When My Food Comes to an End…

Every night around 7:30 or 8:00, Shane and I retire from whatever we’re doing and meet in the theatre room downstairs for TV time. We usually have an ongoing series we’re watching (Dexter, True Blood, Walking Dead, Modern Family, etc) and we’ll watch an episode of that before heading up to bed around 9:00.

Well, we’ve finished all of our “to-watch” series and nothing new is on this week, so it’s weeknight’s like this that we turn to our “filler shows” – you know, 30 minute shows we can watch countless times and still find entertaining. These shows are usually Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy, or King of Queens.

Last night’s choice was King of Queens, and in the beginning, Doug was eating a container of chocolate pudding, and when he was almost done, he pouted and said, “I always get so sad when my food’s coming to an end…” — and then reached for Carrie (his wife’s) container.

Though I laughed then, I felt a lot like Doug this morning as I was finishing my  cheesy scrambled eggs.


I always get so sad when my food is coming to an end, too, Doug…


Especially when it’s a yummy veggie, egg, and cheese scramble! Best part? The half of an avocado chopped up on top.

Prior to breakfast, I got my workout on.


After doing a warm up of some inchworms, shoulder rolls and stretches I did a reallyquick upper body circuit workout

I repeated three times through, and then hopped on the treadmill for a little HIIT workout. I completed this HIIT workout, stretched, and headed home.

It’s Friday!!! I think my mom’s going to come over today and get a personal training session in (from me) and then we’re going to hit up our favorite store Smile good times.

Do you ever get sad when you’re food’s coming to an end? I hate when I reach the bottom of a cinnamon wheat thins bag for sure…

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  1. OMG- that episode cracked me up. I watched that entire series. Loved it. I always get sad when food is coming to an end. Like Christmas Chex Mix (my MIL’s secret recipe) or the fancy dinners I make for the Hubby (like surf and turf). Boo. I perk up when I start thinking of the next meal though 😉

  2. So sad when my food (or coffee!) comes to an end. It’s like the same feeling as the last day of vacation. :(

  3. I usually get sad if I’m getting to the end of a really good piece of pizza or an indulgent dessert since I don’t eat them very often I try to savor every last bite!

    I’m really impressed by the fact that you can do 10 pull-ups btw! No matter how much I focus on my upper body I still just hang from the bar with shaking arms haha

  4. I get the same feeling! Even worse is when I look down, expecting more food, and realize I somehow ate my last bite without knowing it! I love to savor the last bits :-)

  5. We are so bored in the evenings right now with no new TV shows on! I have been watching lots of repeats and PVR’ing movies.
    I always love my breakfasts and am always sad to see them done :(

  6. Depends on the food — like the thai dish the other night…I got sad when that came to an end —

    speaking of thai – your curried riced cauliflower looked awesome! very creative!

  7. I always get sad when my food is coming to an end, haha! So I usually have more 😉

  8. I ALWAYS feel so sad when my food is almost gone. I always say, “I don’t want to eat this last bite because it will be gone.” Haha!

  9. haha i always feel sad when i’m getting to the end of a meal or dessert that i was REALLY looking forward to beforehand. i’m glad i’m not the only one… i tell my husband this sometimes, and he just looks at me like i’m crazy. i guess i just love my good food. 😉

  10. I always have that feeling when my food either comes to an end or I’m too full to keep eating something that tastes delicious.
    This makes me think of my co-worker who sometimes doesn’t eat lunch until 2 or 3pm and sometimes doesn’t eat it at all. He says that a lot of times he just forgets to eat or that he ignores the hunger pangs in his stomach. It’s a way of thinking that is completely foreign to me. I don’t think I’ve EVER forgotten to eat!

  11. Ahh love it!..I ALWAYS get sad when my food is done. <3 food. by the way, glad you reminded us its Friday..woohoo! TGIF (even if I am on break).

  12. Oh man!! I totally hate when my yogurt mess is finished. And especially when the sunflower butter is gone. *sometimes* i got get more. ok…every single time.

  13. I always get so sad when I’ve cut up my apples slices, am reaching in, and realize there’s no more… :/

  14. Haha, I definitely get anxiety when I’m eating something I really love, and I know it’s going to run out–I’m often scouting my second serving before the first is over :-)
    Also–I have a call-back interview to be a personal trainer–any quick tips? I’m training the manager as himself, so I can do some tough(er) stuff :-)

    • Oooh, good luck Kiah! Just be yourself, and you’ll do great! Oh, and make sure it lasts as long as it’s supposed to (generally about 3 sets of 8-12 exercises lasts an hour with the warm up, cool down, and stretching :) )

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