10 Minutes or Less Desserts

Hello!! I’m deep into a crazy DIY project for a secret santa I have next weekend.


Three cheers for procrastination Open-mouthed smile Hip, hip… oh crap I’m gonna be here for a while Winking smile

I did break for lunch, though!


Today’s lunch featured tuna salad lettuce wraps:


I mixed some tuna w/ a little mayo + greek yogurt, cilantro, stevia, and lime juice along with some diced onion and avocado and stuffed it all in some romaine lettuce leafs:


Along with a juicy red grapefruit and a slice of paleo bread with goat cheese.



While I’m painting/baking/making a disaster out of my house, I thought I’d share with you some desserts from the recipe archives. More specifically, desserts that take 10 minutes of less to make – start to finish.

Five Minute Nutty Protein Cookie Bowls


It’s been far too long since I’ve made these. They taste incredibly decadent – and there are so many ways you can change them up! Plus, there’s no flour involved at all.

Mug Cookie


For when you need a cookie RIGHTNOW and don’t have any in the house. ‘Nuff said.

Mug Brownie


See above Winking smile

And this one isn’t mine, but like all of Evan’s desserts, I need to make this one yesterday.

Paleo Mug Cakes


I love experimenting with paleo recipes, so you can bet I’ll be making this stat!


What desserts have you been loving lately?

Are you doing any DIY projects for Christmas gifts this year?

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  1. Yep – I bookmarked this post!

  2. Are you making some type of homemade chalkboard gift? I’m dying to try out chalkboard paint but I haven’t decided what I want to make yet, I absolutely love the idea though! I love grapefruit, I haven’t had one in away too long!

  3. I love making baked goods for family members for Christmas. Last year it was pumpkin gingerbread cookies. This year I’m thinking of doing pistachio and cherry cookies. Yummy!

  4. I’m all about quick, single serving desserts! I usually like a little treat after dinner, so these are perfect that. I also like the single servings so that I’m not tempted by treats sitting on our counter day after day!

    I just bought some Dreyer’s Peppermint Ice Cream yesterday that is a favorite store bought treat of mine throughout the holidays!

  5. My goal this year was to make all my Christmas gifts. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! Gah! The girls are actually pretty easy for me, it’s all these boys! Geesh… LOL!

  6. Love your mug cakes :) I bookmarked Evan’s cake too the other day. can’t wait to be back home in my kitchen so I can test it out. Speaking of mug cakes…you might appreciate this, no idea where I found it but 10 mug cakes in 3 minutes or less? Yes, please!

  7. Quick dessert in a mug? LOVE. And I’ve got a whole bunch of DIY projects going on right now. I love being crafty but my success rate with completed projects isn’t so hot…Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  8. Love lettuce wraps! And I haven’t had one in forever. I’m going to have to change that asap!
    I also have a big juicy red grapefruit waiting for me in the morning :)

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