Follow the Recipe for Dinner

Last night as I was cooking dinner I came to a realization.

I am far more afraid of creating and experimenting with recipes for cooking than I am for baking. I like using recipes for cooking meals. For baking, notsomuch.Then I went back and looked at past recipes I’ve posted on the blog, and the minority of them are for dinners.

I couldn’t figure out why, though. Especially when most people say the opposite.

Then as I was stirring the chicken enchilada soup a la Tasty Kitchen’s recipe we had for dinner last night, I smelled the drool-inducing aroma, got super excited for a delicious feast, it hit me.


I stick to other people’s recipes with cooking more than I do baking because while I do get upset if I have a dinner flop (it sucks!) While a baking disaster doesn’t really phase me. If a baking disaster occurs in the kitchen, then I just wipe down the counters, re-evaluate my measurements and ingredients, and give it another go. Case in point with the pumpkin primal protein bars.

However, If a dinner flops, then it affects who I cook for (Shane) and we’re left scrambling for frozen pizza, BFD, or take out. And I get angry. And hungry.

Luckily, the realmomkitchen at Tasty Kitchen knows what she’s doing while making magic in the kitchen, because our chicken enchilada soup crock pot dinner last night was a hit!! Open-mouthed smile







Awww yeah.

We headed to bed with full bellies and now here we are yet again, ready to face another Monday. Didn’t it seem like we were just here?


I made my friend Heidi promise to make me go to spin class this morning, which isn’t for another hour, so breakfast was eaten early.


smoooothie time!

Just a basic yummy strawberry banana protein smoothie – milk, protein powder, banana, and strawberry. It was also a little less than I usually eat for breakfast, since I’ll probably eat a little more after some lifting and RPM.

On that note, I better get scootin’ if I want to get in some strength training before class! Then it’s off to the office. Have a marvelous Monday, friends Smile

Which do you follow recipes more for – cooking or baking?

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  1. mmm- that avocado on top looks just awesome! I usually follow more baking recipes vs. cooking. I cook dinner usually earlier in the afternoon and put it in the fridge for later…so I have more time if I have a disaster!

  2. I get easily frustrated at any flops so usually with baking I stick to a recipe the first time I make something, then round 2 I do my changes etc.
    With cooking I agree with you, I do not like flops at all! Unless its a skillet or stir-fry type of meal I usually stick to recipes here too.

  3. The new Primal bars are on my “to-do” list for this week. Organizing my dining room table is on there too. I’m betting that the bars get marked off before the table. 😉

    Are you filming a TT for this week?

  4. Yep- we’re total opposites. And I think I get way more upset when I have a baking flop. Because I’m usually baking FOR something or I have a major craving. And when it doesnt’ turn out? It’s a problem… lol

  5. I rarely follow recipes for cooking but baking I will double and triple check the recipe as I go along for fear of using the wrong measurement or forgetting an ingredient. Let’s just say I have had some major baking flops.

  6. I don’t follow recipes for anything really. I guess I’m more likely to follow a recipe with baking, because I’m more likely to screw it up. But I almost always make some kind of change. I like to do everything my own way. :)

  7. I’m the opposite! I definitely follow recipes almost to a T when baking because I’m afraid something will go wrong. I’m a little more brave when it comes to making my own changes when cooking. That being said, my changes are usually pretty simple. My goal is to mix it up a little in the kitchen and try some new things!

    It’d be interesting to see a post about your thought/planning process when developing your own recipe!

    • Hehe, I would, but it’s quite a random process!
      This one went like this:
      I want to make more of those paleo bars. Except I want them to be less dessert like and more snack like. And I want them to have a higer protein content. Then it’s just picking ingredients and determining the right amount of wet to dry!

  8. I always improvise for dinner because I like tweaking the meal and seeing I can derive more flavor from it, especially if there are not so healthy ingredients in it. Plus, I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t already have for a recipe I might make only once, so I like using what’s on hand. Baking is a different story. I always follow the recipe, but will only tweak the amount of vanilla or vary the mix-ins. Not very creative there!

  9. Oh wow that soup looks awesome! Will have to try that out :)

  10. I usually stick with recipes no matter what. I probably only make up one meal per month. I’m lame.
    The soup looks awesome!

  11. Yum! The soup looks so good! It is very rare that I follow any recipe in its entirety, I like to make changes depending on my taste preference and what ingredients I have on hand. However, when I bake, I would say I follow recipes a lot closer than I do when I cook. For me, baking can sometimes be confusing to get the measurements of ingredients correct without a recipe.


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