omelets! Usually I’ll just do cheesy eggs w/ add-ins, so this is fancy for a typical BFD.


Spinach, org. sausage, and cheese omelets. Yum!

I also made some shredded Brussels on the side. Shane much prefers roasted Brussels sprouts, but I prefer shredded because it takes about 40 minutes less to cook. The chef always wins Winking smile


If you haven’t tried it shredded, you should give it a go!

Apparently we were both feelin’ the breakfast for dinner, because an hour later, we each grabbed a bowl of cereal. PB Cheerios for me, and Krave, which is probably the best cereal ever, for Shane.


Just for funsies, I measured out one serving of cereal:


Isn’t that pathetic? After measuring, I proceeded to tip the box into my bowl for one Paige size serving.


Thaaat’s more like it Open-mouthed smile

Wearing My Breakfast

Isn’t yogurt + honey a great combination?? However, this time it’s not what you think…

Nope, that’s not this morning’s breakfast! In fact, I didn’t eat this at all. Rather, I wore it! Remember a while back when I posted about my favorite natural products? Well, one of them was Korres’ yogurt mask which has unfortunately it’s been discontinued. For a couple months, I didn’t replace it. Then it hit me.

I’ve always heard about and wanted to make my own yogurt mask, and the other morning before work (while sipping my coffee,) I finally did it.



Yogurt Mask

2 tbsp. yogurt (I used 2% Greek)
1 tsp. honey
Sprinkle of turmeric (optional)

Mix contents and spread onto face. Allow the mixture to sit on skin for about 15 minutes, and then wash off.

The result is smooth, soft, glowing, clear skin. It’s pretty incredible. I almost never do face masks anymore (I did them all the time several years ago…and I’m not sure why I stopped!) but I plan on doing this mask once or twice a week!

This morning’s a bit different for me, schedule-wise. I have a client here in a few minutes, and a doctor’s appointment later in the morning. My plan is to attempt to get in a workout in between if I have enough time.

Happy Friday! Open-mouthed smile

Do you ever wear face masks? If so, what kind?

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  1. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    A yogurt mask! Genius…

    I think I would be too tempted to want to eat my face off if I put that baby on. I’m going to schedule a facial soon at a new spa to help get some of the gunk and grime out of my pores. I usually try to wash my face in the shower in the evening, but I never really feel like I get it FULLY clean. Maybe I should start masking it up…

  2. Ooooh! I used to do an avocado mask but haven’t in years. I wonder what the tumeric does? Tighten and firm??

  3. I love eggs for breakfast or any time of the day! I’ve made my own mask with avocado, oats and honey! Love it!

  4. Haha, I love the mask picture! I haven’t used a face mask in years. I’ll have to try this one though sometime!
    By the way, do you shred the brussel sprouts yourself?! and how do you do so??

  5. i’ve seen a couple posts lately about these yogurt masks! need to give them a try!

  6. I really need to get my hands on a box of those pb cheerios and now I want those crave ones! I never do face masks but this one sounds so easy I may need to give it a try!

  7. Those PB cheerios are so good. Much better than the dulce de leche kind, in my opinion.

  8. Breakfast for dinner is the best! Cereal portions are kind of crazy. Seriously, how can that be enough to fill you up? I bet that mask felt so good! I don’t do them often enough. I need to get back at them.

  9. I’ve never done a face mask and haven’t even heard of this yogurt thing! But, I have all those things on hand all the time so I guess I should try it! Definitely when I’m alone though, I can just see my husband’s expression if he saw that on my face, ha!

    • I was turned around when he came in the room, and I was like, “warning, I have a face mask on!” lol, I didn’t tell him I made it myself though 😉

  10. I will have to try that face mask!! I’ve never really used one before, so I’d be interested to see what it does for me. And I’ve never had shredded brussels sprouts. They look good! How do you make them?

    • I just shred mine in the food processor and then sautee them on the stove in some butter or olive oil with s&p. Delicious!

  11. I’m all about breakfast for dinner…love it! 😀 And what a neat face mask idea – I RARELY do them but it seems like it would be fun and I like this combo.

  12. that face mask sounds interesting! i need to try it! i can’t remember the last time i did a face mask… it’s honestly something i just never really think of. i definitely should start though.

  13. Krave really is the best cereal of all time. I wonder what would happen if you mix them with the pb cheerios? Don’t try it- the world may end… let’s just contemplate the glory of it, instead…

  14. that omelet is gorgeous!!!

  15. I really have to agree with you on how lame cereal serving sizes are! I also am like, hmm well I want a bowl, not 3/4 of a cup!

    Also, I totally feel omelets for dinner way more than for bfast! :)

  16. haha! atleast you know its legit to lick your face 😉

  17. I just posted a shredded sprouts recipe this week- and I 100% agree, they are so much better and easier! And I have yet to find the pb cheerios at my local grocery store, but that Krave cereal is out of control delicious. I almost wish I never found it. Almost.

  18. A serving of cereal is nothing!! I seriously fill my bowl to the top! :-)


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