Good Deed Gone Right

Today has just flown by so far!

I’ve had a decent amount of work pass by my desk all morning and into the afternoon today, and while I may be busy, it’s keeping things moving at a quick pace. I like that during the hustle and bustle of Monday-Thursday. Time can slow to half time Friday through Sunday as far as I’m concerned Winking smile Unfortunately, it seems to speed up too.

I had to practically force myself to break for lunch, which was totally Tupperware-fied:


Veggies + hummus in one, edamame caviar (reeeemix) in the other:


And for a snack, one of my primal pumpkin protein bars:


I baked up a batch of these one time for my parents, and they became obsessed with them. I can’t blame them – they’re delicious! Well, on Sunday I made a batch to take them when I saw them Sunday evening, but completely left the house in a hurry and forgot them in the fridge.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to share them…but my tummy’s not Smile with tongue out Next time, mom, I promise!!

Also on a completely random, yet totally necessary note, I have applied this lotion butter approximately 5 times today:


Coincidentally, I also went to the bathroom and washed my hands about 5 times today.


I got this body butter when I was out with my mom on Sunday (she got the Shea Butter kind) and I’m obsessed. I want one for my desk at home, one for my desk at work, one for my car, one for the bathroom, and one for my bedside table. It’s that amazing.

OK. Back to meetings. Catch ya lata!

What’s your favorite body lotion?

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  1. Haha, I’m sure your mom will understand and be glad you were well fed on a busy day.

  2. i’ve tried that body butter from the body shop, and i LOVE it too!! it makes your skin so soft and it smells amazing!

  3. I was obsessed with the coconut body butter the first time I ever tried the stuff back in 6th grade haha! I love satsuma and strawberry now, though coconut will always be my fave.

  4. I have that sitting on my desk right now! I love The Body Shop and spend more there than I should!

  5. I love when I find something that works so well that I want it everywhere! I want some of that now! My skin is ridiculously dry right now!

  6. Coconut butter! It smells soooo good. I apply it a ridiculous amount of times throughout the day. Can’t help a girl for trying to keep her hands moisturized right?

  7. I love that lotion. The satsuma is my all time favorite smell. Its amazing.

  8. I have the same body butter and I really like it, too! :)

  9. bahhhh i LOVE body shop lotion. i just opened my white musk body butter (btw i just wrote ‘botty butter’ hahaha) and its AMAZING no going back haha


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