Break it Up

After a weekend full of pizza, bread and oil dipping, and ice cream, I wanted to start this week off on a bit of a healthier note.

So before training my morning client this morning, I headed to the gym to get in a 30 minute full body strength training workout. I did my go-to quickie full body routine, which I will post soon. (Not yet though, because it’s going up on Tuesday Trainer tomorrow!)

Then again after training, I headed back to the gym to get in 30 minutes of treadmill interval sprints.

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Basically sprint>recover>sprint>recover. Simple and did the job of logging an intense cardio workout Open-mouthed smile

I typically like to get my workout in all in one full swoop. I very rarely do part during one session and part in another. However, since I would be out and going back by my gym anyway, it worked out well.

Also, I could lie and say I chose to do weights first to ensure I had the energy and stamina to get through my workout with proper form (which is half true.) But really, my thought process was that if I did cardio first, I’d be a stinky sweat bomb in front of my client. Thus, cardio was done second Winking smile


Throughout the morning, I was sipping on BCAA’s, and ate a couple dates with sunflower seed butter.


When I got home, I fixed up a real breakfast:


Oatmeal! This time I mixed in half a banana, raspberries, cinnamon, and 1 scoop of Jay Robb whey protein powder.

Time to go get ready for the other job. I’m ready to tack my work email inbox!!! (If I pretend to be enthusiastic maybe it’ll come true?? Smile)

Do you ever split up your workout into different times of the day?

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  1. I used to do 2-a-days quite often. I could get in 30 mins in the morning then do another 30 mins later on (like kickboxing in the morning then weights at lunch). I kind of liked the double boost of energy. But it’s not something I could do all the time. Sometimes it’s just nice to be done 😉

  2. I often do two different workouts just cause as a college student I workout when I can find the time. It is rather inconvenient though. Those oats look soo good! I decluttered my inbox last night and it was brutal.

  3. I like to get my workouts done all at the same time, but sometimes I’ll do something small (30 min or less) in the morning and then go for a run in the afternoon.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever split up my work out, but it’s actually a pretty good idea. I have a hard time fitting in cardio and strength before work. I usually end up cutting one or the other short. I may have to try cardio before work and strength training after a couple days a week and see how it goes.

  5. I prefer doing it all at one time, but it’s not unusual for me to do running or elliptical in the morning and then hit up some free weights later on that night when watching tv at home.

  6. ooh, i heart dates.

    & yes, i will sometimes split me workout up, especially if there is a class i want to earlier/later in the day.

    have a great week, girlie!

  7. I usually work out first thing in the morning and then late afternoon/early evening

  8. I definitely try to avoid multiple workouts in a day…brings back memories of playing basketball in college, where it felt like all I did was walk to the gym, practice, shower, eat, repeat. That, and getting “ready” twice in a day is a real pain!

  9. i’m not a splitter because i could NEVER find motivation to get to the gym after work haha if i don’t get up and go at the crack of dawn i’m just screwed! what brand BCAAs do you use?

    • Me either!!! The only time I’ll workout in the PM is if I’m waiting on a client at the gym. Then I’ll either do like light elliptical or bust out a few sets.

    • Also – I take Scivation Xtend. I like the (new) blue raspberry and watermelon flavors best:)

  10. I split up both my workouts this weekend. I typically try and just get it all done at once because I like it better that way, and really this weekend the change was only out of boredom. I did my cardio on the treadmill in the early afternoon, and then in the evening I got bored and did some weights. I figure it was a better use of time than just sitting and watching tv.

  11. I’ve heard it’s better to split up your workout into strength and cardio, but it’s a half mile walk to my gym in the snow… Lol so I only go once a day!

  12. How do you like that Jay Robb powder? I’ve only ever had the Egg White one, and it was just a bit odd tasting to me.

    • It’s honestly probably my favorite protein powder yet.
      I like the taste of BSN Lean Dessert a wee bit better – but it’s also articifially flavored and sweetened whereas Jay Robb is all natural :)

  13. Like you I felt I had to get a good morning workout in before work so I ran a quick 5 miles and rushed to catch the bus. I will probably end the evening with an ab workout at home to round out the day :)

  14. I have to split my workout up today too so I can just do cardio after work and get home before 6. I really despise going twice in one day, but these things must be done sometimes.

  15. I don’t normally break up a workout into two, however sometimes I’ll do two different workouts in a day…if I find time. As for weights first, we did that in college for softball and every single one of us broke our own personal best when we ran AFTER lifted. It was crazy how much faster we could run our distance runs.


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