Build-A-Booty Workshop

Hi there!

Before I go into today’s post, thank you SO much on your comments about my holiday (im)balance! I was very happy to see such a positive response and to hear that most of you all give yourself breaks during the holidays as well Open-mouthed smile They seriously made my night.

All right. On to lunch!

I didn’t post about dinner last night, but for some reason I still snapped a pic of it. Good thing, because it’s today’s lunch, too Open-mouthed smile


When I got home from training clients, I threw a sweet potato in the microwave for about 6-7 minutes. Then I threw it in the stand mixer with some milk, butter, and cinnamon and let it whirl away for about 1 minute.


Add some steamed green beans and organic baked beans (also in the microwave) and dinner lunch is served in 15 minutes!

Build-A-Booty Workshop

Heh heh. I couldn’t help but sub out booty for bear, here.

OK. Confession time.

You guys know I love to lift. I love the feeling it gives me, the strength, the burn, and the overall hardcore-ness that lifting provides.

You may or may not also know that the deadlift is my favorite exercise ever. It makes me feel super hard core, works the whole body, and more specifically, works my favorite part of the body hard – the bootay.

Now, one of my secret (not so secret anymore) goals of lifting weights is to build myself a bigger, rounder, firmer booty. I want a booty like a shelf! There, I said it. Open-mouthed smile

In fact – and this is a totally self-involved, vain moment I’m having here -  after a particularly hard lower body day, I even check out my backside in the gym mirror.


Sure, it might be the effects of a “pump” but in the past three months, I’ve added 1.5 inches to it!


Ba dunk a dunk…ok maybe not even close, but there’s a little somethin’ somethin Winking smile

Anyway, before this post gets too weird, I’d like to share with you all my favorite exercises for building a better booty.

Five Favorite Exercises to Build a Better Booty

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program

Barbell deadlift

My all time favorite exercise! Don’t be afraid of the squat rack and olympic bars at the gym, my friends! You want to load the barbell with a moderately heavy load (of if it’s your first time, try a pre-set barbell or jus the bar alone.) If you’ve never done a barbell deadlift before, please read this explanation on form and how-to first.


Your stance should be hip width or slightly wider, with your toes turned slightly outward. Hold the barbell with a grip slightly wider than your legs.


Brace your abs and push your hips far back, sliding the barbell down your legs and your knees bend and your hips lower toward the ground.


Tap the plates to the ground, engage the glutes, and push through the heels of the feet to stand back up.

See Sable’s post on deadlifts for a more in depth look. While you’re there, check out all of her “move of the weeks.” Sable’s awesome.

Bench/box jumps

Box jumps are tricky and they hurt if you biff and your shins hit the box instead of your feet (been there, done that.) So, try a couple step ups first to make sure you’re ok with the height.


Once you feel comfortable, you’ll jump with both feet onto the bench or box, stand straight up, and jump back down.


Single-leg Plated Deadlift


See this post for an explanation on set up and form.

Back Squat

Again, if you’ve never done a back squat with an oly bar (or at all, see this explanation.) Set the bar just below shoulder height on the squat rack. Load the bar with a moderately heavy-heavy weight. Step underneath the bar so it’s pressing on the padded part of your upper back (NOT right under the neck.) Stand straight up to remove the bar from the rack and take a step back ward.


Brace your abs, push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your hips to the ground.


As they say, ass to the grass!

Romanian Deadlift w/ Barbell


Honorable mention would be the weighted step up. But then I’d have to say my six favorite exercises. But I like alliteration even more than weighted step ups, so it wins. Open-mouthed smile

With that, it’s back to work for a few more hours. Then I have a happy hour right after work! Tis the season Smile

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  1. Baby got BACK!
    I get my strength training in the form of BodyPump classes, and one reason I love BP so much is how many squats and glutes / hamstring-targeted moves there are. I’d love for my bootay to be a little firmer / higher, but it’s on it’s way!

  2. I think I’m destined to have a horrible ass then because every one of these moves are my LEAST favorites when it comes to strength training. ha!

  3. love your build-a-booty workshop! this is way awesome. deadlifts are easily one of my favorite lower body exercises. that burn you get from them is killer! love it.

  4. Dang…Laura took my line. 😉
    But guuuuuurl…you looking good!

  5. I always check myself out after working out! I’ll stare at my booty in the mirror or flex my biceps. I find it perfectly normal :)

  6. Dang girl, good work! I’ll definitely be incorporating these moves into my leg day work outs to maybe do something for my non-existent behind haha

  7. I love you even more for this post! I have been working on my butt for years now. Deadlifts are my all time favorite to work my backside! I’ve seen a huge difference in the back of my legs, butt and lower back from focusing on these moves. I love feeling stronger in my rear end!

  8. Those are all definitely goodies! I love having a ba donk a donk too.

  9. This is like my #1 goal of working out! The first time I told my boyfriend I wished my butt was bigger he laughed at me, but now that I’ve improved it quite a bit, he gets it!

  10. I must say…you have very nice bootay! I hope that’s not creepy haha. I should probably try to build my butt up with some muscle. Mine naturally tends to be on the flatter and smaller side so perhaps putting some extra time into working it with weights will help!

  11. I’ve been working on my behind too. I tried the single leg deadlift last weekend and I thought I was dying the next day. :)

  12. Haha…you’re so stinking cute! Lunch looks super tasty! 😛

  13. Melissa Imbrogno says:

    What about trying to LOSE the booty since I already have more than I want or need?

  14. Hope it doesn’t weird you out, but I want your bootie! In a good way!

    I’ve always had more junk in my trunk than I’ve liked, but in the last two years I’ve really embraced it. It isn’t going anywhere and I love that the muscles I’ve built in it are the ones that propel me forward on all my runs. Plus, jeans look a lot better!

    Baby-got-back Club!

  15. The word badonk makes me giggle hehe… but seriously lady, you look fantastic!
    Thank you for the information on this… I want to make my bum biggaaaa

  16. Yea girl way to work that back side! I definitely could use some rear-end lifting…I’ll have to start incorporating some of these in my workouts!

  17. I am going to need to meet up with you again so that you can give me some ideas of good upper body and lower body workouts that are NOT cardio! I can do tons of cardio, but I dont really know what to do in the strength area!

  18. Seriously, you’re butt looks great :)

    I started doing single-leg deadlifts after seeing you do them on your blog a few weeks ago. I’d been in a squat-rut for a while, so I tried the deadlifts, and I was HURTING the next day. So good :) Thanks for the inspiration… and in general for your inspiration through this blog! I stumbled across it a couple of months ago, and now I read it daily. I love your attitude towards health/nutrition/exercise/life! Thanks!

  19. Oops… that last post should have said, “Your* butt looks great.” :)

  20. this is awesome! i want a booty too! mine has left so i will follow in your ways!


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