Playing with Nuts

You might have noticed a lot of my lunches including little pre-portioned servings of trail mix lately.


Recently, I’ve been reading up a lot about, well, nuts, and have been loving experimenting with all the different kinds out there to make my own trail mix.


This particular combo included almonds, walnuts, and dried cherries. I made the same for Shane, but added some organic beef jerky to his.

I stayed pretty conservative at first, but am now getting pretty hog-wild with my mixes. Take this one:


I threw just about everything in the pantry in this container:

  • Almonds
  • Macadamias
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts
  • Cashews
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes
  • Dried Cherries
  • Dark chocolate chips

Also, did you know dried cherries and dark chocolate chips could just be the best combination known to man? It’s true.


Anyway. I took my nut experimentation to another meal this morning –




I actually just ate this breakfast now while posting, which is a good 2 hours before I usually eat breakfast nowadays. Reason being I’m headed to a power yoga class soon! Finally. I’ve skipped my Wednesday morning power yoga class ohhhh, about 6 weeks in a row now.

OK fine that’s the plan. I’m still trying to convince myself to go, but I’m just SO good of excusing myself out of going. Spin class? Nearly perfect attendance. Power yoga? I  think it just comes down to not liking the class enough…but my options are limited.

Since I had some extra time this morning, I grabbed Niko and took her on a nice 20 minute walk before posting. Word says this is the last “warm” day before the big freeze.

We’ve been spoiled with sunshine and weather in the 40’s and 50’s and tomorrow it’s going to dip back down. Say it ain’t so!

Maybe this dip in temps will give Shane and I the kick in the pants we need to start planning our vacation. Every March (or December?) we go somewhere, but we haven’t even been able to settle on a location OR a means to get there for this year’s vaca.

Here’s our options:

  • Florida in the same location we got married 3.5 years ago, by plane, train, our car, OR rent a car and leave it there and then fly back (it’s just so $$!)
  • California in the San Diego OR Sonoma Valley area, by train or plane.
  • Grand Canyon by train or car.

We know we want to go in the end of March. My birthday is the 27th, and being my golden birthday, I wouldn’t mind spending it on vacation. Just sayin’ Open-mouthed smile

Hopefully we can make a decision sooner than later!! We are very open to suggestions, too (hint hint.) We just know we want to stay in the United States this time around.

Off to get ready for yoga. Have a great Wednesday, loves.

Where was the last vacation you took?

Any recommendations for Shane and me?

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  1. I love nuts and especially trail mix. I have to be careful though, because I never want to stop. The salt sucks me in. It is necessary to portion out the servings!
    I wish I could give you some vaca ideas but I lack knowledge in that field. I can’t remember the last time I took a vacation!

  2. The last vacation I took was to Destin Florida in the summer. While I am not typically a beach person I had a lot of fun. Grand Canyon is definitely on my bucket list!

  3. I LOVE nuts & trail mixes…yummmmmm

    last vacation sadly was a year ago to Disney…
    unless you count 3 days for a wedding in St. Augustine, FL but there was no time for anything other than my daughters brides maid preparations so I dont count that as a vacation

    used to take 2 or more vacations a year, not the case the last 2 years :(

    your 3 choices all are good ones…hard call

  4. Go to California!! I suppose I’m biased b.c. I adore that place. P.s. the TJ’s turkey jerky is awesome!

  5. My husband and I are planning a vacation too. We want to go somewhere tropical/beachy since we did Europe for our honeymoon.

  6. I love trail mix too. I have to have like a 4lb bag of almonds in my desk at all times because if I don’t eat excactly 12 of them before I go to the gym at lunch I will die*.

    *This theory has not been proven.

    And the last vacation we took, I think was our honeymoon to Jamaica over a year ago! We are DESPERATELY in need of anther one.

  7. do NOT go somewhere you’ve already BEEN!

    My vote is for Sonoma/Napa Valley. That was actually the most recent vacation Hubby and I took. It was our first vacation “alone” since our honeymoon 3 years prior.

    that being said, i fell in LOVE with California and especially Sonoma (this week’s episode of The Bachelor was filmed in Sonoma FYI). anyways. go there! We flew to Cali, rented a car and drove all over sonoma/napa and healdsburg. we hit up about 15 wineries in 3-4 days – we are CHAMPS. there are some super cheap cottage/b&b type places in Sonoma – my friend stayed in one and it was a good $100 cheaper than our hotel – plus it had a full kitchen so you could theoreitcally save money by getting food for breakfasts/lunches/snacks and then just eat out.

  8. Okay I know this is not on your list but I will still throw it out there — Charleston, South Carolina. I LOVE it! I lived there for a year after college and visit regularly. It’s gorgeous, warm, historic and has all kinds of local things to try out as well as beautiful beaches, awesome restaurants and more! If not this time around, I’d definitely put it on your list for another trip :)

  9. I vote Sonoma! I think you can get some reasonable tickets into the SF or Oakland then spend some time in Wine Country. You could visit the beach, hike, eat, drink….it’s so much fun. Although, any vacation sounds pretty darn good to me.

    I also vote San Diego or Santa Barbara…apparently I’m Cali biased 😉

  10. I have been looking for dried cherries every where! They would be so good in trail mix. My favorite trail mix is from Costco – almonds, cashews, dried cranberries and blueberries and yogurt chips.
    We usually take 2 holidays a year – one winter getaway and one summer holiday – usually smaller but this year it was a 10 day road trip down to California so about 7000kms! We are going south soon to my in-laws place who live in Arizona – I cannot wait!
    I loved Florida when we were there for a few days last January, but I love Cali too! And the Grand Canyon is on our to do list when we go to Arizona this time! My official vote is going to be Cali for you guys :)

  11. mmm your trail mixes look great! i LOVE nuts – pretty much any and every kind. i have to make sure i portion them out otherwise i could eat the whole bag/can easily.

  12. We’re (well more so I b/c Ulysses would never go on vacation if it weren’t for me) trying to plan a Feb/March vacation right now too. I’m also torn between FL (but staying with your inlaws isn’t really vacation to me), Mexico where we went last year and LOVED or something new. I hate going back to places I’ve already been since there are so many new places to explore out there but it’s hard when you had such a good experience last time! I’m going to say Cali for you guys. Mainly just because I’ve always wanted to do the wine country thing too :)

  13. The last place I went on vacation was Jamaica for my honeymoon! I love Denver for vacation! So much to see and do! Good shopping, great restaurants and activities galore!

  14. hehehe… you’re gonna get awesome google searches from this title…

    The last vacation I had was Vegas. I miss looking forward to a trip. Mon keeps wanting to plan one and the family is going to try a beach vacay this year, so hopefully something will come out of one of those…

  15. I have a friend who recently road tripped by car to the Grand Canyon and to Vegas … here are her Flickr pics if you want to check it out

  16. You could go on a cruise that leaves from Florida. Airfare could still be a little pricey, but cruises are a great value since they’re all-inclusive. Our last trip was to Washington, DC, and we had a blast! It was very active too. We biked through all the monuments and hiked the Potomac.

  17. I’ve been dying to go to California lately. Preferably Napa.

  18. All those nut mix combos look great!

    Oh and I’m in IL too and tomorrow we are due to get the first big snowstorm of the season. Yuck! Not looking forward to that.

    As for vacations, our last was in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands this past Nov. (we won a trip through Marriott). We loved it but I would recommend Couples Swept Away in Jamaica. It’s all inclusive and we call it ‘home’. Over the last 3 years we have been there 4 times but missed going in 2011.

    Kev and I have been talking about doing the Grand Canyon trip. He’s been there before and loves it. I can’t wait to go. Never thought to take a train. That could be fun!

  19. I love love love dried cherries and dark chocolate together. It’s so fantastic!

    Our last vacation was to San Diego and we loved it! We were only there for five days, but it was so much fun. We stayed on Coronado Island, which is beautiful and cozy, but you have such easy access to the rest of SD. I’d totally recommend it!

  20. The last “vacation” I took was my honeymoon this summer, which was two weeks exploring Washington, Oregon and Victoria and Vancouver, BC. It was AWESOME.
    I’d pick the Grand Canyon or SF/Wine Country from your list. I don’t think you can lose with any of those choices though!
    I am a total trail mix junkie! I make my own and store it in mason jars in pantry- and my husband devours it. You are VERY MUCH CORRECT about the cherry/dark chocolate combo. Throw an almond in there, and I’m in Heaven.

  21. If you take it in May, you guys could come out to Colorado on your way to the Grand Canyon. Shane is more than welcome to share a room with you at BLEND!

  22. My husband and I went to Napa Valley for our honeymoon and LOVED it! I would go back in a heartbeat. And it’s not that far to take a drive to Lake Tahoe and Nevada for a day or two. :-)

  23. Laura @ Backstage Balance says:

    Haha – nuts.
    For vacation, I recommend Sanibel Island, Florida (about 2 hours South of Sarasota). Beautiful, somewhat secluded and WARM. Do it!

    • Thanks, Laura! Will check it out. If we’re driving, those two hours could just put us over the edge though 😉 I’ll suggest it to Shane and see what he says!

  24. Hey paigey poo, My mom and I were going to do one of those cross country Amtrak vacations, and conviently (for you guys) theres two different trips that start in Chicago and go to Cali and also the Grand Canyons, its pretty reasonably priced and Ive heard they are amazing and so beautiful! You should check that out, just go on and click on Amtrak vacations :)


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