Online Oops

Happy Brunch Sunday! Smile

Shane and I love going to Swinger’s Grille for brunch after church on Sundays, and that’s exactly what we did today. Well sort of. But more on that in a second.

Today we headed there with our friends Heidi and Doug to feast. Swinger’s Grille probably serves THE best brunch in town. They have coffee, mimosas, an omelet buffet, a huge fruit and crudite bar, a fancy make-your-own-Belgian-waffle station, and more.


recycled picture (from this brunch) but my plate looked the same. Plus, Shane and I shared a Belgian waffle drizzled in buttah and maple syrup.

And the dessert…oh the dessert! Unfortunately, I could not partake this time around, but you can see the damage we did to the dessert table the last time we brunched. While it may be the best brunch in town, it’s also the priciest, so we try to go only once or twice a month after church now.

Online Oops

Before brunch, this morning has actually been pretty wonky!

Last night we ordered Chinese takeout, and then watched some lame movie, and were both passed out on the couch by 10:00. (Let it be known I am completely OK with that. I’m one who doesn’t mind sitting at home doing basically nothing…in fact I think it’s one of the finer things in life!)


Somehow I continued to sleep 9.5 more hours, and when I woke up at 7:30, I was both surprised and impressed that I slept for so long. But that also meant I had to move my arse if I wanted to squeeze in a workout before church.

I only had about an hour to get in a workout and get back home to shower, but I went anyway to get in a little treadmill run:


3.2 miles including warm up and cool down…most certainly better than nothin’ Smile

Then I scurried out the door, stopped by GJ to pick up to-go coffee’s, and headed home.


with just enough time to snap a pic Winking smile…. pre-shower, make-up, or anything else except deodorant.

Only instead of coming home to a showered and ready-to-go husband, I came home to a slightly panicked husband who had started what he thought would be a “super simple online test” for one of his classes. He was sorely mistaken, as the test had lots of multiple choice questions as well as essay. You know how once you start an online test there’s no goin’ back? Yeah…church was skipped in lieu of Shane passing his test. Doh! We intend on Joel Osteen-ing it later.

I was a bit peeved at first that I could have done more in my workout, but really oh well. I remember taking online classes, and I’d be so nervous after hitting the “BEGIN” button to take an exam – it felt like I was getting a sentencing.



I loved the flexibility of online classes, but sometimes the good ol’ computer would have a hiccup, and I’d be ejected from the test/quiz/project and unable to get back in. I remember that panicky feeling. The professors were usually cool about, but still, not a good feeling. I actually preferred hybrid classes best – ones that met every once in a while, but for the most part had its material online.

Instead I used the time to practice my presentation again. By the way, practicing a 30 minute + presentation takes a long time to practice! Like 30 minutes plus, haha.

Now that we are both good and stuffed, we’re heading to Shane’s dad house to go “do work.” We’re still helping his clear out his house to sell, and today’s the grand finale! Since Shane’s dad lives kinda near my parents’ town, I also plan on visiting them. Should be a nice little Sunday afternoon!

Have you ever taken an online class? Do you prefer online or regular classes more?

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  1. I prefer the old school way. I like the interaction with other people in regular classes vs. online.

  2. Hitting submit is the worst feeling everrr!

  3. I have never taken an online course but taking online tests (like the gre’s) are horrible. Hitting submit and knowing your score is going to pop right up is the worst feeling. It’s like the computer has no consideration for your feelings haha. Glad I haven’t had to do one in a while.

  4. haha – agreed – it does feel like a sentencing. I feel like anxiety cat when I take online quizzes 😛 Like something tragic may happen and I will not be able to finish the quiz and there are no takesy-backseys – yipes!

    Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Still seems like a great Sunday to me! :) MULU

  5. So glad I read this post! I’ve taken a couple online classes through my master’s program, but they were all with professors that I’d already taken real classes with, so I could go talk to them anytime.

    This summer I’m taking some online classes for my dietetics program before I actually head back to school in the fall. One is completely online (sociology) and one is hybrid (public speaking… although there IS a completely online choice for that, haha). I’m a little nervous even though they’re very basic classes just because I don’t want anything to go wrong!

    • LOL I cannot possibly imagine how they would do an online speech class? Web casts? But doesn’t that still defeat the purpose?

  6. i have done both, i like online classes because i can do things on my own time. but do really like a classroom setting.

  7. I have taken online classes and have had a ton of online work to do for regular classes and, you’re right…while it’s convenient and awesome, there are those ‘freak-out’ moments when there is a computer glitch or you just aren’t exactly sure you are doing and submitting the right thing! Glad things worked out, though!

  8. Hey at least you got some kind of workout in! Have a great week :)

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