Extra Dose of Chicken

My lunch today broke a rule of mine:


No meat two days in a row!

Since starting to eat meat again, I’ve been very mindful about how much I eat in a week. I typically try to eat it only 1-2 times a week (not counting seafood,) but today is apparently an exception.

I ended up with only 15 minutes to spare before I had to leave for work, and Niko looked like she really wanted to go on a walk.


My choices were to fix up a healthy vegetarian lunch and skip a Niko walk OR grab last night’s chicken tikka masala, put it in some Tupperware and Niko gets her walk on.

I went with the latter Winking smile

She’s so spoiled!

It was a brisk walk, but a good one. We even ran a little!

Hence, lunch was chicken tikka masala leftovers, with some naan, and curried riced cauliflower (recipe to come!)


So freaking delicious.


I also packed up the new cappuccino flavored larabar that the peeps over at the company kindly sent me to try out last week:


It’s a good one! You can definitely taste to coffee flavor, and there’s actual coffee beans in it, so it’s good for a pick-me-up. It’s not on my top 3 flavors (cherry chocolate torte, cookie dough, and blueberry muffin are top 3) but I’d definitely buy it if I see it Smile

Also…If you haven’t noticed, Christmas break has lead to me to slack off on my evening posts. Therefore, dinner hasn’t been getting posted. I’m not sure if I’m ready to start writing evening posts again, but I think maybe I’ll include any dinner’s worth writing home to you guys about in my morning post.

Or in the chicken tikka masala’s case above – this post! I actually got that recipe from Janetha, and it was SO delicious! Both Shane and I got seconds and both ate it for lunch today. So yummy – and Shane doesn’t even really like Indian food.

Time to prep for a meeting. Have a good rest of your day, guys Open-mouthed smile

What are some work day skips you make in order to get in a little fun? I’ve also skipped drying my hair, skipped straightening my hair (both overrated.) NEVER skip coffee.

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  1. agreed – coffee is NEVER skipped! 😉

  2. I haven’t fixed my hair once this week. I also do my makeup in the car, which is bad. But I only do it at stoplights!

  3. Is it strange eating meat again or does it just feel normal? I often wonder if I’ll ever go back to eating it, but as far as I can see I can’t really imagine doing it.

    • It was totally strange at first. And now…it’s still kinda strange. If I think about it too much I can’t do it, even though I make sure to only make organic meat!

  4. I totally would have taken the pup walking too! My dogs are so spoiled. You are such a good parent 😉

  5. I only skip coffee at home for Starbucks en route! :)

  6. glad the chicken was a hit! you know, i didn’t love the new larabars. :(

  7. This year I’ve skipped eating a relaxing breakfast at home almost every day before work. I always eat in the car now. At first I missed sitting and eating, but it saves so much time, AND it makes my commute (which involves sitting in a lot of traffic) much more enjoyable! Sometimes I freak out a little when there’s no traffic in the morning because I know I’ll have to wait until I arrive at work to eat :-)

  8. I love tikka masala. I have been seeing the cappuccino bar a lot on blogs, dying to try it.

  9. That larabar sounds yummy even though I think I have bad mouth reactions to the raw nuts in em! I would still give it a try!

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