Milk a Flaxseed

I’m on a huge eggs kick, but I have to say, my favorite meal to eat eggs has to be at dinner. Such was the case last night:


I eat eggs for dinner – in some form or variation – at least 2 or 3 times per week. Last night, I paired it with some sauteed veggies – broccoli, spinach, and onion – as well as some organic bacon.


I had 3 slices of bacon, and Shane had….the rest (8? and he wanted MOAR haha) Delicious dinner indeed!


This morning when I woke up, I knew I wanted to get in some strength training, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do.

So after awkwardly walking around the gym here and there for about 5 minutes, I decided to have another rendezvous with the Spartacus workout. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment.

After toweling off, reapplying deodorant and trying not to look like I just put myself through a hellish/awesome workout, I trained a client real quick (well, for the allotted 60 minutes) and then headed home for some breakfast.

Delicious bowl of raw/paleo cereal.



Just the usual combination, except this time with a hefty pour of flax milk over top – which brings me to…

Good Karma Foods’ Flax Milk Review

I’ve tried just about every milk on the block in my day:

  • Skim
  • 2%
  • Whole
  • almond milk soy milk
  • coconut milk

Am I missing any? I’m sure I am. Seems like you can milk just about anything these days Winking smile

So when Ali at Good Karma Foods emailed me and asked if I would like to try their new line of flax milk, I was totally down.

Ali sent me three different flavors of flax milk cartons – vanilla, original, and unsweetened.


Now, I was on an unsweetened vanilla almond milk kick for a long time up until recently. Instead I decided to just drink Shane’s organic 2% or whole milk. It tastes better and cuts some costs since he usually didn’t drink the whole carton anyway. So that’s what I’ve been used to tasting.

Before tasting the milk, I read up a little bit on it from the literature Ali sent.

Good Karma flax milk contains 1200 mg of Omega-3’s with each serving. As someone who knows we’re usually in a constant battle to even out our Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio (Omega-6 tends to be much higher) I loved seeing this!



I tried the vanilla first. I tried it alone and it was way too sweet for my liking. Then the next morning, I put some in my raw cereal and it worked. It tastes the most like my old unsweetened vanilla almond milk, but I’d say it was actually my least favorite of the three flavors Ali sent.




A little higher in sugar than I’d like, a little lower in protein than I’d like, but still, it’s got a hefty dose of those omega 3’s Open-mouthed smile

Next, I tried the unsweetened flax milk.

I’d say I’d choose this as my next choice. I actually prefer it to the unsweetened vanilla almond milk I used to drink! II’ve also been using this variety to use in my paleo cereal.



The best looking stats of three clocking in with 0 grams of sugar!

Finally, I tried the original.

This was by far, my favorite as far as taste goes. It tasted the most like regular milk, and I actually even drank a glass of it on its own while snacking on a pumpkin protein primal bar the other night.



Still 11 grams of sugar, but that’s about like a serving of cow’s milk anyhow.

If I were to buy a carton of the flax milk, I’d probably go for either this one or the original unsweetened one. In fact, I’ll probably look for it the next time I’m at Naturally Yours. You can buy Good Karma Foods’ Flax Milk at Whole Foods or other natural food stores for between $3.49 and $4.49.

Ok, gotta get ready for that thing called a jay-oh-bee! Have a lovely afternoon Smile

Do you drink any dairy-free milk? What’s your favorite?

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  1. Just visiting from the fitfluential link love today :) Would you mind sharing what goes into your “usual mix” of cereal? I’m in a breakfast rut and I’d love to know! Thanks :)

  2. Um yum!! Need to try this Flax Milk! ALI – if you’re reading, hit a sister up! 😉

  3. I have tried almond milk and soy milk as milk alternatives, but I still have to say skim or 1% cow’s milk is still my favorite. However, I sometimes buy a soy or almond kind just to mix it up. I would love to try the flax milk though! I think it may be great to mix with cow’s milk to get my omegas and my protein at once!

  4. Like I say, “breakfast for dinner is always a winner.”

    Anyway, I can’t drink soy and don’t drink cow’s milk, so I’m pretty much a slave to almond milk and prefer plain. Unsweetened is a bit watery for what I use it for (cereals and oatmeal) and I don’t like sweet things, so flavored is out. I would say my favorite is Silk. While I’ve never tried flax milk–I haven’t seen it around here–I have had hemp. It was a bit too sweet for me, so I’m sticking with the almond. Thanks for the review :)

  5. At any given time there are probably 4 different kinds of milk in my fridge. Usually 2 regular organic milks then either almond, coconut or sometimes soy. I’ll always love regular milk but coconut is a close second! I had no idea there was such a thing as flax milk!

  6. Yummy supper!
    I usually drink original almond milk – but when I say “drink” I mean I use it in oatmeal, cereal and shakes because I rarely drink a glass of milk unless its chocolate 😉 haha
    I would love to try flax milk! I might have to look for it when we are south in a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  7. My favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk! I use it in everything, tea, smoothies, soups…We go through it so quickly in my apartment that we have to stock up on several cases when we find it in Costco.

  8. Interesting about that flax milk! I’d try it!

    PS yum to that bacon. I love real, crispy bacon.

  9. I think I’m doing eggs tonight for dinner. As a breakfast, I got a little burned out on them and have resorted back to my daily oatmeal kick.

  10. I agree! Breakfast for dinner is always awesome. And that Flax Milk looks delicious! I’m a big fan of Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla as well, but I’d be willing to try it out!

  11. I only drink dairy free milk, I really do not like milk and have never been able to just drink a glass of milk. However almond milk is my new love and obsession especially the chocolate one, I can’t get enough of that! This flax milk has got me intrigued!

  12. I really like eggs in the evening too. I don’t eat them too often anyway though. I go through kicks with them as well :)

  13. First of all, can I just say how much I love that you’re eating bacon now? Welcome to the club. :) I can’t say I drink that much milk in general, but I do use it in cooking…I wonder how the unsweetened kind would hold up in recipes.

    • hahah, Thanks Megan 😉 I have to say, although I loved the taste, I hate that my kitchen will smell like bacon for the next 36 hours!!

  14. Also, different companies make the milk taste totally different! I’ve also experimented and tried soy, coconut, hemp, hazelnut, rice, and almond milks. I like Tempt Hemp Milk, but other hemp milks have been quite gross! I only get alternative milks that are $2 and under for the box size and up to $3.50 for the big carton. I’ll keep an eye out for flax, which I have yet to try.

  15. Hi Paige,
    I have a question. You seem smart and practical. I need to gain weight (about 15 lbs) and need to start gaining now. I’m not a vegan and I do tend to overeat grains and chocolate and meats often. I feel like my body needs a “cleaning out”, but i can’t afford to “cleanse” and lose weight.
    Anyway, I don’t exercise since I need to gain (suggestions? is this a wrong approach? I don’t want to gain all fat and wrong, but my weight is quite low). But do you have suggestions for good meal plans that are legit and easy to follow? I don’t have a friendly tummy and am sensitive to a lot of foods but at this stage I don’t think cutting out certain foods would benefit me (though I swear I need a cleansing from my “overload” …oh boy).. Anyway, I need higher calories (but not through the roof too soon). Websites? Blogs? good samples? Do you know sensible gain per week for someone like me that needs to gain, but is not exercising (not sure if that is stupid)?
    Thanks for any suggestions. And I’ve never tried flax milk. I’ve seen and tried cow’s, almond, soy, and hemp. Have you tried oat milk or rice milk?

  16. How the heck do you milk a flaxseed? I’d have to go with unsweetened. The sweetened milks are just to high in sugar and too sweet for my taste buds.

    Love breakfast for dinner.

    And we both have Spartacus on the Brain. 😉

  17. Flax milk….that’s super interesting…..what will they make milk out of next? I just started drinking unsweetened almond milk. I was a hardcore soymilk user but decided that the volume I was drinking probably wasn’t doing me any favours! So I made the switch and now go between unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Mostly in protein oats or shakes….the taste is different to soy, but I’m beginning to really like it! How would you describe the taste of the unsweetened flax?

    • Hmm…have you tried unsweetened almond milk? My guess is like that since the vanilla was so much like the vanilla almond milk.


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