Worth the Splurge

Last night we had my parents over and all went to dinner at Biaggi’s, my favorite restaurant here in town.

(not a great picture of either of us, but oh well)

For some reason I’ve been craving their crusty bread dipped in herbed olive oil, and nearly attacked it as soon as the waiter brought it.

So yummy.

My mom and I split a half carafe of red wine as we decided on what to order:


and before I knew it, my dad had ordered the calamari. Of course I couldn’t let him eat the squid by himself…



For my entrée, I was feeling fish, and when I read the description for the seared salmon salad, I went with it:


We left the restaurant probably around 8:00, and I was stuffed up until breakfast this morning. That never happens! But I. was. full!

Also, after dinner I almost immediately collapsed in bed in a carb coma. Who needs ambien? Just eat a couple pieces of starchy white bread! I kid, I kid Winking smile

Obviously, this was a deliciously indulgent meal. And while we’re on the subject of indulgence…

Worth the Splurge

I’ve never been one to plan and have “cheat meals.” I’ve found that just trying to eat a healthy diet most the time works best for me. However, every once in a while, I’ll tweak my eating around certain events.

Yesterday since I knew I’d be heading to my fav restaurant later, I tried to eat on the healthier side the rest of the day. I didn’t restrict by any means – I mean I had full fat greek yogurt for breakfast, and roast beef and avocado for lunch – but I went ahead and passed on some birthday bagels and cake at the office, knowing I’d far more rather indulge on some crusty bread and dipping oil at Biaggi’s later.

Since I’d be indulging, I wanted to enjoy it knowing that I ate healthily the rest of the day. It just makes that second piece of bread taste better since I “saved up for it” Winking smile  Ya know?

Another thing I won’t practice (or preach) is to pay for it with my workouts. For example, if I have a second scoop of ice cream one night, I won’t go and run one extra mile to “make up for it.” That’s also never been a motivator for me, and I’ve never let my eating (or overeating) determine my workouts. It just makes them seem more like, well, work, and less like something I do to stay in shape and feel great.


This morning I woke up pretty late – I had crazy dreams about zombies throughout the night – so I only got in about half of what I’d planned to as far as a workout goes.

I’d planned getting in about an hour of cardio this morning – split up between the treadmill and some plyo/circuits. Since I was running short on time, I nixed the treadmill, and just went with some a plyo circuit.

Here’s how it ended up.

Directions: after the warm up, go through the workout in a circuit, performing 30 seconds of each exercise with as little rest as possible between. Once you complete all exercises, rest for 2 minutes, then repeat the workout two more times (three times total.)


*directions for: bench jumps,prisoner squat jumps,single arm db snatch

This was pretty intense!! It also made the time FLY by since I was jumping around (literally) the whole time. Open-mouthed smile

Breakfast came after a shower:


TJ’s Greek yogurt – plain full fat, 2 chopped dates, and a handful of chopped pecans – all sprinkled with cinnamon and a grapefruit on the side.


You have no idea how satiating this yogurt is! Well, maybe you do, if you tried it of course Smile

On to catch up with the day. Got a busy one this Thriday. Have a fab one! Open-mouthed smile

How about you guys-  Do you ever “save up” for a meal/dessert?

Does it affect your workouts?

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  1. Same as you I try to make sure I eat healthy meals for the day if I know we are going out for a meal/treat later. I also make sure not to under eat during the day, if so I tend to stuff myself too much.
    It doesn’t really affect my workouts since they are planned ahead of time.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you – you can eat what you want, when you want it, as long as you plan for it ahead of time as much as you can. I go a very similar route as you – there are no “good” or “bad” days anymore, it’s about consistency, for one. And it’s about not depriving yourself of things that you love – bread, wine, chocolate, whatever your poison, enjoy it, but plan for it. That’s my mantra and it’s serving me really well these days! :)

  3. I haven’t tried using dates in yogurt yet, but I’m thinking they’d be great in oats too. I think of my calories as a “budget” to “spend” throughout the day – I definitely save up for splurges! :)

  4. I try my best to eat healthy meals 90% of the time but I feel like lately I get sucked into unhealthy ones way too often, when I don’t plan to have a more indulgent meal (once or twice a week). I am trying to lose weight right now after a little gain from christmas season…

    But I also still want to go out on dates with my bf once in a while. We are actually going out to eat at an Italian style place this afternoon – definitely going to be a worthwhile splurge.

    I think the best thing to say is “is this donut worth it?” (usually they aren’t) vs. “is this nice dinner out with my bf worth it?” or “is this amazing and fun meal with my family worth it?”

    Glad to see others posting about this topic!

  5. Such a fun meal out! I love when restaurants have a fantastic bread basket. Whoop whoop. I never “punish” myself either. I do try to eat on the healthier side when I know I”m having an indulgent dinner though.

  6. I follow pretty much the same philosophy as you. If I know I’m going to have a more indulgent meal or snack, I tend to keep it light the rest of the day or days around it. That helps me not to feel super sick after eating too much too! Sometimes a meal may be extra motivation for my workout, but I don’t use my workouts as a punishment for what I ate. They all go hand in hand for me to achieve balance.

  7. Hilarious you talk about this today – my roommate and I are going out for happy hour in the first time in AGES. In order to be able to indulge on a few beers, I’m sorta shaving a few cals here and there as to make it not such a departure from my normal intake. Basically, instead of an egg/egg white combo, I did three egg whites to cut some fat/cals. No creamer in the coffee… maybe a smarter snack in the afternoon… little adjustments. :)

    • Haha, enjoy the happy hour, Amy! I will not be partaking, myself. I woke up a little on the groggy side this morning 😉

  8. I sometimes save up for a meal/dessert if I know it’s coming…but if I don’t know then I still splurge anyway haha :). And that workout looks awesome!

  9. Love your infinity scarf! That salmon salad looks just like one of my favorite things to order when I go to Bertucci’s (not sure if you have those near you, it’s a smaller chain). So yum! That bread looks amazing too – perfect with the red wine. Is there anything better than carbs and/or cheese and red wine?!
    I sometimes find myself restricting during the day when I know I will be indulging later, a habit I am trying to break out of. I’ve gotten pretty good about not working out extra to make up for it though – I work out 5-6 times per week, as long as I keep up that kind of healthy schedule, an extra mile to “burn off that last bite” isn’t really gonna make a difference! Gotta admit I didn’t always think that way though.

  10. After a night out on the town (drinks and dinner) I will definitely go for a nice long run the next morning, but I would go for a long a run despite the night before. So I guess it’s just more motivation to work hard during the workout. I definitely want to try the workout you posted :)

  11. I am a fan of eating what I want, when I want, in moderation. I love reese’s cups, but never buy them, so when someone brings in some minis at the office? I have a few. Donuts? I’m “meh” about – they have to be really good for me to want any, so I pass. I don’t let my eating influence what i do at the gym, but what I do at the gym (or running), might influence what I eat – more protein, less sugar, etc.

  12. I so used to punish myself with extra long, hard workouts after splurging, which only made me hungrier later on. Not a good cycle. Now I try to do what you do and watch what I eat the rest of the day knowing that I’ll be eating a more decadent dessert or meal at some point. It’s made me feel much more satisfied and really enjoy the meal I’m having because I’m not thinking about having to “work it off” later.

  13. I definitely do the same thing with eating, if I know I’m going out to dinner that night, then I make sure to be extra healthy and skip on treats during the day!

  14. You know i agree on this! i want to be able to savor a meal like that, so eating well before means i am ready to sit and enjoy…for a LONG time. hehe.

  15. I am all about saving up during the day when I know I’ll indulge later on. I always feel better going balls to the wall with my indulgent food knowing I’ve covered my “healthy” bases for the day. :)

    I’m just impressed there was only a SECOND piece of bread. Good luck getting me to stop at …..4. 😉

  16. I agree – I never really “plan” cheat days because they just kind of happen naturally when I really want something good! I do adjust my meals that day though, if I know I’m having something indulgent. Partially because I know it will make me feel good to not have tons of crap all in one day, and partially because I want to make sure I’m really hungry for whatever goodie I have planned!

  17. Side note, LOVE your scarf

  18. If I know I’m going out that night for dinner, I’ll definitely eat more healthful foods during the day (fruits, veggies, whole grains). In my experience though, my workouts are so much harder after a night of over-indulging. So just getting to the gym like usual is a success in itself!

  19. I used to be really bad about working out to make up for extra calories to be consumed later at a dinner out. Now though I try and keep all of my meals regular and my exercise normal so that I am not starving at night and can eat what I want in reasonable portions.

  20. I love that infinity scarf on you!

    I try to plan for splurges too, not cheat meals/days. I never understood that. I talk to a lot of people now who say they are dieting and can’t wait to eat normal again after they lose weight… huh?


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