Small Town Unicorn

Hi loves! Happy New Year’s Eve! Open-mouthed smile

Yesterday after cleaning the entire downstairs (getting ready for NYE!) I had some visitors over to the house.


My mom and dad! My mom came over for a personal training session while my dad read his Kindle and hung with Niko.


I took my mom through a full body circuit workout and ended it with 20 minutes of basic yoga poses per her request. They’re headed to Florida soon and she wants to be able to do yoga on the beach Smile

Then we headed out to Von Maur where I found and bought a top for tomorrow night. Hint: it’s black and sparkly Winking smile Our BFF’s, Destiny and Steve are coming over – like they do every year – and we’re going out to one of our favorite bars. Should be super fun!

After shopping, we broke for lunch at Wild Berries.


Wild Berries serves breakfast all day, and even though I had eggs for breakfast, I can never turn down a diner breakfast.


I should have turned down this diner breakfast. I should have run far far away from the breakfast option page. Unfortunately this…skillet…thing…turned out dry, over cooked, and rubbery.


I asked for my eggs over medium and they came out burnt. I would have sent it back if I weren’t super afraid of what else would go into my meal weren’t super hungry, so I just ate it.

I also had coffee and toast.



At least the coffee was good!

I guess I’ve had it coming – because it’s been such a long time since I’ve had a bad restaurant experience. However, this isn’t the first time I’ve had a bad experience at Wild Berries, so I might not be back.

Some restaurants where I always have a good experience are Biaggi’s, most Mexican restaurants, and Chili’s (surprisingly.) One restaurant where I have more bad service than good is TGIFridays. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been back there.

What I found after lunch totally made up for it, though.

OK, so let me preface this by saying I live in a small town (100,000 people) and we don’t get a lot that the big cities do. But today when I went to our natural foods store in town (Naturally Yours) I found a small town unicorn!


Grass-fed beef! Seriously, this stuff is SO hard to find here. Drive to Chicago, it’s everywhere. But not here. Sometimes I couldn’t even get it at the farmer’s market in the summer. I did a little happy dance in the meat aisle – and met a new blog reader! Open-mouthed smile

After my parents headed home, Shane and I wanted to do something different than our usual TV show/movie night. Instead, we busted out our Monopoly Deal game and played.


(we like playing card/travel versions of games…even at home!)

Shane won the first two games, and I finally won the last game. I really liked Monopoly Deal because instead of taking hours and hours to play one game, we were able to play 3 games in about 2 hours – even with dinner!


I wasn’t too terribly hungry for dinner, so I roasted up some squash while shane was baking his pizza, and made a Whole-Foods-esque salad. It had spinach, squash, lentils, chicken, goat cheese, and even sauerkraut! It worked.


It was such a fun night! However, if I would have lost that third game, I think my attitude would have gone down the pot. I know it’s something I should work on, but if I’m ever playing a game where I blatantly SUCK, I automatically “hate this game!” – and say it.

Apparently too many years of competitive sports has molded me into a bad sport Winking smile 

And now I’m going to go get ready to train some New Year’s Eve clients!! Woop woop. Who says you have to wait until January 1st to get on those goals? Not sure if I’m going to have time to get in my own though…maybe just a Niko walk.

Have a great Saturday!

THREE questions today…

Do you consider yourself a bad or good sport?

What’s one restaurant where you always have great service? Where you always have horrible service?

NYE plans?

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  1. We live in an even smaller town and finding grass fed meat would probably happen when hell freezes over. When I go into NYC I’m literally in food heaven!
    I’m a total bad sport too. I definitely blame it on competitive sports as well. 😉 My husband, who didn’t grow up playing sports, is incredibly chill about that stuff
    Happy New Year!

  2. Soooo totally creepy but I’m pretty sure I live where your parents stay in Florida…. haha! We have yoga on the beach here and it is the BIGGEST deal. Let them know that they are more than welcome to come with me, my aunt, and my grampa to yoga on the beach (if I’m thinking of the same one) and then come over for homemade food afterwards!! My grandparents & aunt and uncle live, like, 2 minutes from that beach haha.

    We lived in a very small, isolated town (Great Falls, MT: population 50,000) for a couple of years and oh my gosh I can relate. I had no access to free-range or grass-fed anything; the stores’ vegetarian freezers typically contained a little tofu and a couple of packages of morningstar sausages. UGH. So glad we moved lol!

    • Not creepy :) They’ll be in the Sarasota area. Right ballpark? And my mom is certainly no yogi – yesterday was her first “lesson!” haha

  3. Maybe “small town” and “large town” is a matter of perspective … I, too, am from a midwestern college town with a population of about 100,000 (go, Tigers!), and I don’t think of it as “small.” And while I will pay out the nose for it, there are several stores in town where I can get organic, grass-fed beef. (That said, the advantage of living closer to rural areas is that for the last few years we’ve been able to split a side of free-range, grass-fed beef, at a much lower cost per pound. Yum!)

    That said, I have serious Trader Joe’s envy. We make it to St. Louis or, now, Kansas City a few times a year to stock up on favorites, but I would break a few commandments to have one in town.

    And my three things …

    Do you consider yourself a bad or good sport? I really, really try to be a good sport, to be fair, to be objective, to see the other side. That doesn’t stop me from throwing the occasional inner temper tantrum.

    What’s one restaurant where you always have great service? Where you always have horrible service? In my experience, being a regular usually gets you better service. We get the best service at our favorite at our favorite sushi restaurant. Our favorite waitress happens to also be a friend, and our next-favorite server was a professional waiter in Europe before coming to the U.S. And bad experiences … I hate to save it, because I usually love the food, but I’ve had the worst service at a couple of mom-and-pop Mexican joints. As in, I’ve been left sitting and waiting for my food after everyone else at the table got served, finally getting my meal after everyone had finished and moved back to chips and salsa. And in both cases, no explanation, no apology.

    NYE plans? Involve PJs, homemade pizza, and Netflix! 😀

  4. Any suggestions for a monthly workout plan? I like Jamie Eason’s (i want a PLAN and goals), but have no gym.
    So….I have 5 and 8 lb dumbbells at home…I see a lot of “at home workouts” on peoples blogs that are fine…but I don’t just want to get up and pick something random everyday…so suggestions? Something I can plan to do for one month, then make a new plan for the next month?

    I’m thinking maybe a strength training focus (but with cardio bursts???) maybe 4 times a week????
    I’m gong to start the Couch to 5K walk-jog program, so that is walk/jog short for 3x a week….so….
    thoughts??? I want to be fit and lean and strong.

  5. NYE plans? I’m pretty sure I’ll be asleep by 10. Just like every other year. That sounds so bad, but we haven’t stayed up for like the past 6-7 years!

  6. I gotta say I’m a good sport – I was forever getting upset at my sister for quitting our Monopoly games when we were little!

    New Year’s Plans round here are pizza, Lost, and Star Wars blu-rays!

    Hope yours is great! :)

  7. Happy New Year, Paige! Sorry about your dining experience. I hate when I pay for a disappointing meal, but I never send anything back either.

  8. We have always had an awesome experience at Texas Roadhouse! Bloomington-Normal needs one so bad! I’ve never been to Wild Berries, as I am still kinda sad it is no longer Bennigans!


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