Lunch-Packing Process


Unless I’m feeling particularly exhausted – or lazy – I typically make Shane and my work week lunches right after dinner before cleaning up the kitchen. Shane’s easy – I just make him two sandwiches: one PBJ and one turkey, cheese, and mayo.

 Mine, however, is a bit more complex. I think of my lunch in components.

When I pack a lunch for the day, it usually involves the following components:

  •  protein
  • veggies
  • fat
  • something sweet

 Today’s lunch successfully included all necessary components:


Tuna salad (made with mayo, diced apple, and walnuts) over a bed of “mixed greens” with some balsamic vinegar splashed on top of it all. And a side of yogurt.


Wait, where’s the sweet? It’s in my purse, in the form of a Luna candy Bar:

I swear, the coconut luna bar tastes like a samoa girls scout cookie, but with underlying “health bar” tones. It’s probably the tastiest bar out there in my opinion.

It’s another mild week in Central Illinois this week. We’re supposed to hit mid-40’s today! Hopefully the rest of the work day speeds on by, because my mind’s on taking Niko for a post-work walk. It feels like it’s been weeks since she’s gotten a decent walk, poor pup.

Also, before I go, I finally put together and added the video for the exercises from this morning’s circuit workout if you’d like to check it out. I used some new video-editing software to make it all fanciful, too 😀 Hope you guys like it!

Have a great day, friends.

What goes into packing your lunch for a work day?

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  1. I usually go home for lunch, but when I do have to pack it I usually include fruit, veggies, protein, healthy fat and a treat/sweet.
    I pack my husband’s lunch every day and its either a PB&J or supper leftovers, a yogurt, fruit, a granola bar or trail mix and a treat.

  2. I always pack my lunch the night before and mine pretty mimics yours in the sense of nutrients you are trying to get.

    I am dieing to try the peanutbutter honey pretzel luna bar, I need to get my hand on one of those. I am a huge fan of their lemon zest and peppermint bark bars!

    • Is it new?! I’ve never heard of that flavor. Lemon zest is probably my thjird favorite…it used to be my fav though. You’re the first person who has agreed with me!

  3. Love your workout videos – definitely plan to check it out when I’m at home! :)

  4. I always plan my meals like that! Protein, carbs, veggies, and usually fat. Makes planning meals seem so much easier and less intimidating. Your salad looks delicious..I always forget about adding fruit…add that to my “to do” list :)

  5. ohh i am a fan of the coconut luna bars too… comparing them to a girl scout samoa cookie is perfect! i also love the white chocolate macadamia nut one… it tastes like a cookie to me!

  6. I pack Kevin’s and my lunch everyone morning and it takes FOREVER. Kevin usually gets a sandwich and some sort of snack–usually an apple or edamame. I pack myself a salad beast, overnight oats and two snacks. Gaaah, I’m such a piggy.

  7. I do the same thing! My fiance cooks dinner, and I pack our lunches and clean up after dinner. I am lucky because he will eat whatever-so I pack us the same thing. Usually I pack breakfast and lunch-so I pack a high protein breakfast (usually greek yogurt or hard boiled eggs and a bagel thin) and for lunch lately it’s a salad in a jar, some soup and something sweet!

    Also, LOVE the coconut Luna bars. I actually had one this morning for breakfast! I am obsessed with Luna bars so we go to Trader Joe’s once a month or so to stock up. They have them SO cheap!

  8. I love love love that flavor from LUNA! Have you tried the Clif coconut chocolate? It’s good, but not as good.

    I pack a whole day’s worth of stuff in my lunch! :)

  9. I recently discovered that luna bar flavor and thought the SAME thing. It is so good and soft and YUMMY. That and the coconut cream lara bar, a close second. MM.

  10. Right now I’m on a veggie salad, crackers with cheese, and pear kick. I usually have to include some veggies, a fruit, and some kind of grain.

    Unless I have yummy leftovers: Then I just dump them in a container and go :-)

  11. Making my lunch is quite the process. I like to make sure I have almost too much food so I don’t wind up starving by 3:00. Typically I have my smoothie, a morning snack that I can munch on for awhile (like veggies or something) then salad or leftovers for lunch, and two more snacks just in case. There has to be protein, and there has to be carbs of some sort or I will get way too hungry to make it through the day.


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