Favorite People Foods

Before I get into today, I have to share last night’s dinner with you guys. Feeling quite indecisive, I let Shane pick the meal: spaghetti, chili, or pork chops. I very rarely buy and cook pork chops, so I had a feeling he’d pick them, and I was right.


I had to run out around 4, but beforehand I marinated the chops in a simple marinade of soy sauce, olive oil, Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning, garlic powder, and some water.


When I got back a couple hours later, I heated up a pan on the stove and cooked each side for about 5-7 minutes.



Roasted broccoli and sweet potato mash as sides rounded out the meal.


This was SO delicious!!! I don’t know why I don’t make pork chops more often. So easy and tasty.

While making the sweet potatoes, I was cutting them into thirds when I noticed a Niko dog swirling my feet. I swear she KNOWS when I’m doing anything with a sweet potato. She must have ESPN too, because *somehow* a piece fell to the floor and Niko took this as her sign to swoop in and help clean up. Embarrassed smile

While making my pancakes, I was transferring a cooked banana from pan to plate and it fell on the floor. Niko took this as her sign to swoop in and help clean up.



Some of Niko’s favorite people foods:

  • ground beef (her #1)
  • chicken
  • peanut butter
  • pumpkin
  • sweet potato – raw and cooked (her #2 favorite)

She’s got pretty good taste, right? Smile She used to like bananas, too, but has all the sudden stopped liking them for some reason. Little weirdo.

This Morning

When I went to bed last night, I was unsure how I’d feel this morning. Erring on the side of positivity, I set my alarm for an early workout, and luckily my guess was right!

I felt much better than yesterday and headed straight to the gym – BCAA’s in hand – to do an interval run on the treadmill.

I completed this HIIT workout, and was in and out in about 45 minutes.

Back home and de-funkified, it was breakfast time:


Guys, I’m seriously on a protein pancake kick. I just love how delicious and filling they are! It’s a pretty calorie heavy meal with all my toppings, but it’s still healthy, and holds me over for a good 5 hours!



My people food breakfast was definitely a good start to the day. Although I’m physically feeling fine, I’m speaking to the local Multiple Sclerosis chapter tonight on Exercise and MS (I have a specialization in exercise and MS and they found me via my training website) and I’ve got a jittery stomach.

I know the topic well, and am very excited to share what I know, but I still always get a little case of nerves with anything to do with public speaking. It should go just fine, though Smile Wish me luck!

On that note, time to get ready to head to the office for a few hours. Have a good Tuesday!

Dog owners: what’s your pup’s favorite people food?

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  1. We make a great effort to not give her people food, but I know my dad always sneaks her a piece of filet mignon on Christmas Eve or Easter. Spoiled. 😉

  2. Parko loves any sort of meat: steak, chicken, roast beef. He even picks out the chicken pieces from his kibble and eats those first. What a nut. He also really likes Sunbutter now!

  3. We haven’t given Tebow any people food yet since he still has a sensitive puppy tummy.. :-) My guess though us that he would like it all, and wouldn’t discriminate! Lol

  4. You’re going to do just fine!! I spoke at something similar and once I got through the first couple of sentences, I felt MUCH better!! Praying for you!

  5. Since I do not have a puppy, I will answer for the kitty :) She loves anything sweet, as soon as we have ice cream, yogurt, baking – cake, cookies, muffins here 6th sense kicks in and she is right beside us purring!

  6. good luck speaking tonight! I am sure you will do fantastic! My dog’s favorite people food is carrots! Like mother like pup I suppose!

  7. The cats at my parents’ house loves mashed potatoes. They barely let you take the time to flick it off of your spoon before they go into attack mode on it!

  8. we will often times let our labs lick the pots and pans we use before we wash them… some people may think that’s gross, but whatever. ha. we’ve noticed that our chocolate lab will literally eat/lick anything, but our yellow lab is really sensitive to spicy or flavor filled foods.

  9. We always let our dogs have popcorn..don’t ask me why but they seem to know what it means when they bag starts popping in the microwave!

  10. I seriously love protein pancakes lately too. They are so good, and easy to make. I feel like I am eating a pancake even though it is way better for me!

  11. My doggie loves peanut butter, mozzarella cheese, and anything my boyfriend is eating :-)

  12. I don’t have a dog, but my cat is nearly a dog. She plays fetch and begs for food like a dog! Her favorite foods are tortilla chips, hummus and anything cheesy or dairy based. If I have a container of tortilla chips to snack on and have to leave the room I have to put it on top of the fridge or I will have a kitty with a face covered in chip crumbs and an upset tummy!

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