Getting Ma’amed

An extra coffee definitely happened this morning. Even better, it happened in bright pink!

Does this cup look familiar?


I actually bought a couple lids for my Tervis tumblers this past weekend – one for hot drinks and one for cold. It makes it very handy to grab and go. I was sipping some coffee this morning, then I just stuck a lid on it, and voila! Travel-friendly.

It’s the little things, I tell ya.


Coffee held me over for a while, but soon after my tummy started grumbling for some lunch!

salad lady
Another day, another salad.

Same as yesterday, but with some pecans thrown in there for fun.

Getting Maam’ed

Last night before we were seated for dinner at Biaggi’s, we were sitting at the bar waiting for our table. When the bartender got to me, he said, “and what can I get you ma’am?”

I told him water, thanks, and then looked at my mom and said, “I just got ma’amed!!”

Now this is just my opinion, but if you call me ma’am, I automatically don’t like you. Ok maybe that’s a little harsh, but I still don’t like it! I’ve got the rest of my life to be a ma’am, and it makes me feel old. For now, let’s just go with Miss, OK? Smile with tongue out

I do suppose it’s better than being called “sir.” I’ll never forget one time when I was watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Merideth Viera said she was called “sir” that weekend. Repeatedly. Apparently she was in a ball cap and in a hardware store, but the store owner repeatedly asked her if she “needed any help, sir?” I do love that she also laughed it off and made fun of herself on national television about it Open-mouthed smile

Same goes for getting carded for buying alcohol. To think I used to get excited when I didn’t get carded, and now I love getting carded, and hate when I actually do get carded.

Back to work for a few more hours…have a good one, friends!

How do you feel about getting ma’am’ed? Do you call other women “ma’am?”

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  1. I hate being called ma’am. It just sounds like the title belongs to an old person and I don’t think of myself that way. Way to make a chick feel older than she is!

  2. I don’t mind ma’am, but I do get a little annoyed when I’m not carded.

  3. I dont mind ma’am really. I dont think that I really ever “ma’am” anyone else though haha.
    And I LOVE Tervis tumblers. I recently just went out and bought a few, lids and all (Im messy!)

  4. Ok this is funny… I grew up in Texas where everyone gets ma’am-ed or sir-ed. I lived in Chicago for a year after college and was sooo annoyed when someone would call me “miss”. I couldnt stand it. I live in OK now and hear it less so I think a lot of is regional also. We’re around the same age and will still “ma’am” someone thats younger than I am depending on the situation. To me its a more polite acknowledgement then “ya”.

  5. I have had it a few times in the past year and it catches me off guard for sure. Usually it is younger guys that say it, a double ouch 😉 haha

  6. I can’t stand being ma’amed!!! I feel like saying I am 24 years old do I look like a ma’am to you!? haha and I keep seeing vita tops, I need these in my life asap!

  7. I don’t think I’m called that too often, but I find it endearing because it’s usually by people younger than me… But yeah, “miss” is where it’s at!

  8. Ha, I always use “ma’am” and “sir” to be polite. I serve though and get occasional comments about people not liking it…Take it as politeness though..not being old :)

  9. I definitely dislike being called ma’am. I’m 24, I have a young look, and I clearly don’t even have a ring on my finger. I am no ma’am.

  10. I hate pet names unless they’re from Kevin. I always feel like they sound condescending, even if it’s just ma’am or miss or sweetie. Blech. I can’t imagine drinking a Tervis of coffee. I’d be wired!

  11. I hate getting ma’amed, I think of a maam as my mothers age or older so whenever someone says it to me I always say in my head “I’m not old enough to be a maam.” I did ask a young kid at the grocery store checkout not to call me maam and how would it feel if I called you sir, I think I weirded him out enough to never use maam again, lol.

  12. I’m a southern girl, so I was brought up saying it and I don’t get offended by it. My mother-in-law did not like it when I first said it to her and that struck me as strange, but I guess it does stick out for some. I think some people say it for females, not in reference to age.

  13. UGH getting ‘mam-ed’ is the WORST! btw i wanted to tell you that your blog is like my new fav love!!

  14. I hear ya on the carded thing. I haven’t been carded for like the past year and being on the verge of 30 that kinda makes me want to cry.

  15. I just use miss for everyone, saves any problems!

    Usually people who say mam are people who deal with a lot customers a day and probably say it without thinking: i.e. airport checkin people. I don’t recall being called it, but I don’t think I would like it.

  16. I am a teacher and sometimes I force my students to call me “ma’am” when I am not so happy with them :-)

  17. I love Tervis Tumblers! I have a special one that says ‘bride’ I got for my bridal shower, and an Ohio State tervis for when I graduated from college. They are awesome at both hot and cold drinks!

  18. Ma’am is the worst. I preferred in the DR where they always just call girls “mi amor.” Haha. That’s harmless!

  19. Whatever you do, don’t move to the south! Don’t even visit. People here use ma’am for anyone of legal drinking age.
    After awhile the shock wears off and “ma’am” becomes sort of nice… but it takes some getting-used-to! 😉

  20. I HATE being called ma’am! It makes me feel so old hahaha :/ My mom never let us call her ma’am growing up, she said the same thing. She was also from the north where I don’t think the use of the word is quite as prevelant as it is here in Virginia…


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