Mid-Morning Snack Bad for You?

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I’m happy to report today is going MUCH better than yesterday. Swimmingly, I’d even call it! Now that’s something for a Tuesday, right Amy?

It’s been a productive day at the office, and while I don’t have my own lap top back just yet, I was able to get in almost 45 minutes early and have been crossing items off my Outlook task list left and right  Smile

Mid Morning Snack Bad for You?

If you’re like me, this morning around 10:30 a.m. it was snack time.



Today’s snack was a little light, but I’ll often have a mid morning snack. Whether it’s fruit, trail mix, or whatever I grab in the fridge, a mid morning snack happens for me 75% of the time. Can you relate?

What if that mid-morning snack was sabotagging your healthy eating habits?

According to a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association dieters who avoid snacking after a healthy breakfast lost 11% of their body weight, while their snacking counterparts lost an average of 7%.

The article went on to say that while it doesn’t conclude that snacking is bad, but that mid morning snacking might be a reflection of another factor, such as mindless eating habits rather than eating because of actual hunger.

The study seems pretty thorough and non-biased to me, but you can read the article for yourself here.

My conclusion? My mid-morning snack happens so a) my rumbling stomach doesn’t interrupt anyone’s presentation during a meeting and b) I don’t think about hunger instead of the task at hand Winking smile


A couple hours after my mid-morning snack, I was ready for lunch. This week I’m back to working half days at the office, and today I tried bringing my smoothie and keeping it cold while I worked.

Cement Green smoothie when made:


My contraption for keeping smoothie cold:


Frozen aluminum foil around the cup, next to an ice pack, in an insulated bag. It worked out pretty well! I also have a Luna bar to eat before training a client later.

Back to work!

Do you have a mid-morning snack? If so, do you eat it out of hunger or habit?

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  1. I have a mid-morning snack pretty much every day of the week work. I’d go crazy without it and my stomach would be rumbling like mad – not good for meetings, as you said. :)

  2. Both, I’d say. Even if I am not hungry at the 10-10:30am mark I eat a snack because I know I will be hungry soon and if I do not eat it isn’t pleasant. My hunger likes to sneak up quick on me!

  3. I try to eat 6 small meals a day so I have a mid morning snack because I am legit hungry at 10:30 sometimes even before that. But there are days where I may eat it out of habit because I also think it is helpful to eat every 3 hours.

  4. I eat my breakfast at 6am, and my lunch isn’t until 1:00. If I didn’t have my mid morning snack I think I might just die.

  5. Definitely have a morning snack everyday. I would say 90% of the time its because I’m hungry and the other days just because of habit. I just couldn’t make it that long between breakfast and lunch!

  6. Lunch is usually small for me since I work out after I get off work, so mid-morning snack = must.

  7. I usually eat breakfast around 8 a.m. and an early lunch around 11 a.m. I find that if I need a mid-morning snack, it’s because my breakfast wasn’t filling enough. When I need one, I try to make it fruit or raw veggies.

  8. I have a mid morning and a mid afternoon snack. They definitely help keep my productivity up. I need to start bringing smoothies to the office and not just reserving them for the weekend!

  9. Heck YES I have a morning snack! In fact, I just implemented a bunch of smaller, more frequent meals into my eats so these will DEFINITELY continue.

    But it’s kind of inevitable when you wake up at the crack of dawn 8)

  10. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    I have to eat a mid-morning snack otherwise I will be weak and famished by the time lunch rolls around. I try to get some protein and carbs into my breakfast to keep me fuller longer, so usually I eat yogurt or some fruit as a snack before lunch.

  11. A little off topic but Aldi on Veterans has big containers of FAGE 0% for 99 cents!! The expiration is on Thursday but the rate you eat smoothies…you should stock up like I did tonight!!!

  12. I don’t do mid morning snacks, but I do afternoon snacks! I HAVE to have them. I eat often throughout the day though, so it works for me!

  13. I don’t have a mid morning snack because (1) there’s no time! We have five minutes in between classes and I’m usually frantically prepping for the next group and (2) our planning/lunch is from 10:30-12:00. Usually I’ll eat a piece of fruit as soon as the kiddos leave and then eat lunch with coworkers at 11:30. How far away from lunch does it have to be to be considered a snack?

    Longest comment, ever.


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