That Extra Umph

Morning Open-mouthed smile

Today’s my first day back to work since last Wednesday. To say I’m moving a little slow would be an understatement Winking smile I’m not complaining though – after today I have the weekend off (except for training a few clients here and there) until Tuesday. Score!

I started my morning like I do every morning – a glass of water, a mug of coffee, and a pre-workout serving of BCAA’s – in that order.


(also sipped the bcaa’s throughout my workout)

Then I hit the gym for some yoga and elliptical action.


I was extra excited for yoga today because I got to use my new yoga mat (The Mat from lulu – does anyone else use this?) and a matching strap.


I also did this workout on the elliptical:


Sable mentioned yesterday how she had a kick booty squat workout while wearing her new favorite workout pants she got for Christmas. I can totally relate.

Yesterday I felt ROCKIN’ while I did my lower body workout at the gym – while wearing some new workout capris. Then today I felt like I could go extra deep into my stretches, jump from plank to the top of my mat more than step, and go from chaturanga straight to down dog instead of dropping my knees.

It’s definitely in my mind, but something about using or wearing something new just gives you that extra umph, don’t you think? I also feel that way when I wear a new outfit to a party.

Speaking of new outfits, New Year’s Eve is on Saturday. I think I just might need a new top for the occasion Winking smile Gotta have an extra umph on New Year’s, right?!

OK – on to breakfast.


Immediately upon getting home I opened the fridge and started snacking on strawberries:


These held me over until I showered and got ready. Then I dove into the main meal:


~1 c. pumpkin, ~1 c. 4% cottage cheese (the only % if you ask me,) ~1 c. 2% Fage Greek yogurt, cinnamon, chia seeds, stevia, and almond butter.


I totally forgot to add the currants like I usually do, but this combo just doesn’t get old with me. It’s actually hanging out in the fridge waiting for me – but I’ll get to it later. I know it’s a goodie!

Gotta get going. Hitting up the jewelry store before work for my ring inspection. Enjoy your Thursday Smile

Does wearing or using new clothes give you a mental or physical boost?

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  1. So true! I wore my new bike groove shorts from lulu yesterday and my workout felt that much more kickass because of them :)

  2. I got spin shoes for Christmas – I was so mad I had to wait until the next day to take a class! :) #nerdalert

  3. I got lulu giftcards – so after I finally got in a store to pick something out (on sale – yay) I was beyond excited to wear it for my workout yesterday! I love that colour of mat – I have a headband in that colour!

  4. I feel awesome when I wear new things! I just got new workout pants too and I felt wonderful teaching class in them yesterday! Also, I have decided that I need to be on the hunt for a new top for New Year’s too!

  5. Definitely. I just got a new Lulu gym bag (on major sale)! It makes me happy.

  6. I am whoa jealous of your Lulu mat!! Your workout sounds great and the pumpkin concoction you ate looks DELICIOUS! If I have a new clothing item that I am realllllyy comfortable in then I get a boost of energy. Sometimes when I run in my yoga pants instead of my spandex, I feel like a Kenyan.

  7. oh absolutely! I love wearing new clothes – whether to the gym or out on the town – it gives you an extra pep in your step – I agree :)

    Love your yoga mat – super jelly.

  8. I love new workout clothes. Granted, I love my old cut off tshirts, too, but a sassy new sports bra makes me feel like a million. 😉

  9. I just got a bunch of new workout clothes and for now, it is making my workouts way, way better. I’ve been off since last Wednesday, too…and today is ROUGH! I am just hoping I can get through today with a workout and a healthy dinner and get through tomorrow! Then, weekend! :)

  10. I would like the lulu align mat in pink — did you like it?

  11. oh totally! new gear, new outfits, etc. its the small things that keep us going, right?

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