Name that Movie!

Well I was certainly a little over confident in my chalk board-painting abilities yesterday! Let’s just say I had to implement a plan B…and C in yesterday’s DIY festivities.


I think it’ll still come out ok though – fingers crossed Smile

As always, I overestimated the amount of time I had, and at the last minute, Shane and I were scrambling out the door to meet my family for dinner.

Somehow, we got to Bernardi’s, and authentic Italian restaurant in a town nearby 45 minutes away, right on time!

Dinner was so much fun. One thing about Bernardi’s is you never walk away hungry.


Check out that feast!

My pictures didn’t turn out to well, but I had a couple slices of italian bread w/ olive oil, a side salad, a couple glasses of red wine, and the stuffed shells.


I left feeling as stuffed as my shells were, but somehow managed to have a couple handfuls of the granola I made earlier in the day.

Name that Movie!

Over dinner, we were talking about our favorite movies their movie lines we knew by heart.

My brother’s included The Big Lebowski, Office Space, Fargo, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, among many others.

I’m not a HUGE movie buff, but I used to know every single line to the movie Clueless.

The more the merrier! As if!!

Didn’t we all want to be just like Cher when watching this movie? I know I did. I also know she totally gave me the confidence to wear knee socks in 7th grade!

Another one of my favorites – and one I know most of the lines to – is Zoolander.

What is this?! A center for ANTS?

Oohhh, Zoolander. It’s not easy being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, is it? Winking smile


Today I’ve got a client to train here in a couple minutes, and then I’m heading to a spin class. I just took one on Saturday, but I’m really itching to go again!

I probably won’t have breakfast until I get back, but I’ll be sipping some BCAA’s until then:


Off I go!

Have a great Monday Smile

What’s one movie you know all/most of the lines to?

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  1. I know every single line to mean girls!

  2. Is it sad that I still say “as if!” in everyday conversations? I don’t think it’ll ever get old! And obviously I wanted to be just like Cher too, mostly because of her awesome wardrobe. The movie I could quote every line too is definitely Mean Girls :p

  3. Love Clueless! I quote Mean Girls all the time!

  4. Haha Zoolander is one of mine too! Also Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Wayne’s World. The Office.

    Fun Fact: I often annoy my boyfriend quoting shows he doesn’t know the quotes from, but I assume he does – guess he’s not as much of a superfan as me 😉 haha

  5. I loved Clueless!! Dionne was my favorite – so much so I named the family dog after her. :)

    I know every line in 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s my all time favorite movie, and I quote it so much no one will watch it with me anymore.

  6. I am horrible at remembering lines for some reason. I loved Clueless though! One movie I do remember lines from and it also happens to be my favorite Christmas movie, Elf!

  7. Hilarious- Clueless was one of the movies my roomie and I watched on our Saturday of nothing!

    And to be honest, I’m horrible at memorizing lines to movies. Horrible! Even if I’ve seen the movie 5 times!

  8. i used to know all the lines to 10 Things I Hate about you – RIP Heath Ledger. I LOOVED that movie!!

    My Husband & I often quote lines from Bad Boys 2! We LOVE that movie. Last night we were quoting another movie, but now I can’t remember what it was.

  9. What a fun family dinner! I love places like that where you can share the food! Clueless was the BEST, wasn’t it? I wanted to be her (and own her closet)! I know every word to home alone, wedding crashers and step brothers :)

  10. I know every line to Robin Hood Men in Tights!! Best movie ever! 😛

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