12/26 Blues


I can’t believe Christmas is officially over. I like to think of Christmas as about a three week holiday, with Christmas Day being the last day and the grand finale.

Here’s some scenes from our “grand finale:”











Shane and I had the ultimate lazy Christmas morning at our house with opening presents, cuddling with Niko and Clarabelle, reading e-books, and drinking lots and lots of coffee (see coffee maker gift above.)

Later, we peeled ourselves up and got ready to head to my aunts where we ate a Christmas dinner of pork and dumplings and celebrated with that side of the family. Good times! Open-mouthed smile

You know, I can’t help it but feel a little blue come December 26th. There’s so much preparing, and hype, and excitement for three weeks straight, and then on 12/26 it’s just over.

Perhaps finding something else to look forward to (February or March vacation?) would help.

OR perhaps wearing workout clothes that were gifts to workout on 12/26 will help Winking smile



Back in the gym today! After taking Niko for a quick walk, I headed to the gym where I did this lower body workout – minute the SL RDL’s – and then went to a 45 minute spin class.

12/26 also brings about the urge to purge the house of all things baked goods. Let’s just say I will not be baking anytime soon Winking smile


I did my part in helping get rid of some of the baked good this morning…by eating them!

Breakfast was an easy choice when I walked in the door from my workout. We had two leftover cinnamon rolls and one of them had my name on it!


I enjoyed it with a side of milk.


Buns ‘n milk.

Today I have the day off from the BIC, but I did schedule a few client appointments, so I better so de-stink-ify Smile

Have a lovely Monday, loves!

Do you get the post-Christmas Blues?

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  1. I’m headed out to the outlets for some post Christmas shopping today so I don’t have the blues yet but I’m sure they’ll be here tomorrow!

  2. Honestly…I feel a bit of relief when its over! The holidays are so much fun, but SO much work! Glad you guys had a nice day. The buns look yummy and cute new gear- loveeee.

  3. awe honey – I get the blues too. But, honestly, I am ready to junkify the house. I think we overdid it this year bc we literally put up every single Christmas item we own, I am beginning to feel a little claustrophobic.

    Now that the holidays are over I am looking forward to a couple of very special MULUs coming to P*Vegas 😀

    It looks like you had a fab time though :) Merry Christmas, love.

  4. I get the 12/26 blues too! Hopefully the fact that you get to wake up to a Keurig every morning now will help cure them, I know it sure would for me! :p

  5. I spy a KEURIG!!! YAY!
    K-cups are pretty cheap at Big Cat Coffee.com! Plus you can mix and match flavors!

  6. I love all the the pics of the furrbabies having their Christmas! So sweet! 😀

  7. Totally agree with you- the day after Christmas always feels kind of sad and like a let down. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year and I hate it that you do so much to prepare and get excited for it and then it’s just done and life is expected to go back to normal. I’ll just enjoy all of my new things :)

  8. I think I’ll get the post xmas blues once I’m back at college! Since I’m still on break, it hasn’t quite hit me yet!

  9. Yes, I totally get the post Christmas blues!

  10. I totally need something new to look forward to, too! My MIL is leaving today and has no flights back down booked yet and I have a major case of the sads! Waaah. I’m such a whiner haha but really — planning Christmas and looking forward to it, etc., has taken a huge load off everyone’s shoulders with all the health (and injury) issues we’ve had this…well, this year!

  11. I actually feel relieved after Christmas because I get the pre-Christmas blues. But it does feel sort of anti-climactic.
    Love the new workout digs!

  12. ahahahahahaha top photo=best. niko. photo. EVER.


  1. […] also had a side of sauerkraut. I’ve been craving it ever since we ate it on Christmas. It’s one of those veggies that I always forget about, but whenever I eat it, I remember how […]

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