Most Returned Gifts

I thought I was pretty clever yesterday waiting until Monday (after Christmas) to do my grocery shopping for the week.

Little did I know everyone would be out! Apparently December 26th is a pretty big day for shoppers trying to score after holiday deals, cashing in gift cards, and making returns.

Normally Meijer is my favorite place to grocery shop. It’s set up well and not super crowded. Not yesterday!

Did you know clothes and shoes are the most returned gifts after Christmas? Makes sense to me. I mean, how are shoes an easy gift to buy someone? The size alone makes it tricky!

I have to say that I don’t have any “to-return” gifts this year! I received both clothes and shoes, and thankfully, they all fit perfectly Smile

I fought the crowds, and then put my goods to use by making this dinner:


I made a simple crustless quiche out of eggs, cheese, and sauteed mushroom + onion


roasted brussels, brown rice + quinoa, paleo bread, and grapefruit.


It was way too much! I ended up eating all of the quiche, grapefruit, and sprouts, and just part of the rest.

In addition to unexpected grocery stores, spin class has been unexpectedly crowded lately because of people on vacation!


The class I usually go to for spin usually only has about 8 people in it – about five retirees, two SAHM’s, and me Smile with tongue out However, this week and last it has been PACKED. Apparently many of the gym members are on Christmas break.

Today it was so crowded that when I walked in a couple minutes to class time, all of the bikes were taken or reserved. I hung around for a couple minutes, making sure no one was going to cancel their “reservation” (aka a towel hanging on a bike.) They didn’t, but three different people offered me their bike.

Of course I declined, but one insisted and then left the room to get ready, so I hopped on. Glad I did, because it was a great class! Open-mouthed smile


Breakfast was another easy choice.


More breakfast quiche!


And more grapefruit.

Today is a completely free day. However, I’ve got some computer work to catch up on, some laundry to do, and then a couple of my cousins are coming over Smile Should be a good day. Hope yours is too!

Do you have any Christmas gifts to return this year?

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  1. I feel really bad if I have to return gifts. Fortunately, I don’t get a lot of things that would need returned like clothes! If I do get clothes, they are from my boyfriend or mom, and they know my sizes and my style so I’m usually good!

  2. I’m dreading what the gym will be like next week. I feel oddly territorial when all these new people are there at 6/7 p.m., and I feel that if they’re on the machines, those of us who are dedicated throughout the year should have first dibs. That is so rude of me, but I really can’t help but feel that way! Awful!

    This year, I am not returning a darn thing! I love it all and everything works/fits perfectly!

  3. The grocery store near us yesterday was super empty. It was so nice! The mall, however, was packed!

  4. I don’t have anything to return either! shoes? I’d say random but I think I got my sister 2 pairs last year! (one for birthday & one for christmas LOL)

    The quiche looks awesome!

  5. Your Brussels Sprouts look so much better than mine! How do you roast yours?

  6. I am not much of a “gift returner” I knew yesterday was going to be crazy so we stayed in all day. I’m working today but my husband will be doing the grocery shopping. Hopefully there will not be a lot of people out.

    I got shoes this Christmas but they came from my husband and he knows my size and style…I’m a lucky girl 😉

  7. Henry and Clara got some gifts that they already had, so I’m hoping that Walmart will take them back (not sure if that’s where they were purchased)…doing that this afternoon. Normally, I keep most everything or donate it.

  8. no returned gifts, but I do have the urge to shop and get post-Christmas deals — but the motivation to fight crowds is just not there. :) I am enjoying chillin, in my snuggie, in an empty quiet house for the time being. :)

  9. Yum! I’m adding frittata to my meal planning this week, it looks so good!

  10. I had to return a workout top..Why oh why do they make them belly tops? The last thing I want while working out is my belly hanging out!

  11. The super busy season isn’t over till everyone has returned…… I have one gift to return- the husband accidentally bought me a little girls running jacket instead of a woman’s- oops!

  12. No returns for me this year! I was very happy with my gifts. :-)

    The day after Christmas I worked and then went to an annual trilogy-movie party. So thankfully I didn’t have to deal with the crowds.

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