Chocolate Coconut Date Balls

Good morning Good afternoon!

This morning sure started on a productive note! I was out of bed by 7, at spin class by 7:45, and my a client’s house by 9:00. Then I came home, showered, and I’ve been in PJ’s ever since. And if I don’t change the rest of the day, I think I’d be a happy girl Winking smile

Since I was on-the-run this morning, breakfast was eaten en route to my client’s house:


It’s been forever since I’ve had overnight oats! I’m typically not a huge fan, but these tasted fantastic! I eyeballed it, but it was about 1/3 c. oats, 2 tbsp. chia seeds, 1/2 scoop SW protein powder, stevia, raisins, plain greek yogurt, and some milk. Then I topped it with a sliced banana and two globs of almond butter.

I guess I haven’t been lazy the rest of the day, per say…but my laundry/practicing presentation to laying on the couch ratios are looking pretty tilted toward the former. Oops Winking smile 

Lunch called a little bit ago, and while it wasn’t your usual lunch, it was very tasty!



Salad w/ an egg, sriracha, and a tortilla toasted with shredded cheese and topped with guac. And a side of phone convo with my big brother Smile

Apparently today is also finally the day I start experiencing with drawl symptoms from giving up sweets. After lunch, I immediately craved something sweet. A chocolate covered banana chip would have been nice, but instead, I whipped up some energy bites and added some cocoa powder to chocolate-fy it up Smile


Chocolate coconut date balls! I’ve made numerous versions of nut-based balls, but I think these are my absolute favorite. I think one of the best pairings ever is dates + sunflower butter, and that combination was the inspiration of these balls.


date balls

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Chocolate Coconut Date Balls

Time ~10 minutes

Makes ~12 balls

10-12 dates, pitted

1/3 c. sunflower butter

2 tbsp. almond/oat/coconut flour

1 tbsp. cocoa powder

1 tbsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. sea salt

1 tsp. coconut extract (optional)

unsweetened coconut flakes for rolling

Put everything in your food processor or blender and pulse until the mixture becomes a paste. It shouldn’t be lumpy. Roll into one inch balls and then roll in the coconut flakes to coat. Refrigerate until firm – about 1 hour.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the flavor combination, but they ended up tasting awesome! Great consistency, too.

Aaaand there’s the buzzer to the laundry. Have a great Saturday, friends! Smile

Plans this weekend? How’s your Saturday going so far?

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  1. Yum. they look so tasty. My day has been a great one. Gorgeous weather, lunch and shopping with my mom. No complaints other than I don’t live close enough to her to do that more often. Happy Saturday!

  2. Those look great! I love chocolate and coconut together.

    My Saturday has been low key – just the way I like it!

  3. Those coconut balls look delicious!! And your breakfast…wow what a masterpiece. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. mmmm i LOVE a good relaxing saturday! i’m still waiting for my girlfriends to wake up haha so we can eat brunch and get the heck outta hurrrr. it’s time to get home! no? plus i’m hungry hahaha

  5. You know I love a good ball 😉 These look awesome. I find that stuff like that usually satisfies my sweets craving too as long as it has some chocolate in there!

  6. I bet dates and chocolate go so well together!

  7. Paige, Love these! I have such a sweet tooth and the blend of Chocolate and Coconut just hits the spot. I also love that you can store them in the fridge (or freezer). Will definitely share this with my after forty moms :)


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