A Conquered Food Fear

I have to brag for a minute and say that I have been kicking my To-Do list straight in the booty today!

  • Train clients
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Dr’s appointment
  • Workout (sharing a kick-butt circuit workout with ya’ll soon!)
  • Laundry – half way crossed off because it’s in progress Winking smile
  • Bank accounts moved over (we changed banks)
  • Power point and presentation created
  • Workout video edited
  • Circuit workout created

Yowza! I’m going to try and keep going until 4:30 (aka, quittin’ time) and then I’m going to pour myself a big ol’ glass of wine Smile

Also, if you note that last one there – I am giving a presentation to my local Multiple Sclerosis chapter next week.


I have a specialization in exercise and MS and was asked to present for this month’s meeting! I’m 90% excited and 10% nervous Open-mouthed smile

A Conquered Fear

Like many of you, I am all for eating super foods. When it comes to foods that pack in the nutrients, vitamins, aminos, and omegas, sign me up! However, there’s been one food on that list that I’ve always been extremely afraid to try:




I’ve had that tin in my pantry for MONTHS. I guess I always just think about opening it and having teeny tiny little fish with their fish eyes staring back at me. *sudder*

I bought it after hearing how jam-packed they are with omega-3’s. Every day when I go to make lunch, I eye them, and then push them farther back in the lazy susan.

Until today.


Dun, dun, dun…

Lo and behold, they looked like regular little fillets! It was still kinda creepy, but I topped them on a salad anyway.


Verdict? So good! These particular sardines were packed in olive oil, so I got double the dosage of omegas Smile Plus, the olive oil provided a little flava.

They pretty much taste like canned tuna, which I’m a big fan of.

And speaking on canned tuna, check out the deal I scored at Kroger today…



This canned wild-caught albacore tuna is usually $3.99 a can, and I scored them for $1.74! Holler.

OK, back to work. I’m hoping to cross those last two off my list by 4:30!! Wish me luck Smile 

Have a good evening!

What’s one food you’re afraid to try?

What’s one food you were afraid to try forever, until you actually tried it?

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  1. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    Ick, I would say sardines, liver, and those slimy little oysters that they also sell in cans (I think I just threw up in my mouth…). Now matter good you might make them look I wouldn’t touch those things with a 10 foot pole.

  2. Olives! I say I hate all olives but have only smelt them and maybe tried a black one…
    There are a lot of foods I never thought I would eat but now I pretty much will eat it all!

  3. I used to be afraid of nutritional yeast but since I tried it I have had it every morning on my eggs this week :)

    • Me too- but it’s so yummy in eggs. I haven’t eaten nutritional yeast in so long! I have some in the pantry…hope it’s not expired.

  4. I love sardines! They’re a tasty way to get in some salty flavor. I always hated asparagus as a kid, but now it’s one of my favorite veggies!

  5. way to go on your to do list! i love that feeling of productivity. :) glad you conquered a fear food of your’s too! i forget about sardines… i am trying to pack more omega-3s into my diet, so i should pick some up!

  6. ahhh sardines are definitely on my “scary food” list!

  7. Mmmmm good for you girl :) Love sardines! The salad looks fab :)

  8. Wow go you! I’m slightly terrified to try sardines, I don’t think I will ever be able too. I just found your blog & absolutely love it :) Can’t wait to keep reading! xo

  9. Ahh I am still afraid of sardines! Maybe you will make me brave enough to try it.

    Ummm you won’t believe what I used to be scared of…. CHEESECAKE. Yes. For some reason I thought it sounded disgusting. I can’t believe how many years of cheesecake I missed out on when I was still scared of it.

  10. I am VERY scared of sardines – I cannot get beyond their looks.

    I am also scared of canned salmon with the skin – my husband needs to be home if I make something with canned salmon.

    I know I need to try sardines – maybe someday!

  11. YEA for sardines!! i love them on salad and pizza. Yes, with wine of course.

  12. Oh my word!! This happens to me all the time. I was afraid of kale and sweet potatoes… among other things!! Sardines are freaky. Don’t think I’ll be trying them any time soon since I hate anything at all fishy.

  13. I am impressed!! Sardines are definitely a fear of mine to try… but I think I will, I know they are amazing for you!

  14. I loved this post. Like you, I also have a can of sardines in my cupboard and it’s been there for months. Maybe this will give me the courage to make them

    Good luck on your presentation.


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