Small Town Unicorn

Hi loves! Happy New Year’s Eve! Yesterday after cleaning the entire downstairs (getting ready for NYE!) I had some visitors over to the house. My mom and dad! My mom came over for a personal training session while my dad read his Kindle and hung with Niko. I took my mom through a full body […]

When My Food Comes to an End…

Every night around 7:30 or 8:00, Shane and I retire from whatever we’re doing and meet in the theatre room downstairs for TV time. We usually have an ongoing series we’re watching (Dexter, True Blood, Walking Dead, Modern Family, etc) and we’ll watch an episode of that before heading up to bed around 9:00. Well, […]

Roasted Riced Curried Cauliflower

Hey guys – I’m just popping in to put up the recipe for last night’s roasted curried riced cauliflower. I got a few requests to post it – so here it is   This “rice” complemented the chicken tikka masala excellently. I seriously didn’t even miss the real rice. The flavors really popped with it, […]

Extra Dose of Chicken

My lunch today broke a rule of mine: No meat two days in a row! Since starting to eat meat again, I’ve been very mindful about how much I eat in a week. I typically try to eat it only 1-2 times a week (not counting seafood,) but today is apparently an exception. I ended […]

That Extra Umph

Morning Today’s my first day back to work since last Wednesday. To say I’m moving a little slow would be an understatement I’m not complaining though – after today I have the weekend off (except for training a few clients here and there) until Tuesday. Score! I started my morning like I do every morning […]

Weight in a Pushup

Gotta admit, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself on this last day of vacation from the BIC. Want a glimpse of how/where I’ve been spending my morning after coming home from the gym? I’m getting a little work done both on the blog and on my work laptop – much to Clarabelle’s chagrin: Is she trying to […]

Same Content, Different Sex

One of Shane and my Christmas gifts we got this year was magazine subscriptions. Food Network for me and Men’s Health for Shane. I’ve been known to peer through a Men’s Health mag every now and then. I actually like the exercise advice more than Women’s Health, so I’ll scan through to the exercises or […]

In 2012, I Resolve To…

Love on my pets every single day. Enjoy life to the fullest. Drink a glass of wine a couple times a week. (while reading Fitness magazine – hehe!!) Eat dinner every night. Flush the toilet after going to the bathroom. Drink coffee every morning… …  You could say I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution […]

Most Returned Gifts

I thought I was pretty clever yesterday waiting until Monday (after Christmas) to do my grocery shopping for the week. Little did I know everyone would be out! Apparently December 26th is a pretty big day for shoppers trying to score after holiday deals, cashing in gift cards, and making returns. Normally Meijer is my […]

12/26 Blues

Morning! I can’t believe Christmas is officially over. I like to think of Christmas as about a three week holiday, with Christmas Day being the last day and the grand finale. Here’s some scenes from our “grand finale:” Shane and I had the ultimate lazy Christmas morning at our house with opening presents, cuddling with […]

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