Wake Up and Not Run 18 Miles

Shane and I ended up flyin’ solo last night, but that’s OK, we tend to keep each other good company Smile


When Shane asked me where I wanted to go to dinner last night, I took one look outside and saw the sleet and below zero windchill and said, “how about pizza delivery?” Open-mouthed smile


I’m rarely one to turn down a dinner date out, but just the thought of walking to and from the car and restaurant chilled me to the bone!


Luckily, Monical’s (my fave local pizza joint) delivered in a huge way. I had what was on the plate plus double of the pizza side. I was hungry! And of course, you gotta have the French dressing when eating Monical’s.

Throughout the night we also played Wii bowling – where I finally beat Shane!! – and watched like three episodes of Breaking Bad.

Not too shabby of a Friday night!

This Morning

I have to train a client here in a little bit, and I beforehand I’m going to get in a lifting workout. I’m not sure how stellar the workout will be, as I’m feeling incredibly lazy at the moment. But it’ll happen regardless Smile

I don’t know what your morning routines are, but I get out bed, grab my robe and slippers, feed the pets, and head to the coffee machine. Once coffee’s in hand, I log onto the computer for about 5 minutes to check email/Twitter/etc.

It seems like every single Saturday morning, the moment I log onto Twitter in my bleary-eyed, robe-dwelling state, the first Tweet I see is always something like, “I just ran like, upwards of 10 miles!!! And it felt fantastic!” or “Wow, that was such a lovely 18 mile run with the sunrise!”

And my response is always the same: whhyyyyyyyyy?

My first reaction is guilt- that I’m sitting in my robe, warm, just getting out of bed – but then I realize no one would ever want to be friends with me if I willingly got out of bed to exercise on a Saturday before 7:00. I’d just be way too cranky pants. It also reminded me why I decided I wouldn’t, in fact, be training for a marathon anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I think these people are great (inspiring, even,) but it’s just funny how I always read those kinds of tweets in that state of mind Smile with tongue out

Wow, that was random…/endrant


What I do feel like doing today is going to Trader Joe’s and Lululemon. Unfortunately, the nearest ones are 1.5 hours away…but I might just feel frisky enough to make the drive today. I’m still working on a passenger to go with me to keep me company, but who knows? Maybe I’ll go solo. Not like I haven’t done it before! Smile

We shall see…


I’ll be eating breakfast on the drive to my client’s house, most likely. I’ve already got it packed up and in the fridge:


A usual combo – Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, pumpkin, cinnamon, currants, and almond meal. Yum, yum.

Happy Saturday!!

What the farthest you’ve driven just to go to one or two stores?

What time do you workout on Saturdays (if you workout at all on Saturdays!)?

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  1. I’m about to go run 7 miles (on the treadmill since it’s raining here), but I’d never wake up before 8 or 9 to do that! need sleep!

  2. haha this was me this morning. tmi? i didn’t even put a bra on yet and i hate all of the people that are now running in the SNOW. uh NO THANK YOU. i have my feetsy socks on my frothed up coffee and the soup its all i want right now. well that and a trip to TJs. MAYBE the gym will come when i feel like it and when my dad has cleaned off my car hahaha

  3. It depends on whether or not I’m training for something and the weather. If I am training and it’s summer and hot out, I will do the run really early so I don’t have to run in the heat. If it’s winter, I’ll wait until the middle of the day, same thing if I’m not training for anything. Although, I do admit that it’s nice to get it over with in the morning.

  4. I feel the same way when I see/read those tweets and if it makes you feel any better I’m in pj’s, a robe and slippers on my couch right now. Even when I am training for something, I’m never up and out that early. That’s just torturous to me!

  5. Dude, I feel ya. I’m sitting here in my Pjs still…and kind of thinking about how I have to get my work out in my 1pm and am kind of dreading it. Just remember, for every tweet you see fomr someone who ran 15 miles already, there are 10 of us who haven’t done a damn thing! :)

  6. haha! this post made me laugh because i can relate all too well. i’m barely awake by 7 am on saturdays, let alone even THINKING about doing my workout yet! like you said, good for those people that have already gotten in their 18 mile run in by 7 am, but that surely isn’t/won’t be me! i do workout on saturdays, but it’s usually in the late morning after i give myself time to relax and work myself into the day. i don’t get to do that most days, so it’s nice!

  7. I like to work out Saturday morning that way I have the rest of the day to ahead of me. It’s beautiful to run by the SF bay when the sun is coming up :)

  8. Ha I feel the same way! It’s definitely motivating to read about these long runs that take place, but typically my Saturday mornings are a little bit slower moving! I would definitely drive that far for Trader Joe’s and Lululemon, two stores well worth it! :-)

  9. Having done 10 marathons, soon to be 11, and doing a lot of that badassery (of running like crazy on Saturdays)… I have to say that it’s good to be on the other side of that! I haven’t done a long run in ages, but I definitely appreciate the extra rest for sure.

  10. I thought it was crazy people would get up early to run on Saturdays. Then once I started training for my first 25k and marathon 3 years ago, I could not imagine it another way. 3 years later I am still getting up earlier on Saturdays then any other day of the week to run long. Give it a try. You may surprise yourself and actually really enjoy it. There is a great sense of accomplishment running, eating breakfast and being ready for the day before most people are out of bed.

    • Oh I have tried it! While training for the Rock n Roll Chicago Half, I’m out early beat the 90 degree temperatures. But in January, there’s no 90 degree temps anywhere. And I’m sure not going to be the first one to leave foot prints in the snow 😉

  11. I always try to get my workout done first thing Saturday morning… but I don’t tweet, so no one knows :)

  12. I had the exact same thoughts this morning! I got up and was sipping my coffee looking online, and just started to feel really crappy. Seeing all these people doing great runs and workouts, and me sitting being lazy. I went for a run in the afternoon so it balanced out. But its hard (for me) not to be self critical. Saturday mornings are supposed to be fun! :)

    I love traders joes. I don’t have one right now, but in new york, they’re worth the visit for the greek yogurt alone.

  13. Ha! There’s no way I could get up that early and go for a run. I am an early riser, but i like the quiet morning to get things done around the house while everyone is asleep. On the weekends I usually hit the gym later in the morning, or go for yoga in the afternoon. This morning was Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer Back & Biceps. Gonna be so sore tomorrow!!! What kind of pizza did you order??? Looks delish!

  14. I admire the dedicated runners. I am trying to get back in to running again. Got burnt out on it so took a break and ready to get back in to it.

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