That’s Not Gym Etiquette?

When I went to bed last night, I knew today would be a steady state cardio day workout-wise, but I didn’t set an alarm. I thought that if I woke up I would do it before work and if I didn’t wake up on time, it’d happen after.

Low and behold, I woke up on time – on time enough to get in 45 minutes and 8 chapters of my book on the elliptical.

IMG_7008 IMG_7009

(don’t mind my morning face!)

This is the first time I’ve worked out on the elliptical in probably a month. Lately I’ve just been jogging/running for my steady state days because I find it more fun.  But today I didn’t feel like leaving the house – and I ran yesterday – so elliptical it was!


After ellipticalling and showering, breakfast called:


Eggs ‘n veggies

I haven’t had eggs over medium in a while, and these totally hit the spot! The broccoli trees sopped up the egg yolk perfectly.



That’s Gym Etiquette?

Remember a while back when I posted about common gym pet peeves that don’t peeve me – or really bother me at all?

Well this morning I was reading an article on Yahoo Shine on gym etiquette and I realized I needed to add one to the list: People wearing street clothes in the gym

Maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t bother me at all. Unless you’re wearing something that’s either smelly or completely distracting (read: disgusting.) I may give someone in jeans the side eye the first time I them, but they wouldn’t necessarily…irritate me. Same goes with girls in sports bras, guys in short shorts, etc – as long as it’s not offensive.


Nope, I don’t mind jeans in the gym at all  Winking smile

This also made me LOL because I’ve come home to see Shane working out in jeans and business shoes before (and worse, hahah) when he’s working out at home.

Off to class! I’m late, gotta go! Have a good Thriday Open-mouthed smile

Does it bother you when people where street clothes in the gym?

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  1. I don’t currently belong to a gym, but when I did I wasn’t too consumed with what people were wearing. I guess I was more annoyed if the person was SUPER smelly! What a way to ruin a good workout!

  2. Yep, I’m with ya on this one! I could care less what other people are wearing/doing unless it’s unsafe or interferes with me. Example: last night an older man was walking around the gym doing lateral raises with 12.5lb-ers and literally almost smacked me in the face with one of them. THAT ticked me off. The girls in sports bras, dudes in khakis, older guys in short-shorts — I barely even notice and definitely don’t care!

  3. I don’t think bother me is the word. I do think it’s strange but that’s about it. I work out at the YMCA and a lot of old men come in and get in the bike in boat shoes/loafers and old old women walk on the TM in their dress pants. It makes me laugh.

  4. I don’t workout at a gym but when I did years ago I could care less what people were wearing…what used to get me were the women who’d come in for a training session and have their hair done, full makeup and nails and then tell me not to make them sweat because they didnt want to ruin their makeup! now that was odd!

  5. I hate when people wear street clothes at the gym. Another thing I saw this am that made me mad a girl came in in her sunglasses and was with s trainer and didn’t take her sunglasses off, I was like really that’s rude

  6. I agree with you, jeans just wouldn’t bug me. I personally wouldn’t do it as it would be the most uncomfortable workout ever, but each their own. :)

  7. I am not at all bothered by someone else’s appearance at the gym. Really, I could care less what other people where to the gym, as long as they have all the private parts properly covered.

  8. When Ulysses works out at home, he never changes from his work clothes. Granted, his work cloths are not business attire at all, but still. It doesn’t really bother me, but I do think it’s weird!

  9. I see people wearing inappropriate clothing to the gym all the time. And it’s not just jeans (and shoes that should definitely not be worn on the treadmill). I also don’t understand when people wear sweatpants or yoga pants in spin class- I’m always afraid that they’re going to get all tangled in the bike!!

  10. I wouldn’t wear jeans to the gym myself, but to be fair, its a bit of a stretch getting me to wear real clothes anywhere if I don’t have to. But I don’t really care what anyone else wears. Well, within reason. I still get irritated when I think about the girl that used to wear a super short skirt to the gym. I’m sorry, but if I can see your bits, that is not appropriate gym attire.

  11. I actually enjoy when people wear thing’s that aren’t the ‘norm’ at the gym so I can people watch when I am on the cardio machines. They don’t distract me when I am lifting weights either as it’s all about me being focused on myself.

    Your breakfast looks great!

  12. It doesn’t “bother” me, but I think it is really funny to see people working out in jeans. So much, so, that I made a whole blog dedicated to it:
    So, next time you see someone working out in jeans (even your husband!), snap a picture and send it my way so I can have a little giggle.


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