Extra Credit for Thin-ness

Have you guys heard of the 60 Minutes a Day of Play campaign? It’s actually an NFL movement to get kids to include more, well, movement in their day without labeling it “exercise.”

According to NFL.com, its intent is to help kids get in 60 minutes of “play” by participating in fun, physical activity for an hour each day in order to combat childhood obesity.

I think it sounds like a pretty stand up program if you ask me. Get some public figures who kids idolize to encourage it, and it might just work!

However, what I think is an absolutely horrible idea to get children to exercise?Basing exam grades on slimness.

Pierre Dukan, the nutritionist for the Dukan diet is suggesting to give students extra credit for being slim.

The plan calls for high school students to be allowed to take a so-called "ideal weight" option in their final year exams, the "baccalaureat", under which they would earn extra points if they kept a body mass index (BMI) of between 18 and 25.
Those already overweight at the start of the two-year course would score double points if they managed to slim down over a period of two years.


headdeskIs it just me or does that not sound like an eating disorder waiting to happen? Um, yeah…I like the play time campaign better.


All that said, 15 years ago (15 years?!) when I was in grade school, my breakfast sure looked a heck of a lot worse than they do now. I’ve gone from a double sized cereal bowl of cinnamon toast crunch with milk to….

3 eggs w/avocado, cheddar, and sautéed mixed greens

1 large juicy grapefruit

Quite the difference, I’d say. Though I do love me some cinnamon toast crunch…

Ahem. Anyway, this breakfast is a repeater of yesterday’s – the only difference today is that I added a little cheese and a lott-o avocado Smile

I have been straight up craving eggs lately (if you couldn’t tell!) Three to five a day aint no thang for me this week.


Before breakfast I got in a full body lifting workout. I did 8 exercises total in a superset style format and it took about an hour when including a dynamic warm up and a cool down/stretch. Here’s what it looked like

8-Exercise Full Body Workout

Dynamic warm up: walking lunges, monster walks, inch worms, high knee pulls, then…

Back Squat 4×8
Incline Press 4×8
Front Squat 4×8
Seated Row 4×8


Sumo Deadlift w/ DB 4×8
Over Unders  


Barbell Hip Thrusts 4×8
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 4×8


Now I’m off to take Niko for a walk before getting ready for work. Have a good one, guys Open-mouthed smile

What was your typical grade school breakfast? Typical breakfast now?

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  1. I worked as a consultant for part of the Play 60 movement, where they focused on eating healthy to “fuel” the playing. It’s a great message!

  2. Yeah… that is definitely a slippery slope. Yeesh.
    How have I never put avocado in my eggs before? It’s like you just opened a door to a whole new world for me..

  3. For as long as I can remember I ate the exact same thing, whole wheat toast with Kraft smooth peanut butter and cranberry juice or milk, I finally switched it up about 4 years ago…
    Now I eat something different every day, oatmeal, smoothies, Greek yogurt bowls are my favorites right now.

  4. I agree with you that the plan sounds like bad news. High school kids already have so much pressure…I don’t think they need any additional pressure. Plus, I always compared grades and things in high school. I would a lot of social anxiety if people started comparing BMIs and weight. Physical activity needs to be incoporated into the education system, but let your grades be based on your studying!

  5. I’m honestly shocked that campaigns like these go through with the the glaring issues they could potentially cause! Good intentions, bad execution in my mind.
    My typical breakfast in school was either lucky charms or a toaster strudel. Eggs were reserved for weekends. Now, oatmeal, yogurt bowls, pancakes, eggs, smoothies, you name it!

  6. We did the Play 60 at the school I taught PE at … awesome!

    As for grade school breakfasts…oh my goodness. My diet in general as a kid/teenager was atrocious! I had a super fast metabolism and was playing a ton of sports so I was still super thin but I grimace at what I put my arteries through. Do you remember Surger? The drink with like 50g of sugar? Ya my mom had to ration them in our house haha.

    • Wait, wasn’t it just called Surge? I do remember that. I think it was like this bright green color too! haha, oh man.

  7. extra credit for slim-ness?!?! absolutely ridiculous!! wow i can’t believe it. you’re so right, that’s just an ED waiting to happen. so sad.

    when i was younger, i really didn’t have the best of breakfasts when i think about it. they were often pop tarts or sugary cereals (which i still like, but rarely buy them because of their lack of nutrition & high sugar). now i usually have some sort of oats bowl or PB, banana & flax on wheat toast.

  8. Oh my gosh that does sound like an eating disorder waiting to happen!! That is crazy! My typical grade school breakfast was either ego waffles or some sort of sugary cereal like fruity pebbles haha. Now my breakfast is usually oatmeal!

  9. I like the “get up and move” campaigns. Along with what the NFL is doing, I also am a huge advocate of what Michelle Obama has been doing. I think it’s better to promote “active” vs a specific weight goal at that age…

  10. Really? Extra credit for being slim!? That’s awful!

    Your breakfast looks absolutely AMAZING!!!!! 😛

  11. I can’t remember all the way back to grade school…geeez I was in 6th grade in 1978! ouch!

    now…steel cut oats, fruit, who knows what…. sure a lot healthier now than back then….

  12. I love that NFL Play 60 campaign. Everytime I see a commercial I get excited. I am actually starting to research what the Cincinnati Bengals do for it, since they are my local team, to see how to be involved!

  13. Extra credit for being slim? Really? That’s not teaching kids anything about nutrition or exercise or how important actually being healthy is. I was always a heavy kid and I was extremely active in sports, but I didn’t know anything about nutrition. Maybe that should be a focus, not how you look.

  14. My elementary school breakfast almost EVERY day was two frozen blueberry waffles (toasted, of course). I remember eating these while waiting for the bus (or more likely, running out to catch it) every single day. Now, it almost always includes eggs. I wish I had realized long ago how quickly I can make eggs! I always thought they had to be saved for the weekend when I had lots of time to cook.


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