Friday Link Love + My Audition

Hi guys! Happy Friday Open-mouthed smile

My schedule today allows me to get my workout in a little later in the morning today, so I welcomed the day with a light breakfast:


TJ’s regular plain (full fat) Greek yogurt, 2 chopped dates, pecans, cinnamon –


alongside a grapefruit – since I have a case of them.


No, really, I have a case of grapefruit. It’s kind of the most awesome thing ever.

So last Friday I had so much fun going through and linking to some of my favorite posts of the week, that I thought I’d play along again this week.

I have to say, there were some fabulous blog posts out there this week. It was so hard to choose because I starred so many! Thus, this list is obviously not all inclusive Winking smile

But here are some goodies from the week:

Red heartFriday Link LoveRed heart

Recipes I Want to Try

Erika’s Coconutty Fudge. Last night I had a mad craving for chocolate and I almost made these. But then I went and made a chocolate version of my primal pumpkin protein bars. Let’s just say I’m not going to be sharing that version’s recipes with ya’ll Winking smile But I do wan to try this fudge!

Megan’s Spicy Asian Slaw. Simple, yet delicious. I could get on board with this slaw. Where were you when I had a head of cabbage that I had no clue what to do with earlier this week, Megan?!


Claire’s Crustless Quiche. I love anything with eggs and veggies. Make it into muffins and individual servings? I love it even more!

Brandi’s Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer. I need this in my life. End of story.


A Congratulations is in Order Post…

Julie! For getting a brand-spankin’-new jay oh bee.

Sarena – for passing her fitness nutrition certification. Girl studied her booty off and it paid off Smile

Lee also started day numero uno in her new job this week. Way to go, Lee Open-mouthed smile


People Need To Hear This Post:

Sable’s post on soreness not being required for muscle growth. Can I get an amen?


I Cannot Relate but Appreciate Post:

Katie’s post on working out in the evening. I’m a crack of dawn exerciser, but it was really interesting to hear her perspective on her PM workouts.


Posts I Starred a Long Time Ago and then Forgot About:

I “starred” Jess’s 5-Ingredient Granola Bars last January but never ended up making them. This needs to change.


Aaand lastly…My Audition

As you know, I’m an ambassador for Fitfluential. We recently received the opportunity to potentially write for a variety of online magazines.

So, here’s the Youtube video that I filmed  as part of the assignment to show that I am the gal for you! I’ll leave that “you” as universal and up to interpretation Winking smile

OK I lied, that wasn’t last.

Last lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to my friends and fellow ambassadors who posted their auditions this week too:

Lindsay posted hers on Magazine Writing

Alyssa showcased herself in a video montage for the opportunity

Jess talks about where her passion stems from

Kristin debuted her audition video as a fit mom

Theodora writes about her story as a writer

Lori and Michelle professed their love for fitness

Kelly explains the method behind her blogging madness

Am I missing anyone?


Now I’m going to go attempt the only thing on my to-do list before heading to work today: clean this house! Aaaaaannnd GO!

Have a great Friday Open-mouthed smile

Do you have any posts to add to the list?

Did you read any of the posts above this week?

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  1. I’d hire you in a heartbeat! 😉

  2. great video! you’re a natural.

    happy happy friday! let me know if you try the coffee creamer. mine is almost gone…oops! :)

  3. thanks for the link girl, hope you get to try the fudge!!
    and best of luck with the audition 😀

  4. I love your video!! The passion you have for helping others is awesome – as I think I told you way back when I started following your blog, I SO admire you for going for your dream and getting certified to become a trainer vs. sticking with a job that paid the bills but wasn’t your passion. It still sticks to me today and that’s why I keep coming back for more. :)

    PS thanks for the shout-out friend!! Yay for Fitfluentials!

    • Did I mention that I have passion? 😉 haha
      Seriously though, thanks Jess, that means a lot!! I still do work that office job 20 hrs/week. I can’t bring myself to let go of it completely quite yet. But the future will tell…

  5. Thanks for the tag girlie! I’m bookmarking this so I can come back and watch your video when I’m not in class hehe (I’m a bad girl).

  6. I just followed a few of those links and printed off that Asian slaw recipe. I plan to make it tonight!

  7. I love these kinds of posts that allow me to read posts I may have missed otherwise. I loved your video girl and I wish you the very best on your audition! I read your blog everyday and would love to read your stories in a magazine too! :-)

  8. I’m so glad you shared your audition video with us because it really gave me a better feel for your story! Your mission is such an inspiration, and I love the Biggest Loser idea at your gym.

    I’m with Lindsay (from up above). I’d hire you in a split second 😉

  9. Great video, good luck! I really love the Friday link thing. Not that I need more bookmarked or starred posts but they’re still great ones that I haven’t always seen!

  10. Thanks for the mention, lady! Love the vlog! You are awesome! :-)

  11. great video!!!!
    so great to learn about more FitFluential peeps :)
    and thanks for the link love!!!

  12. First thank you for your kind words for me! Second, you are awesome and I totally think you deserve this! Now I’m off to check out those links! Coconut fudge and asian slaw…I’m sold! Have a great Friday Paige!

  13. great job on the video girl! you truly do have what it takes – go get it! 😉

  14. Haha, sorry I didn’t post the slaw recipe earlier! I picked it up on a whim at the grocery store on Wednesday, actually. You never know when a craving will strike. I hope the audition is a success, you deserve it! :)

  15. Great post, loved your audition video!!!

  16. I love the link love – what a great way to network and share some info around the blogosphere. Great job on the video!

  17. omg LOVE your video! haha i totally should have made one today but my face is washed out from crying from reading the hunger games bahahahaha major fail i know.

    thanks for the congrats lady!!!! i’m excited and nervous!

  18. Such good tags! i love all these women and their amazing talents. But you my dear impress me like no other. I didn’t know you were a sports nutritionist too! Dang, i might have to move closer to you.

  19. Great video, Paige! You are a natural! :) You are very passionate about your work and how others respond & it makes others feel – and you get so much satisfaction from it as well! I can’t see why they would choose anyone else <3


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