The Lying Down Alive

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday following a big night out on Saturday. Saturday, while fun, was a bit exhausting!! So, after giving my house a good scrub down from some messes, I tried to be horizontal as much as I could.

But first, a stabilizing – and very yellow! – breakfast:


What I really wanted was a veggie omelet and hashbrowns from a diner, but I couldn’t get anyone to go with me. I made with do, and had a scrambled egg/goat cheese/avocado scramble:


sauteed kale + nutritional yeast:


and some pineapple:


Actually, I had just one goal for the day (aside from getting my house back together): watch as many episodes of The Walking Dead as possible.

I think we did a pretty good job considering we finished the first season! However, the first season only has six (hour-long) episodes, so take that as you will Smile

Just as the sun was going down, we decided to quit acting like zombies and actually get up from the couch at out of the house…to Moe’s!


I got the close talker with the works. And of course we both shared from the chip bag (love free tortilla chips and salsa from Moe’s!!)


Throughout the day I also had snacks of a strawberry smoothie with a larabar crumbled on top and some cake leftover from the party Open-mouthed smile

So back to the marathon series day – which is my favorite way to watch a series. Do you guys watch this show? My brother finally convinced me to watch it by saying it’s not all about zombies. I’m not a huge zombie lover, so this intrigued me. He was right, though. It’s also about relationships and drama – which I am a big fan of Open-mouthed smile I just didn’t expect it to be so creepy and gory!!

We crashed out pretty early, and I slept for 8 glorious hours. Now I’m headed to a spin class – it’s been a while since I’ve been to one! Have a good Monday, loves!

When watching a series, which way do you prefer to watch: week by week or all in one day/weekend/week?

Oh!! PS – did you see the new stock at Lululemon this weekend? LOVE. You guys have to go check it out.


Looks so fuzzy and warm for winter! Winking smile

ok ok – I’m out! Got a busy one today Smile

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  1. I usually watch most shows weekly but it is fun to have a TV show marathon and we have done it a few times when we find a older series and need to catch up!
    I did see the new Lululemon line! I also love the new Savasana socks!

  2. oh how much i love your breakfasts!I can just keep repeating that I adore scrambled eggs and avocado! mhmm…

  3. Moe’s! It’s been too long… sigh.

    If I didn’t have to drive across the state of Illinois yesterday, I totally would have been having a similar lazy day. I love marathon days of series on dvd. Totes.

  4. I usually end up catching marathons of shows. My schedule seems to always be different during the week so I have a hard time getting home in time to watch anything…or I usually forget…so I get sucked into marathons all of the time!

  5. Dave is in love with that show, but I just can’t seem to get into it! We’re the same way with shows though we love having little marathons. Right now we’re watching Breaking Bad and I’m pretty embarrassed to say just how many episodes we’ve watched in the past week…it’s so addicting!

  6. I love watching a series at our own pace, so DVDs are great. But I also do like looking forward to new episodes, like How I Met Your Mother and Whitney. They’re too good to wait until they’re all out on DVD!

    • True…there’s really no clliffhangers or talked-about plot twists, because you can see what happens in 5 minutes as opposed to next week 😉

  7. My husband got me addicted to The Walking Dead- it is a show that I would never watch, but once I started watching, I couldn’t stop!

  8. I do shows both ways – Buffy and Angel I marathoned and would watch up to 4 episodes per day to finish the series in 6 months all together. (Yup – that’s 12 seasons’ worth!) I do also like just watching a show once a week. Either way it’s the same – though sometimes too many episodes makes them all fade into each other and makes me sleepy!

  9. just did some lulu shopping over the weekend – loving the new stuff! I think I know what’s on my Christmas list! 😉

    your breakfast looks delish btw!

  10. The only show we record and wait to watch until the full season is over is Dexter. We found that the cliffhangers at the end of each episode were so exciting that it was much more satisfying to be able to watch them all in one sitting.
    With all our other shows, we do record them, but watch the same day or just a day or two later. This way we can miss the commercials.

  11. My husband and I started to watch Dexter marathon-style, but stopped after 2 seasons. Well, I stopped, he kept going. I have to catch up again. :-) He also watched the entire Lost series over the course of a week or two.

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