Mushy Food

Every day I eat lunch at my desk, I always wonder what my cube mates think when they see it.


More often than not, I’m eating some bowl of mushy (albeit delicious) food that probably doesn’t look too appetizing in a Tupperware bowl.


Today I got a “hey is that grapefruit?” and then a “that sounds good” after I told her what was in today’s lunch. It’s the same thing I had yesterday (warm grapefruit and quinoa salad) to which I added tofu on top and a few extra greens on bottom.


I ate it alongside an apple and a larabar. Yum!

Cookies for Co-workers

I did consume (and share!) something not too mushy – but moreso soft and chewy-  at work today…


Before I headed into the office this morning (literally right before) I’d remembered I’d made the dough for pumpkin molasses cookie dough balls – a la Mama Pea – to bring into the office today!


Last night after dinner I’d planned on making them, but then when I chilled the dough I figured it’d be even better if it chilled over night (AKA, I lost interest and got too lazy to finish them Winking smile)

So this morning I was a little late to work because I was busy rolling the dough into balls, dipping the balls into sugar, and baking them.


I don’t think my co-workers minded my tardiness, because these tasted decadent!


It’s only 1:00, and they’re nearly half gone Open-mouthed smile

OK, back to work…got a couple meetings to prepare for!

Have a lovely day Smile

What do your co-workers think of your lunch? If you don’t have co-workers, what do you think they’d think?

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  1. I really need to try that recipe – one that I tried to lighten up on my own was disasterous.

  2. I think my food always looks weird to other people but because it tastes so good, I never care. At my old job, they’d always tease me about how many vegetables I ate or comment on how smelly it was. Sorry guys, but a girls got to feed her body. Yeah, take-out always smells fantastic, but I just wouldn’t feel good eating that every day.

  3. Yum! Those dough balls look delicious…I wouldn’t mind if you were late either 😉

    When I worked in the office I used to get the same reactions to my lunch!

  4. I am always baking cookies for my co-workers. They love it. :-) And they think I should set up a booth at the farmer’s market to sell them. Hmm…

  5. Those look SO good. I love cookies with a little spice in em sometimes!

  6. Those look awesome! I’ve made so many Mama Pea things but never any of her dough balls which I feel like are her signature thing…must change that.

  7. YUM! Anything rolled in sugar is a good idea!

  8. Your cooking is amazing especially that “mushy” pumpkin cheesecake pie!!!…and probably why I gained four healthy pounds over Thanksgiving.

  9. I always get a heckled for my green smoothies!

  10. My coworkers crack up at my lunch…but they’re always curious about what concoction I’ve thrown together!


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