Proud of Myself

Wow. I think I might have set a record for me – finishing a box of cereal in a mere 2 days.


Last night after dinner (uhh more leftovers…they’re going in the freezer now!) I polished off this box of peanut butter Cheerios that I opened on Sunday night:


What can I say? I get on cereal kicks from time to time Embarrassed smile

Shane might have had one measly bowl, but the rest was all me, baby! Is it bad that I sort of feel proud? I think I may have found my seasonal obsession’s replacement…

Workout + Breakfast

This week’s just brimming with firsts! This morning for the first time in probably 6 months, I set my alarm clock.


(Obsessed with Jesse PInkman Breaking Bad much?)

I’ve somehow trained myself to wake up around 6:15, which gives me enough time to get to the gym and work out, take care of blog bizznass, train any morning clients, and then get ready to head into the BIC for a few hours.

However, since I’m at class full time and have to be at the BIC earlier this week, I had to wake up an hour earlier to hit the gym.

Before going to bed, I told myself that if I didn’t feel well-rested, I didn’t have to wake up. I’ve already planned for this week to be an easier week workout-wise. However, when the alarm sounded, I felt surprisingly refreshed, and headed for the gym to do the following HIIT workout.

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I was only at the gym for about 40 minutes include 5 minutes of stretching, and I was on my way – and covered in sweat!

After a much needed shower, I grabbed up breakfast and was headed out the door:


I ate this breakfast in transit – Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, pumpkin, small handful of dry oats, stevia, currants, and almond butter. AKA, fantabulous.


Packed up and ready to go.

Off to day 3 of class…have a lovely Wednesday Smile

What’s your favorite cereal of the moment?

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  1. I am loving me some honey nut Chex right now! Straight out of the box, by handfuls :)

  2. I don’t usually eat much cereal – but I love Kashi Toasted Berry Crumble over Greek yogurt with bananas.

  3. My body seems to have an internal alarm clock too. I pretty much sleep 8 hours no matter when I go to bed, but it is very rare for me to get up past 7 on the weekends and I get up at 5 15 through the week!

  4. I want to try that cereal but worry it won’t last long! :)

  5. HOW have I not seen the pb cheerios?? I am OBSESSED with PB – if I had that in the house, I’m sure they wouldn’t last more than a day. Good thing I haven’t found them yet 😉

  6. I have never been a huge cereal person and rarely eat it BUT I do now love cereal in my yogurt and smoothie bowls, but only eat one kind – Multigrain Cheerios! I have not found the PB ones here yet but cannot wait for when I do. I am hoping I find them when we are south in a few short weeks :)

  7. I have been to Target twice since I’ve spotted those cheerios on the blogs and am YET to find them. Every other flavor is there. No peanut butter. Whomp whomp…

    However, I did pick up the caramel ones- we’ll see how long they last once the box opens…

    • I was thisclose to grabbing that Krave cereal you mentioned the other day, too. It was on sale, but I had a coupon for the Cheerios.

  8. I really want to try those Cheerios! They probably have D3 in them though, which I avoid. They look so so good. I eat a lot of cereal too :)

  9. strong work on the box of cereal! 😉 i rarely ever buy cereal because i have absolutely no self control with it. plus, it’s so darn expensive. i DO still want to try out those peanut butter cheerios though…

  10. I still haven’t found those peanut butter cheerios on the shelves of my grocery store, but I have been looking! Right now my favorite cereal is kashi go lean crisp: toasted berry crumble. Sooo good!

  11. I went to hunt them down last weekend and to my dismay they were not there. I did pick up the Kellogg’s Krave cereal with the chocolate in the middle, which have been an unfortunate discovery for my attempts at cutting out sweets… but a handful never hurt nobody :)

  12. I LOVE cereal! I go through kicks as well – polishing off boxes faster than I care to admit. But hey – everything in moderation, right? :)

  13. Yeah, cereal is a downfall of mine, too. Gotta try those PB Cheerios. I eat mine in a cup so I can consciously know my intake.

  14. sometimes cereal is where it’s at. snack of champions, followed up by veggies of course. right?

  15. PB Cheerios??? MUST. FIND. NOW.

  16. I can’t stop myself around good cereal either! And that workout looks great. Just pinned it. :)

  17. I too downed the box of PB cheerios I had and I replaced it with the banana nut cheerios and I love those even more!

  18. Im completely in love with Kashi flakes and berries right now. They have freeze dried strawberries AND raspberries in there. When I realized that, it may have been the greatest moment of my life. Obviously, I’m not exaggerating at all.

  19. I am desperate to find PB cheerios! My hunt continues 😉 That workout looks beastly!

  20. mmm look at that hunk o burnin’ love of almond butter! gimme some of dat! i sent my brother on the hunt for a good whey protein powder yesterday for himself. i’m all about the make your own pea/brown rice on true protein but i told him to get optimum nutrition whey!

  21. I have got to try out that cereal!

    And I am definitely pinning that workout. I need to get speedier. :-)

  22. I like your treadmill plan! My husband got me a used treadmill for my home gym for my birthday. With a gym in my house I can sleep an extra 30 minutes!!

  23. Oh. I have been DYING to try the pb cheerios. Favorite is definitely pb puffins!

  24. i LOVE cheerios!!!! no shame in a cereal love affair. i’m with you.

  25. i am proud of you, too, sister! yes!


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