On Christmas Eve

Good morning! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, and if celebrating, a very Merry Christmas.


We do the majority of our celebrating on Christmas Eve, and celebrate we did – from mor-ning ‘til nigh Smile

The day was so full of love it was bursting at the seems. I took far too few pictures until we got to my family’s house, and then I probably took far too many (sorry, Mike!) but I’d say it was the perfect day.

First stop was Shane’s grandma’s. We visted and nibbled on cookies and exchanged gifts. I love visiting her! Look at the cute homemade doggie biscuits she made for Niko!!


Niko loved them Smile


Then we went to Shane’s dad’s wife house – or Shane’s stepmom’s house – to celebrate more and open gifts that were incredibly too generous, ate, drank, and were merry.

IMG_2263 IMG_2262

Shane and I have a new family in Linda’s family, since his dad and Linda got married last July. It’s heart-warming how openly they welcome us into their family.

Next, we went to my family’s house where we had yet another Christmas dinner!!


Then it was time for coffee + baileys, and then church.

You know…at this point church didn’t sound like where I wanted to be. Shane and I had been driving around all day, eating and drinking, and were exhausted. But the minute I stepped into that Christmas Eve service, I was SO glad we were there.

It kinda reminded me of a workout Winking smile heh

Anyway, after church was present-opening time!






Again, our gift-givers were incredibly too generous.

Throughout the day I got some beautiful slippers, sunglasses I’d been lusting over, always-desired workout clothes, and many other thoughtful gifts.

We were pooped when it was all said and done Nyah-Nyah



This time of year I sit back and think of all I’m thankful for, and since I’m on this mushy gushy kick, I am so incredibly thankful for all of you guys – my readers. You are what keep me writing this crazy little blog for the past two years, and I’m so thankful for those who have left comments and now are my blog friends, as well as those who have never commented before ever.




Christmas Day is reserved for Shane and my own Christmas. After publishing this post, it’s my job to get to work making cinnamon rolls in the kitchen! The plan was to make them from scratch, but let’s just say I’m thanking myself for thinking ahead and grabbing some of these in case I didn’t feel like it.


I don’t feel like it Smile with tongue out

Then we’re opening presents and having the animals open theirs. Later, we’re headed to my aunt’s house for our last Christmas celebration.

Time to celebrate! Have a fantastic day, my friends Smile

How many places do you go to when celebrating Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Life?

What are you having for breakfast this morning?

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  1. Looks like you had a busy but fun Christmas Eve! We just do presents at my parent’s Christmas morning and my mom makes brunch. Today we had an egg and bacon strata. It was to die for!

  2. Love all the photos and how all the pups are right in the middle of the fun! I get pretty grateful for my wacky, weird family at this time of year, too. We may have defined dysfunctional, but there was always love and belief in each other. And that, in my opinion, is pretty darned hard to beat.

    PS: LMAO at “/endsap”. I resolve to steal that. I busted out laughing.

  3. Aw we totally do cinnamon buns on Christmas morning too! Seems like it’s a tradition for a lot of us. Hope you and your family have an absolutely wonderful day :) xo

  4. Merry Christmas Paige!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful Christmas Paige!!

    I spent Christmas eve at my parents and then Christmas day with the inlaws. It was such a great weekend. I got so many great gifts. (A Garmin Forerunner!! :-) )

  6. Hey Paige! After reading about your guys’ Christmas Eve and Christmas Day events, it sure seems like you had a great break and time with family. Love lazy mornings with family like you and Shane had! 😀 And it’s funny how often I compare working out with going to church – even my clients who don’t go to church agree and it makes for a great conversation and starting point!

    I saw your cinnamon bun from your Christmas post – my MIL makes some amazing ones I can’t say no too and don’t want to say no to! – definitely part of my Christmas breakfast when we stay in Calgary. 😉

    Oh – and I loved the addition of your “/endsap” – so witty. :)

  7. how awesome are those biscuits?! haha.. but kinda funny for dogs to eat cookies shaped like dogs. then again, we eat gingerbread men 😉

    happy holidays, my love!

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