Sirius-ly Awesome

I forgot to tell you! You know what made this morning’s drive to work awesome? Sure, eating and driving and fun, but this is even more exciting!

SiriusXM! When I first bought my car last February, it came with 3 free months of XM radio. I LOVED it. I was seriously tempted to keep it going, but the cheapskate in me told myself I didn’t need it.

Because I’m a weirdo, every now and then I check it to see if maybe they messed up and I have it back Smile Well, a couple weeks ago, it was back!!! It was back for like, 2 days, and then ripped away from me again.

Of course I whined to told Shane about my sorrows and how it was just plain mean of them to tease me like that.

So anyway, last night Shane and I decided to trade a Christmas gift to each other early (we’re actually trading thoughtful, kinda homemade, from the heart gifts this year, but we both cheated and bought stuff for each other, too.)


I’m sure you can see where this is going…

Shane got me 6 month’s of SeriusXM service! Hellloooo 90’s channel Open-mouthed smile 

Love me some Sublime.


I also love me some pizza!


Today I had a company meeting (see my awesome notes??) and I completely forgot that they were going to provide pizza, so I brought my own lunch from home. Maybe I knew they were going to bring pizza, and thought I’d be good and eat my own lunch instead, maybe not.

Once I saw they had veggie, I grabbed a slice…it helped me get through the meeting Winking smile

Then because my appetite has been on high gear this week, I ate my sack lunch an hour later, too Open-mouthed smile


The last leftover enchilada – over a bed of arugula along with some green beans. I ate this all cold, and it was fantastic.

That’s all, folks! Talk to ya’ll soon Smile

What do you listen to in the car?

When lunch is provided – do you eat whatever’s there or try to bring something healthier? Unless I know there’s going to be no vegetarian options, I usually just eat what’s provided because a) hey, free food and b) I don’t like to draw attention to myself.

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  1. i love satellite radio too! my husband has it in his truck, and it’s so nice. i mostly listen to country… 90’s is great too!

    if lunch is provided, it depends on what is being served. if i genuinely don’t like what is being served, then i’ll pack my own lunch.

  2. Yeah I usually try and pack something healthier or at least pack healthy snacks so that I only eat a little of the lunch provided.

  3. Great gift! I’m so hoping my next car comes with XM or Sirius. I’m so tired of regular radio. I love me some Sublime too (know all the words to every song) and it’d be awesome to have a 90s station to listen to all the time. Best music ever!

  4. I love Sirius! I got it when I bought my car last year and I can’t imagine not having, so I just sucked it up and paid for the year!

  5. I am normally all over the place with the car radio. I don’t like the talking on the radio so I switch it constantly. Sounds like you got a great gift!

  6. I love my Sirius! I renewed the day my free trial ended. I really like the news channels (I’m so old), 90s on 9 and 80s on 8. And of course the Christmas stations!

  7. I just got a new car about a month ago and it came with a trial subscription to Sirius too. My favorite station is Lithium – lots of great songs from the 90’s alternative/grunge phase! If you like Sublime you should definitely check it out! I hope to keep the subscription after the trial runs out : )

  8. I just listen to Pandora, I like the variety.
    And I almost always take free food. I’m still living in college mode 😉

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