Weight in a Pushup

Gotta admit, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself on this last day of vacation from the BIC.

Want a glimpse of how/where I’ve been spending my morning after coming home from the gym? I’m getting a little work done both on the blog and on my work laptop – much to Clarabelle’s chagrin:


Is she trying to close my work laptop?

Also, any time I’m working at the kitchen table, Niko must be on my lap. Since my legs are jello from this morning’s lower body workout, I’m just too lazy to situate myself to give her a comfortable platform to lay on. So instead, I just put her in my zip up hoodie.



She came out for a photo op, but then went right back in.


She’s in snuggly body heat heaven Smile


I broke for a small lunch around 1:00. All I did was open the fridge and scoop out my meal!


This is leftover baked macaroni and cheese (with butternut squash) topped with avocado from last night’s dinner. Delicious!


I also had a side of sauerkraut. I’ve been craving it ever since we ate it on Christmas. It’s one of those veggies that I always forget about, but whenever I eat it, I remember how tasty it is!


casserole and kraut.

Weight in a Pushup

As I was reading Shane’s Men’s Health magazine last night, I came across a really interesting factoid I thought I’d share!

I’m sure all of us have heard of “girl” pushups and “boy” pushups – or “modified” and “standard” pushups. But really how much more weight are you lifting when doing a standard pushup as opposed to modified?


This little section of the magazine had an easy to read chart of just how much percentage of your boy weight you’re lifting (approximately) when doing different variations of pushups.

Apparently, when doing a “boy pushup” you’re only lifting around 15% more of your body weight than when doing a “girl pushup.” I would have estimated this difference to be a little greater!

Here’s the stats:

Modified (knees on ground) – about 49% of body weight

Standard (on toes) – about 64%

Elevated (hands on bench 2 feet) – 41% body weight

Decline (feet on bench 2 feet) – 74% body weight

Interesting, right?! Smile

I’m off to go prep for dinner. I’ve got a couple clients to train later, and dinner’s going to be waiting for us in the crock pot when I get home.

Have a good afternoon!

Did the pushup stats surprise you? What kind of pushups do you do most frequently?

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  1. Cool, I always thought doing them off a bench was harder.

  2. wow, the pushup stats did surprise me! i feel like normal pushups are quite a bit more challenging than modified (knee) pushups than what the numbers show. interesting!

  3. Interesting stuff. I still do “girl” push-ups but am trying to build to do the standard ones. My upper body strength is about 1/4 of my lower body strength!
    Your pets are adorable. My cat likes to sleep on our dining room table just behind my laptop while I’m working, it’s like he uses the laptop heat or something!

  4. That makes me feel much better about dropping into “girl” pushups after 12 or so 😉

  5. Guess I’ll be doing more decline pushups!!! Or making my clients…muahahaha. :)

  6. That does surprise me. My oldest son has set out to do a push up challenge for the month of January. I’m gonna do it with him. I do boy push ups, but I think I will get him going with girl push ups to start with. He wants to bulk up a bit before he starts high school next year…ugh, I will have a high school kid.

  7. I’m surprised that modified pushups have such a high % of your body weight! Makes me feel better about when I’ve gotta drop down 8)

  8. Niko is freaking adorable. I love that!

    I used to to pushups on my knees, but I’ve been trying to man-up and start doing them properly. I can officially do ten without wanting to die, so it’s a start. :)

  9. cool — thx for the push-up facts!

  10. very interesting..maybe girls would give ‘boy’ push-ups a try more often?! I hope so! I was so proud of myself when I started doing boy push-ups and I still feel kind of hardcore when I do them :)

  11. Oh, Niko! What a little snuggle bug! I’m totally a girl push-up kind of girl. But I’m hoping to graduate to something a little more challenging this year! :)

  12. I totally thought that the difference in percentage would be way bigger. I would normally do the ‘boy’ versions but have had to switch to girl ones when I hit 15 weeks pregnant because of the strain on my back. Can’t wait to get back to to the standards.

  13. I would have thought there would be a great difference as well! I usually do standard push-ups, and I remember being so proud once I could graduate from the girly style. Now every time I can do one more push-up, I feel like it’s a huge accomplishment!

  14. hahaha! i love those photos! so cute!

    the pushup thing is really interesting!

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