My Last Bowl of Ice Cream

Good morning!

Last night after training an impromptu client, I was so tempted to just pick up Chipotle for dinner. Quick and convenient.

But then I thought about the $100 I spent on groceries this weekend and just couldn’t justify getting carry outs for the second time this week.

So I made my own Chipotle:IMG_7134

Chicken tacos!

All I did was: boil two organic chicken breasts in some water, and then tossed them in the kitchenaide stand mixer along w/ Mexican spices, shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa. After about 45 seconds on “stir,” I had seasoned, spiced, sauced, and shredded chicken for the tacos:


So easy. So good.

My Last Bowl of Ice Cream

I also had dessert last night…as I do every single night. It was yummy. Just as it is every single night.

Now, as some of you might know, today is Ash Wednesday – the start of Lent. While I am not a Catholic (I grew up Lutheran, but now Shane and I go to a non-denominational church) I decided I was still going to participate in lent this year.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while now about what I was going to give up for lent. First, I thought of giving up wine. But then Shane suggested getting a new wine fridge and it was like a sign from God telling me not to nix the wine. (is it horrible to joke about that? Winking smile)

I wanted it to be something that would actually be a sacrifice, and thus the choice was pretty easy. To make it official, I decided to vlog about (Niko makes an appearance, too…dog vlog!)


And just to qualify what counts as a sweet:

  • ice cream
  • candy
  • chocolate
  • baked goods

Basically, anything that can qualify as a “dessert” and has added sugar.  Here goes nothin’!…


Have a great day, all! Mine is starting out bright and early because I couldn’t sleep. I plan on getting my workout in before an afternoon client, so I’ve just been drinking coffee and experimenting with a homemade face mask (gotta share that one with ya!) I’ve got a client to train here in a little bit, though, so I better get ready!


Do you give up anything for Lent? Will you be giving up anything this year?

Do you think I’m insane for giving up sweets? Smile with tongue out

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  1. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    Do I think your crazy? Yes. But I don’t think your AS crazy because you decided NOT to give up wine :) I think you made a good choice.

  2. great going on making your own :)
    and nope you’re not insane to give up sweets! :)

  3. Wow–you are the second person now who I’ve read about giving up sweets entirely for Lent. I am inspired–might have to jump on the bandwagon!

  4. I’m doing anything with added sugar – which includes lots of condiments, etc. It’s a challenge but it’s not supposed to be easy, right?

  5. I think it’s great that you are going to give something up for Lent even though you aren’t Catholic! As a Catholic, I am giving up picking at my cuticles for Lent. It is one of my bad habits that I truly struggle with and my hands are disaster because of it.

  6. I’m Jewish, so I don’t give up anything, but good luck to you! No sweets would be a really hard one for me.

  7. Good luck! One year I gave up processed white flour, which was EXTREMELY difficult.

  8. good for you for giving up sweets, I thought about doing this but didn’t know if I have the will power, no fro yo for 40 days! I don’t participate in lent but my boyfriend does it for fun! and wanted me to join but I couldn’t think of what to give up and I have given up drinking for 30 days so i decided that was my lent

  9. Excellent idea. I gave chocolate up one year and had absolutely no issues. You can do it!

  10. Oh man! I wish you the best of luck. Rarely do I give up something for the 40 days, but take on something new. Most times, this means going to church on a weekly visit- but I know I should probably be doing this anyway…

    I’ll be spending the day thinking about my options…

  11. oh man, good for you girl! giving up sweets would be a challenge for me, that’s for sure. i know it’d be good for me though… i’m not giving up anything for lent this year, mostly just because i haven’t put a ton of time into thinking about it.

  12. Ahh sweets is a huge thing to give up, but definitely something I need to try because sometimes I think I am addicted to sugar.. :-( maybe next year! This year I actually want to give up negative self talk. I know this is a subconscious struggle for me, but I hope by focusing on what I am thinking I will more likely be able to stifle those negative thoughts!

  13. your not insane for giving up sweeets! thats a good one!
    I love your dog vlog! haha

  14. love niko’s help in vlog :)

    we’re on the same wavelength! i have really had trouble with sweets since the holidays, so i’m pretty much doing the same. no added sugars, but natural sweeteners will be okay (honey, agave, maple). i just need to nix the afternoon work snacks!

    • I was gonna say…it would be a SIN for you to give up all sweeteners with those yummy baked goods that come out of your kitchen! :)

  15. I never grew up going to church, let alone catholic church, so I don’t follow lent (I have before just for fun). I think part of the problem with it is that it’s like a diet – unsustainable. I’m working on finding a balance in my life, so lent isn’t the best plan for me. Plus, starting this past October I’ve had to cut out soy, gluten, pasteurized milk and white sugar (okay… sorta on the sugar) so I think I’ve given up enough this year…

  16. I am giving up chocolate and fried foods (no more steal fries from my kids when we go out to dinner).
    My kids are giving up ice cream, but made me promise that I will let them have it for breakfast on Easter morning. : )

  17. I guess you will be eating lots of fruits for the next 40 days. Boo can’t watch the vlog at work :(

  18. This year I’m giving up meat for lent. I just want to see how creative I can get with my meals!

  19. Although we’re Christians, my husband and I were just remarking that we’ve both never given anything up for Lent as many do each year…Think how incredible you’ll feel without that extra sugar! I have some in my dessert every night, much like you…so I’m excited to follow your journey and hear how it goes! Way to go for committing to that, Paige. :)

  20. I gave up ice cream one year and those were the longest 40 days of my life! This year I am going the unconventional route and giving up negative self-talk!


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