Late Night Java Tooth

Last night’s presentation ended up going really well Smile

Like I said yesterday, I was a bit nervous, but after I got going, my nerves left the building (Lindsay, you were right!) I think the audience really enjoyed it, too, which is always such a bonus Winking smile One super weird thing that happened in the middle of the presentation? A thunderstorm going on outside. In February. In Illinois. And so this weird winter continues.

The meeting was at 6:30, which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of my usual dinner time. In order not to have a hungry tummy while presenting, I ate a small(ish) dinner before heading out – pizza!

No, I didn’t eat the whole thing Winking smile I’ve had this four cheese pizza from Aldi’s in the freezer for months, and finally dug into it last night. I went for three of the four flavors –  the roquefert, goat cheese, and cheddar,  along with a simple salad with ranch before heading out.


I ended up throwing the roquefert slice out after one bite because it tasted like feet. Bleh! Confused smile

And then when I got home around 8, I went had another snack of apple cinnamon Chobani w/ some Cheerios.


…and coffee? Well, decaf coffee Smile

Quick dessert-free update: I’ve actually been having a cup of decaf for the past several nights in order to put the kibosh on my raging sweet tooth. I’m not a big tea drinker, but I looove me some coffee. A small cup of decaf with some heavy cream or half and half has been the perfect night cap!

I know I only gave up dessert a week ago, but dare I say my sugar cravings have already decreased? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still tough, but it’s getting easier already!

Workout & Breakfast

This morning I woke up ready to tackle a strength training workout. Right now, my lifting goals/routine/motivation is all over the place, so I turned to New Rules of Lifting for Abs for some workout inspiration.

I ended up doing this full body strength training workout, which took about 50 minutes, and left me feeling wiped, but strong.

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*I record videos for several of the exercises, which should be up soon!

Now I’m back home eating some breakfast before I head out to train a client:

Bringing back the paleo cereal!


Except this time I used ½ of a banana instead of an apple. It was yummy, but the variation with the apple is better.

And now I’m back out the door to train a client Open-mouthed smile Have a nice morning!

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  1. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    Your pizza looks SO delicious :)

  2. SEE! Told ya it wouldn’t be that bad! So glad it went well!

  3. Why is it that cheese brings such strong reactions? I LOVE some and others, yeah… feet.

  4. I agree that the 1 week point seems to make it easier! I gave up added sugars but definitely keep getting my fix with lots of fruit! :)

  5. I am impressed that you can have any sort of coffee before bed – that would keep me up all night! hehe

  6. At first I was wondering what was on that pizza! I’m surprised you got it at Aldi actually. I went there recently for the first time and was totally disappointed. I even bought a frozen pizza and it turned out to be not very good. Maybe Aldi’s are different depending on where you live! Yours sure sounds and looks awesome! Congrats on the presentation too. I had one on Monday and felt the same way!

  7. I am loving those thick chunks of cheese on the pizza! Nothing like ooey gooey cheesy pizza. :-)

    Glad your presentation went well!

  8. I had a late night java tooth, too, satisfied with chocolate covered espresso beans :) I can’t stop eating apple chobani!

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if your sugar cravings were already decreasing in a week’s time! Those nasty little triggers are verryyy tricky!

  10. Ooo, girl, what a FAB idea to beat the sweet tooth!! I LOVE me my coffee, so I’ll try this with some almond milk and stevia tonight! YUM!!!!

    Its funny how you think coffee is only for morning 😉

    I love pizza too!! My kinda woman :)



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