Same Content, Different Sex

One of Shane and my Christmas gifts we got this year was magazine subscriptions. Food Network for me and Men’s Health for Shane.


I’ve been known to peer through a Men’s Health mag every now and then. I actually like the exercise advice more than Women’s Health, so I’ll scan through to the exercises or lifting routines whenever I run by a copy.

However, I’ve never sat down and read one cover to cover – until last night, that is. I couldn’t believe how identical it was to any women’s fitness/lifestyle magazine!


I’ve seen that before!


Replace above half-clothed woman with half-clothed man and we’ve got a women’s magazine!

It really made me wonder if guys actually read some of these articles – and if they actually followed the advice. Then I thought about a few guys I know who I could definitely see following some the girl advice. Made me feel a bit sorry for the single fella’s out there Winking smile


Today was a lower body day! I usually don’t do workout splits, but I plan on doing a power yoga class tomorrow that’s pretty intense with upper body.

After a quick dynamic warm-up, I did this 45 minute lower body workout where each exercise called for 8 reps:


I actually took a couple videos of the last two exercises Smile

Sumo deadlift w/ dumbbell:

Weighted step-ups:

I had planned on doing a little cardio after, but was completely spent after doing this workout. It was all strength, but I was sweating like I’d just run about 3 miles when I was done.


Today’s breakfast is the rest of the breakfast casserole from Monday night’s dinner.


I’m sad it’s gone Sad smile It’s just so tasty!!

I enjoyed it alongside a bowl of strawberries.


They were yummy, but could have used sugar or stevia.


eggs ‘n fruit.

Not sure what’s on the agenda today!…I can dig that Open-mouthed smile

Have a good morning!

Do you know any guys who religiously read any men’s magazines?

What’s your favorite magazine?

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  1. holy ginormo weights, girl! And I thought I was moving up when busted out the 25Lb-er for sumo squats the other day!! haha :) you rock!! Love the vids hot stuff!

  2. My husband loves Car and Driver magazine.
    My favorite is Oxygen and then second place goes to Clean Eating!

  3. looks like a great (and intense!) lower body workout! i have a lower body workout on my agenda today too. they always wear me out so much more than upper body.

  4. I got my husband Men’s Health last year for Christmas and I think I enjoyed reading the issues more than him. I love their quick meal ideas that are supposed to be catered to bachelors since they only have 5 ingredients and take minimal time, but I thought they were great too!

  5. I’ve always wondered how different a men’s magazine would be from the woman’s version. It totally makes sense that they’d leverage the content though!

    My favorite magazines are Fitness, Shape, Glamour, and Women’s Health. I wish I liked Newsweek. Then maybe I’d know more about current events!

  6. One of my favorite magazines to look through is Travis’ guitar magazine. It’s totally geared towards guys, but I love it.

  7. Yeah, I’d have to agree about the content of that magazine… I got a sub for my boyfriend because he wants to follow the weight/diet plans. Wonder if the girl advice would be useful at all…

  8. Impressive workout! I’m always half dead after leg days! I had a subscription to Women’s Health but found it was too much like a fashion mag for me. I loved my Runner’s World but the subscription ran out and I didn’t renew…Funny that Men’s Health follows the same format as all the other magazines :)

  9. I really like reading Men’s Health! I steal it from my boss when I have nothing else to read over lunch… :)

  10. I used to read Women’s Health but it got too repetitive. My favorite magazine is Real Simple.

  11. That’s funny how similar the two magazines are! I never even noticed. My fiance reads Wired, and that’s about it. He’s super nerdy.


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