Food Confusion

Last night Shane and I ended the weekend with some cards and a family-style dinner:


Euchre (which I horribly lost) and chicken sausage + sauteed onion and zucchini alongside some butternut squash ravioli:


Does anyone else always have to stop and think about the difference between tortellini and ravioli? I always mix up the two, but this is ravioli, right?


Other foods I mix up all the time include sweet potatoes and yams, the difference between squashes and gourds, and all of the difference types of peppers confuse me a bit, too.

Anyway, dinner was pretty good. Nothing to right home about, but it did the job.

Breakfast and Workout

This morning, I have to admit that I had a pretty difficult time getting to the gym. Actually, it seems I’m going through a bit of a motivation slump on the week days for the past two weeks. I’m not sure what’s up, but I sure hope it passes quickly!

Anyway, today was a strength day, and I did a circuit-style workout broken into three circuits:


I completed each circuit 3 times through before continuing on to the next one.

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Triple Circuit Workout Video Exercises

I finally felt the motivation kick in about half way through circuit #2, and ended up getting in a really great workout!

Back home, it was chow time.

Bringing back the steel cut oats today:


I haven’t eaten steel cut oats in so long, and I forgot how deliciously nutty they are! I added about 1/2 a c. pumpkin to these, along with a banana. So yummy Smile

Today’s not a super busy one, but it is back to the grind. Better go get ready for that one place that pays me teh monies. Have a fab day, loves.

What’s your motivation levels this week? Hopefully you’re flying high!

Which foods do you confuse sometimes?

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  1. Ohhh I’m loving that circuit. (does anyone else snicker when they read “hip thrusters”? I’m a 12 year old boy.)

  2. love the circuit, just pinned it for everyone to see :)

  3. I am pretty much convinced yams and sweet potatoes are in fact the same animal. Just sayin’ Looks like a good workout there. Love using paper plates for the slide lunges. Ouchie but really effective.

  4. Haha those are definitely ravioli! I’ve been wanting some lately, weird! In Canada nobody says yams, so all things that look like sweet potatoes or yams is just considered a sweet potato. (At least where I live.)

  5. i totally always confuse sweet potatoes and yams… i still don’t know if i know the exact difference! ha!

    my motivation is pretty much zilch this morning. right after i finish typing this comment, i’m forcing myself to get dressed and get to my workout. we’ll see how that goes! 😉

  6. You SO make me want to start playing cards with Josh. Such a fun/great idea. What a yummy meal. The only thing that confuses me is whats a yam and whats a sweet potato. BUT, from my understanding, everything we have (for the most part) in the US is sweet potato

  7. I’m motivated at weird times lately. I’m normally a morning girl for my workouts, but lately, I’ve just wanted to lay in bed…

    That is one heck of a workout! I did some hip thrusters this morning! Love that move for my booty! I hope you have a great day!

  8. I read recently that most sweet potatoes available in the us grocery stores are actually yams… No idea if this is true! I always mix up different kinds of cheeses.

  9. Awesome looking circuits! Love the sliding reverse lunges….I’m assuming that’s what you’re doing with the paper. 😉

  10. My motivation is surprisingly good for a Monday. I have no idea what thats about (lazy weekend maybe?) but I am gonna go with it!

  11. I still don’t know the difference btwn sweet potatoes and yams. Googling now…

    Happy Monday, lil’ lady!

  12. Just got brand new running shoes so that is motivating me :)

  13. I totally confuse yams and sweet potatoes! I have no clue the difference lol. Have a great Monday Paige! :-)

  14. haha, ravioli is a square and tortellini is a circle! I do not, however, understand the difference between a sweet potato and a yam!

  15. I feel like my motivation levels are all over the place haha- for school stuff, they are not so high, but for everything else I’m feeling good :). I always get sweet potatoes and yams mixed up too!! That looks like a great circuit workout!

  16. I used to get confused with tortellini and ravioli too, until I actually made a tortellini and now I always remember :) I haven’t worked out today yet but I’m definitely looking forward to tonight’s (and the rest of the week’s) workouts!

  17. Virginia Chowdary says:

    doing the circuits tonight! thanks!

  18. Those butternut squash raviolis look incredible! Tasty? And easy to make? Good find.

    Sometimes I confuse tortellini and canneloni (I think.. hah). Different types of pastas… long tube-shaped but kinda ravioli-like… I’m obviously still not clear.

  19. I’ve definitely gotten those pastas mixed up before, and then I remember that any kind of pasta stuffed with something is A-OK with me. 😉


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