Holidays in a Cubicle

Lunch today was made out of desperation.


Insert me searching in pantry with 5 minutes until I’m officially late to work thinking “there’s nothing to eat for lunch in this house!!”

Thank goodness for tuna salad. I chopped up a little onion, added some mayo, Greek yogurt, apple, and walnut, and threw it on top of a bed of spinach and arugula. Done and done.


Plus an apple and larabar, and  a couple rice krispie cookies on the side.

Office Christmas Spirit

There’s definitely a “tone” at the office this week. Things seem a little more laid back, there are more empty cubicles than seats with butts in them, and candy and cookies are out for grabs down each aisle. It’s definitely Christmastime in the office place!

I’ve also noticed Christmas-y outfits prancing around the office. Some in reindeer sweaters and snowflake earrings, and some just donning red and green.


However, next week it will be a ghost land. At least at my company, it seems like everyone takes off the week after Christmas.

I don’t know why, but I find this weird. I usually take off the week before Christmas – as I have the past few years. My reasoning is to prepare for the holidays – baking, cooking, present-wrapping, etc. Everyone else’s reasoning is that you can play with all of your “toys” the days after Christmas.

So this year I did a hybrid and I’m taking off the latter half of this week and the earlier half of next week.

Enjoy your afternoon, loves Open-mouthed smile

If you work in an office (or if you did work in an office) what would you rather take off – the week before or after Christmas?

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  1. oohhh…I like the hybrid idea..feels like more time off I think.

  2. Your quick salad looks supa tasty!! 😛

  3. Our office is closed from Christmas Eve till the New Year, but I am undecided on which I would prefer if I had the choice… I agree with you about having this week off to get ready but then the break after I enjoy too, I sort everything out, do a good house clean, take down Christmas stuff etc.
    Sadly, I have not seen a lot of Christmas outfits yet, but I almost bought a blinking Christmas light necklace to wear this week at work but my husband would not let me put it in the cart!

    • lucky! we only get the day after Christmas off and paid and teh day after new year’s. It’s a really big company, too!

  4. Im taking the week after Christmas too – I never really thought about it, I just know I dont like being at work between Christmas and New Years. I do have tomorrow off too though, so that maybe kind of counts a little? :)

  5. Where I work we are off from the 23rd until January 3rd, so we don’t really have a choice but I think I prefer having the week after Christmas off because that means having the days after New Years off as well!

  6. Marie-Sophie says:

    My guess would be that some people are just so stressed out about christmas and the holidays … that they need the week after to recover. Or it’s just a mental thing to have free time between the years because it feels longer than a week. But I actually don’t really mind working between the years simply because it’s not as busy and everyone is so much more relaxed! Also kind of a mental thing, I guess :-)
    And to answer your question: I would definitely take off the week before christmas! Get all the gifts without being rushed, baking and just enjoying the holiday season!

  7. I’m taking off BOTH WEEKS! I didn’t take a lot of vacation days this yer so they all kind of accumulated to now.

  8. I think load of co-workers are off the week after Christmas because their kidos don’t have school. Hopefully next week will be very quiet and I can catch up on email and documentation! :)


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