Chocolate Kiss of Death

I don’t have quite as much pep in my step this morning. I’m blaming this:


Last night, Shane and I braved the Valentine’s Day crowds to our third favorite restaurant (first and second favorites were booked!) Baxters.

We very very rarely dine out during the week – mainly because we’re both so busy with training (me) and class (him) that when we don’t have one of the two, all we want is the couch and TV.

Suffice it to say, dining out only happens on special occasions, like Valentine’s Day! After I got home from work, we exchanged our fun, small, Valentine-y gifts before heading out for dinner:


Valentine’s Day barfed on our countertop!

Luckily, there were no mishaps with our reservation at Baxters, and we slipped right in (even though we were 10 minutes late…oops!)

We started with wine – some cabernet that the waiter recommended.


I always have trouble ordering wine. I consider myself WAY more knowledgable about wine than I was in college (Franzia or Fruity Red Sangria boxed wine were the two types in my mind) but I still have trouble with the description words and defining what I like. Normally, when someone asks what I like, I reply with a “uhhhh I guess I just like what tastes good!” haha Luckily, the wine above fit my stiff qualifications Winking smile

Shane ordered calamari, which I ended up helping him with at least half:


We also had a salad before the meals came. I couldn’t decide between salmon and scallops, but at the recommendation of the waiter yet again, went with the scallops:


So glad I did! These were amazing. I can’t remember how they were cooked, but my favorite were the middle ones – they were stuffed with blue cheese!


When the dessert menu came around, I couldn’t fathom one more bite, but didn’t feel like leaving quite yet, so Shane ordered a coffee and I went with a chocolate kiss martini. I very rarely get drinks for dessert, but this one called out to me.


More like chocolate kiss of death! This morning tummy is telling me I should have gone with water, but hey, it was Valentine’s Day, and it was certainly tasty!

It was quite a lovely evening Smile

Workout & Breakfast

Wake up—>make and take BCAA drink—>head to the gym.

I felt OK enough for a workout when I woke up, so I headed to the gym to complete this lower body and abs workout. My shoulder’s been giving me trouble – I think I slept on it wrong – so I decided to give my upper body a little bit of a break.

Although I went into the gym without a plan, it turned out to be a pretty kick booty workout! Here’s what I did:

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If you’re unsure of some of the exercises you can view them here: I took several from Triple Circuit Workout A and Triple Circuit Workout B.

Including a dynamic warm up, I was in and out of the gym and back home in an hour.

Back home, it’s breakfast time!


I got a craving for granola after receiving a tweet from Allison saying she made a big batch of my super simple granola recipe. This morning I paired it with a pear (pun!) and some Greek yogurt.

My class schedule is a little different today, so for now, it’s time to go train my usual Wednesday morning clients Smile Have a great Wednesday guys and gals.

Do you ever go for the dessert drinks at restaurants?

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  1. Glad you had a great Valentine’s Day! Those scallops look delicious. I usually stick to wine as my drink of choice. I’m not usually a fan of drinks that are super sweet.

  2. oh franzia, the good old college days, I think if I drank it now I would vomit! That workout looks great esp for a morning you were struggling! Can’t wait to try the workout!

  3. I absolutely LOVE chocolate martini’s. But they really are killer. A true meal in themselves…

  4. Sweet alcoholic drinks always hurt my stomach too, and usually leave me with a nice hangover the next morning! lol They are so delicious though! The best one I ever had was a milkshake made with Bailey’s, so bad yet so good! 😉

  5. That drink looks worth it. 😉 Glad you had a nice night!

  6. I do get dessert drinks here and there for a treat, yum!
    and those scallops look fabulous by the way!

  7. I am regretting the amount of wine consumed with dinner last night. Ouch. That drink sounds yummy though!

  8. The granola is awesome! It was great on my yogurt this morning for breakfast. I can’t believe I didn’t make it sooner than yesterday.

  9. Haha I totally feel you on the wine thing. I’m trying to learn more and more about wine, but often I just end up asking the waiter what he recommends, or for a somewhat sweet red wine. I love when the menu gives descriptions, rather than just names, that way I can pick more easily!

  10. Espresso martini’s are my weakness! I can have two and I am out (and everyone’s best friend.) :-)

    Looks like you had a great Valentine’s Day!


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  2. […] However, the instructor went about it in a very tactful way. After telling us that she normally plays a game the last session that involves candy as prizes, she said since the other day we were discussing exercising and healthy eating (and greek yogurt and chia seeds) she could tell we were health-conscious. Then she politely asked if the candy part of the game would be something that’d we’d be opposed or interested in. Can you guess my answer? […]

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