Not Really a Rant & a Walking Incline Treadmill Workout

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Can I vent for a minute? Shane’s sick and doesn’t want to hear it, and maybe I’ll erase this right after typing it if it’s cathartic enough just to do that again, but homegirl needs to vent.

Friends, it has been a DAY. Upon powering up my work lap top, to my surprise it didn’t in fact, power on, but instead read “fan error.” Ok fine, I’ll go to work and get it fixed. That’s all fine and dandy until I get to work and find out it’s flat out done. Bit the dust. Instead of my lap top, I get a temporary one…one that I spend 2 hours trying to sign on the dang thing alone. That, and the work is piling on for this part-timer.

By 12:30, I finally had a working lap top (finally!!!)IMG_2530

Look! I have that lap top’s finally working glow…aka the light from the screen


Oh, hey guys! Happy Tuesday Smile

Haha, OK, so you could say yesterday was a stressful day.  But today’s a new day and I’m dang sure it’s going to be a good one.

It at least sure started off on a good note!


Yesterday I kinda dragged through my workout. I went through the motions until the workout was done and then trudged back out the door. Today, however, was quite a different story! I got to the gym bright and early to do a walking treadmill interval workout. I haven’t done a walking workout on the treadmill in a long time, and I always forget how effective they can be if ya crank up that incline Smile

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I finished up with some light stretching and was back home an hour from when I left. Back home, I added a 15 minute Niko walk to the cool down Smile


I really wanted pancakes, but I just gave my Vitamix a good scrub down and was feeling uber lazy. So instead, I made a variation of my banana split breakfast parfait:


Layered in a bowl: cottage cheese + yogurt, almond flour, strawberries, and bananas, sprinkled with oats on top.

It was yummy, but I used a vanilla Greek yogurt when I usually use plain. Plain yogurt for the win!

Time to get ready for work. I’ve got to put in a few hours at the office as well as train a couple clients. Have a good day Open-mouthed smile

How do your cardio workouts typically look?

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  1. love walking workouts occasionally! this one looks great!

  2. On the treadmill I try and do sprints and more intervals to make the time to go faster, switching the speed and/or incline every few minutes is key for me. On the elliptical I can read magazines so typically that is my more relaxed cardio.

  3. Days like that suck. I’m sorry. :(

    But good thing is it’s over and this is a new day. Even if it’s Tuesday. I’ll wish you the best of luck. :)

  4. oh man, sorry it was such a rough day yesterday girl! i hope today has started out much better for you! :) love the looks of that walking incline workout… it’s been awhile since i’ve done one too, so i should work it in to my workout schedule this week!

  5. I love walking work-outs for my non-run days or when I just need to change things up! This one looks great and challenging :) Sorry Shane is sick … there isn’t much worse than that haha

  6. Oh girl, i feel ya! take the night off away from computers. But thanks for this workout. pinning it!

  7. hahahah i love your nonrant. hang in there!

  8. I HATE computer issues! I also hate that my website is jacked up and I can’t figure out what to do to fix it. I feel your pain.

    I am learning to change up my cardio. It’s been a little weird, but I know the days I’m not feeling my all, I take it a little easier. That incline workout looks like a good one! I bet your legs were burning! I hope your day is better!

  9. Sorry you had a rough day, everyone deserves to vent sometimes :-) I used to do walking incline workouts and loved them. When I join a gym and have access to a treadmill, I definitely want to give it a try!


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