No Take Out & This Week’s Meal Plan

Wow! It sounds like I am most definitely NOT alone in having a case of the Mondays today. Here’s hoping that we all have freaking amazing Tuesdays tomorrow. I think we’re due, don’t you? Smile

After today’s string of events ( what topped it all was that I realized I forgot my work laptop at home – only after making the 25 minute drive to work!!) I really wanted to just wanted takeout.

It was verrrry tempting to grab Chipotle after dropping off Bad Teacher back to the Red Box – a few days late. Is anyone else incapable of returning movies on time, or just me?


Having had dinner out both Saturday  and Sunday, I settled on something easy in the kitchen instead.


What’s easier than omelets? I have eggs just about every day, but I rarely make them in omelet form.


Tonight’s dinner featured a (not so pretty, oh so tasty) 3 egg omelets stuffed with kale, cheese, onion, and mushrooms.

On the side, I sliced a couple golden potatoes and fried them up in some olive oil to get nice and crispy and golden brown.


Shane declared them, “better than potato chips!” And luckily no fire alarms went off this time around Winking smile

Dinner hit the spot, but I’m even more excited for dessert. I picked up some of this popcorn on a whim the other day at Sam’s.


It was a checkout line grab. You know, when you’re done shopping (after buying far too much already) but the item in the checkout line just calls to you?? Yeah, it was one of those situations.

Meal Planning Per Pinterest: Week 2

Last Sunday I shared my week’s meal plan with you via my meal planning board on Pinterest. Since we went out for dinner last night, it threw me off a bit, and I forgot to even form a plan.

This work week is going to be a doozy. I’ve got a lot of afternoon and evening clients, and a CPR certification renewal class to take, so when I got home from work today, I formed a meal plan of easy recipes:

Monday: see above Winking smile  However, it was actually supposed to be sweet potato frittatas, but Shane requested omelets instead.


Don’t worry – I’ve got plans for that sweet potato…

Tuesday: Moe’s. I train pretty late tomorrow, and it’s going to be a takeout night – I already know it.

Wednesday: Crock pot chili w/ sweet potatoes

Thursday: Veggie burgers (regular burger for Shane)


Friday I’m hosting bunco night, so I’ll be making little snacks for that, and then Saturday night I’m going to a Secret Santa (which I’m required to bring a covered dish for…not sure on that one.)

Although it’s going to be a busy week, it’s sure going be a tasty one, too Open-mouthed smile

OK, I’ve got some laundry to fold while I catch up with the Beverly Hills Housewives. Have a good night! (and TGTNM – thank God tomorrow’s not Monday Winking smile )

What are you having for dinner this week?

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  1. We had Cobb Salad tonight, tomorrow is Quinoa pasta and black bean meatballs, then we have mushroom risotto and chicken sausage and crockpot bean soup. I get one day off from cooking because of my Christmas party too :)

  2. I…don’t know. =( Max is out of town for 10 days (8 and a half left!! I’m like a lost puppy. It’s bad I know.) so I’m planning on making a couple of meals for his grandparents — Grammie just got discharged from the hospital last night & Grampa just started his cancer treatments (& Max is having surgery this week. I mean seriously family — what the H) — but no big ideas yet. =/

    ALSO re the Redbox thing? Um I am horrible with that….and library books! If the fee was like $5 per day you can bet I’d be all over that — but it’s only $1 so I’m like eeehhhh no big deal. But I bet they make more off of a 10 people saying “Eh $1 isn’t a big deal!” than the one person who would procrastinate if it was $5.

  3. I don’t really have a meal plan because my schedule causes me inconsistencies with my diet. But truth be told, having a meal plan is important because you can track your consumption, making it easier to target those foods that makes you bloat and eliminating them from your diet.

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