Let’s Be Real Here

Do you ever gone into Sunday evening wishing there was just one more day to the weekend?…

OK let’s be real here: do you ever gone into Sunday evening NOT wishing there were one more day left of the weekend? Winking smile

Yeah, yesterday was definitely one of those Sunday’s. I think it was the whole, being in a car from the hours of 9:30-1:30 thing, but there was just not enough time yesterday.

Speaking of the car ride, after I got home yesterday afternoon, it was such a beautiful day that if I didn’t get out and enjoy it I just might burst. So, immediately after unpacking (aka, dumping my bag into the laundry basket) I laced up my running shoes and headed out for a run, and followed up with a Niko walk.


I ran about 4.5 miles, and then cooled down another 15 minutes during the walk. Soaking up some sunshine felt wonderful, but after a shower, it was like the day was over!

The remainder of yesterday was spent getting groceries with Shane, picking up some Noodles and Co. for dinner:



We both got Pad Thai because we’d never had theirs before, but loooove Pad Thai.


It was good, but not nearly as yummy as our favorite Thai restaurant.

The rest of the night included some cleaning and relaxing Smile

Workout & Breakfast

This morning I woke up and begrudgingly got dressed for a workout. It was definitely one of those days where staying in my robe would feel SO much better, but I knocked out a quick, 40 min. strength workout:

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Done and done! Then I was on to my client’s house to train her.

Once I was back in the door, I immediately made breakfast.


Protein pancakes – made the exact same way as I made them a few days ago.

Usually I’ll take a shower and get dressed before making breakfast, but today I felt like if I didn’t eat before showering, I just might wither away. A little melodrama for your Monday Winking smile

These pancakes took care of that little problem! Delish!IMG_7102


And now, I’m off to shower and get ready to head into the office. I’ve also got a few clients after work, so it’s going to be a long one today.

Don’t forget to enter the House of Tsang sauces giveaway! You’ve only got today left Open-mouthed smile

How are you going into the work week on this Monday?

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  1. A lot of our Sundays seem to just blur by since we don’t get home from church until almost 1. At least we both kicked off the week well with quick full body workouts!

  2. mmm i had an oat pancake with banana slices toooo. it was delish! i’m so overly and weirdly in love with bananas right now haha i can’t get enough!

  3. I hate Sunday car rides home…definitely makes you wish there was one more day! Nice workout! I need to eat something and then it’s running time with my son. The weather is beautiful today so we are heading to the park for an outside run! I’m actually looking forward to it. Crazy! Have a great day Paige!

  4. This work week is starting quite begrudgingly over here. Yesterday felt way too short (as always), every one has today off (except me & you it feels like) and I have to leave for a work trip Sunday morning! yuck.
    at least i had a kick ass cereal combo for breakfast and am still enjoying my coffee now :)

  5. I am one of few people I know around here that isn’t working. I’m excited for the day off, but it’s so quiet around here! meh!

  6. I haven’t really had my weekend yet! I have been working/volunteering for a curling tournament, but today I am hoping I have “off” and can stay home for the day, only answering calls from home.

  7. I wish I had President’s Day off! I have a long day today and am feeling a little tired, but I’m going to get in a workout and then I’ll be good!

  8. I am trying to start my Mobday off on a positive note! After a week-long indulgence session, I am ready to get back into my regular routine! Those protein pancakes look so great, a perfect way to start Monday on a healthy and delicious note!

  9. I totally know what you mean about wanting a weekend to be over! Have a great week! :)

  10. hahaha i was thinking your first let’s be real thing before you said it.. hilarious. it’s like you read my mind! I love pad thai, too. YUM

  11. Ah, the dreaded Sunday blues. I know them too well. And Sunday always seem to go by waaaay too fast. I love Noodles & Co. but have to agree that their Pad Thai isn’t the best. Your protein cakes look delish though! I’m seeing different variations all over the blog world today – I think everyone but me had them this weekend!

  12. I have GOT to try protein pancakes!! I think I’m the only person who hasn’t tried them!

  13. I could seriously eat shrimp pad Thai every day and every meal. love it! Have you ever tried making your own? Alton brown has a recipe that looks pretty legit but I haven’t braved it quite yet.

    Also, I lived off of noodles and co in college. Then I got food poisoning and it sort of ruined it for me. I did go back again for their buttered noodles and Parmesan recently and it is still, in fact, delicious.

  14. I’m still on uni holidays but we go back in a few weeks…that is going to be a BIG shock to the system!


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  5. […] long protein pancake kick (at least for now) helloo savory […]

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