Gym Pet Peeves That Don’t Peeve You

Do you know who invented the heating pad?


Whoever it was, I want to give them a BIG ol’ smoocher.

Needless to say, I woke up with my back feeling much better this morning. Still not 100%, but I was able to move around without looking like a little old lady. Things are lookin’ up! Smile

Since I was able to move about, after training three clients in the wee hours this morning, I headed to the gym before heading home. I still took it easy, doing the following:

  • cycling intervals on stationary bike – 15 minutes
  • elliptical intervals – 15 minutes
  • treadmill walking with incline – 15 minutes

Kindle treadmill-ing whaaat

No strength training quite yet. Maybe tomorrow, but probably not until Friday. Just to be 100% safe Smile


Same fruit, different day!


Cottage cheese, honey, chia seeds, pom arils, almond meal. Truly delish.


Now let’s talk about pet peeves. Or rather, the pet peeves you don’t have that others do…

Gym and Fitness Pet Peeves Others have that You Don’t

I’ve noticed that one of gym-goers favorite topics include things that bother them in the gym – AKA fitness pet peeves.

Today while plugging away on the treadmill, I overheard a particularly lengthy conversation between two girls listing their gym pet peeves.

While I do have certain annoyances in the gym (people who smell absolutely horrible from B.O. or smoke, people who don’t wipe down their machines, and those who are obviously sick and still come to the gym,) a lot of gym pet peeves that bother others don’t bother me so much:

  • VPL (visible panty lines) – it doesn’t bother me to see VPL. I don’t have to look if I don’t want to!
  • cell phone talking (to an extent.) Hey, if anything it provides a distraction – eavesdropping!
  • grunting (it can get ridiculous, but doesn’t peeve me)
  • latecomers or early-leavers in fitness classes – unless it’s my class you’re late to Winking smile

I’m sure there are more, but those seem to be the main ones.

What are gym/fitness pet peeves others have that don’t peeve you?

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  1. VPL doesn’t bother me either. In fact, I really try not to judge what other people are wearing to the gym. I typically wear a t-shirt of sleveless top and running shorts or capris, but I’m not decked out in the designer gym clothes that some people wear. I wouldn’t want any judging how I like with my hair in a nasty ponytail and no makeup on!

    • There’s been more than a handful of times I’ve gotten to the gym at 5:30 a.m. with mascara under my eyes, haha

  2. Most of the things you mentioned don’t bother me however, I cannot stand the grunters at the gym! And I loathe the people who take forever in the showrooms or save a shower!

  3. I’m never bothered by people who come to a class late because I assume that they, like me, had to rush like crazy from work to get there on time in the first place :)

    • Yup! Exactly. And when they leave early, I assume it’s because they have obligations – like work – as well :)

  4. VPL really peeve people a the gym? Really? Wow. I had no idea that someone wearing underwear at the gym could cause someone so much distress. It would peeve me far more to see ass cheeks hanging out of booty shorts…especially if said ass cheeks were all over a machine that was subsequently not wiped down :)

    • I feel the same way! But yes, I’ve heard of people complaining about seeing VPL. Heck, I’ve been an “offender” of it!

  5. First off, I wish I liked cottage cheese!!! I really need to get over my texture issue. Second, I totally have pet peeves in gym too!! My bigget pet peeve is wearing perfume or cologne to the gym. I was on a treadmill next to a dude who smelled like he just showered in a cologne bath and I wanted to vomit!

  6. SO glad you’re feeling better! The heating bad has been a miracle for me post pregnancy. LURVE. And what a gorgeous breakfast. Grunting doesn’t bother me either…but really? Not necessary like 95% of the time ;). You’re welcome to come to my class within 10 minutes or starting time, but after that….I want a note as to why you’re late 😉 or at least an apology at the end of class

  7. People are actually bothered by VPL at the gym? Really? Im pretty sure you can ALWAYS see mine when Im running and I have never cared. The way I see it, at least I’m wearing underwear. :)

  8. Honestly the only gym thing that bothers me is when people don’t wipe down a machine! Nearly anything else is okay. I’m a big believer in doing what you need to do in the gym to get through your workout, and whether that’s grunting, having VPL, etc., it’s fine with me since it doesn’t reallllly affect me!!

  9. Catherine says:

    The (usually old) women who put their bare butts on the benches in the locker room. Need to change clothes? That’s fine… I get that…that can be done relatively quickly and modestly. What gets me is when when get out of the shower, sans towel, sit down, put lotion on their legs, rummage through their bags, brush (and blow dry) their hair, etc. Just put your clothes on!


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