Trivia for Dishes

Yesterday turned out to be a really fun day! After training a client and running a couple errands (Target and Sam’s Club, which were each equally scary on Black Friday even at 11:00 a.m.) I finally got in that workout.

I find it really hard to workout once it’s past 10:00, so I had to will myself to go upstairs and use our gym for lifting. But once I was up there, I had fun playing around and did: dynamic warm up, some abs, chin ups, plated heavy squats, incline press, and back lunges w/ offset dumbbells. Good times! Smile

After lifting I quickly showered because Shane and I had a few places to go. But first, coffee!



Gloria Jeans, my favorite coffee shop in Normal, was offering a half off ALL drinks yesterday for their Black Friday special, so Shane and I ordered up some lattes to fuel us through our errands.


I landed on a regular latte w/ one pump of raspberry and one pump of white chocolate. It was a little sweeter than I was expecting, but I kinda liked it Winking smile

First up, we went to Home Depot to get some…stuff… to fix our fence. A windstorm blew some of the clamp thingies (?) loose so we had to pick up some more. Little factoid about me and home improvement stores: the minute I walk in them I become a) tired b) cranky c) hungry d) all of the above, aka a bratty 6 year old.


It just  takes me out of my element. But I did manage to pick up a couple things for a project I want to do that I found on Pinterest. Winning!

After Home Depot we hit up Best Buy so Shane could get some Bluetooth headphones, Meijer (where I found the X-L tub of Chobani 2%!!!!) and Hobby Lobby, for a couple other crafty finds. Then, at the last minute we we decided to pick up a nice bottle of wine to drink while we played a card game we picked up at Meijer.

We picked up this bottle of wine from Friar Tuck:


We both absolutely loved it!! It was fruity enough for me, yet dry and smoky enough for Shane. We definitely need to stock up on this bottle – it’s a winner.


Then we set up some snacks, because we were too lazy to cook dinner just yet, and the battle began.




We ended up playing 3 games of Trivial Pursuit Steal, with Shane winning the first one, me winning the second one, and him winning the third. Somewhere between games 1 and 3, I made this:


Cauliflower crust pizza Open-mouthed smile


I thought I’d eat about half, but nibbled and nibbled and ended up eating it all by the end of the night! haha Of course after cooking, there were dishes, which we played a sudden death question to determine who was going to win the task of doing them. I won! Don’t worry, though, I helped anyway Winking smile

It ended up being a really, really fun night. Shane and I can tend to be lame when we have no plans, and usually end up watching some show on the couch, so this change of pace was very nice and very welcome Open-mouthed smile


Today’s going to be a busy one. I just got back from a spin class and now I’ve got two clients to train before coming back here, making a salad, gathering up my pumpkin pie, and heading to my aunt’s house. We’ve got yet another Thanksgiving dinner to go to today! I may take it a little easier on today’s spread…but I’m not making any promises Winking smile

Have a super Saturday, dear friends!!

What do you tend to do on a weekend night in?

Favorite card game? Ours is Euchre by a long shot

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  1. I love euchre!! My family has some intense rounds of euchre!

  2. euchre FTW~ remember our cruise?? We played that game everywhere we went :)And it was awesome! I miss our cruise- let’s go back soon 😉

  3. When I stay in on the weekends, I usually just watch TV on the couch or try to get some cleaning done around the house. I find myself just wandering around the house thinking about what I can do next and eventually end up on the couch!

  4. Home improvement store, bore me. Plus they are too dirty and industrial looking!

  5. I have never played euchre…guess I better get with it.

    Oh well, I don’t get bored at Home Depot or Lowes but I hate going to sears to look at tools. I use to work at Lowes many years ago but I still know people there so they keep me entertained 😉

  6. I miss Meijer. oh so much :(

  7. I can’t stand home repair stores either. Looks like you’re having a fun weekend though – that pizza looks awesome! :)

  8. You can’t beat half off coffee!! And I Love Trivial Pursuit!!

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