Christmas Cookie Explosion


Welcome to my Christmas cookie crazed kitchen!!!!

Scenes from a Christmas cookie explosion…





Regular blogging will resume shortly Winking smile

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  1. your cookie explosion is sure looking yummy!

  2. I wish my kitchen looked like this 24/7..yum!!

  3. Yum! Love that the man was helping!!

  4. That’s my plan for tomorrow! I’ve got my grocery list all ready and I’m mentally preparing for a day full of butter & sugar :) What are those last ones? They look nice and festive!

  5. YAY! I’m doing some serious baking mid-week as to bribe people to let me stay with them on my trip back to Missouri… :)

  6. Yummy! I’m baking up a storm here too. :-)

  7. LOVE it! Makes me want to bake more. I just finished doing up cookie trays for everyone and can happily report we are only left with one small tray which is perfect :)

  8. Your kitchen looks like the place to be!

  9. I’m coming over.

  10. Can I come over?!

  11. Looks flippin’ delicious!

  12. Wow Paige! You’ve been one busy baker 😀

  13. Wow! Save some of those pretzel things for Dad. I’m only making crescents and chocolate chips this year as usual.


  1. […] infinitely thwarted today. I think the only things I cleaned were our two bathroom. Oh well. The cookie crumbs on the floor will surely wait for me until tomorrow, right? […]

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