The Exercise that Did Me In


So I never got around to that yoga session (oops) but I did get in some serious coffee drinking:


Coffee’s just as good for the soul as yoga, right? This Americana w/ half and half sure put me in a happy place Smile

I’ve been a busy little worker bee today! Before heading into the office, I was an email-responding machine. Seems that’s the trend, because when I got to work I had a full inbox waiting for me as well.


On Sunday, I made a big batch of warm quinoa and grapefruit salad so I could just put it in Tupperware and go for quick lunches:


Although I ate this warm quinoa and grapefruit salad cold, it was very tasty.


Plus an apple and some cookies.



The Exercise That Did Me In

Remember when I told you my workout left me grimacing every time a sat down to use the toilet? Lucky you, today I’m going to share the main culprit with you today! Winking smile 

I wrote up a post on it (and other hamstring-targeting exercises) for a guest post on Ashley’s blog, but I like this exercise so much that I thought I’d share it twice!

Deadlifts have to be my favorite exercise out of them all, but this is the mac daddy of deadlifts.

The Single Leg Plated Deadlift

remember to check with your physician before beginning any new exercise

Set up: Grab a big plate, like a 45 lb-er, and place it flat side up (if possible)


Grab two moderately heavy dumbbells.

Now, stand on the big plate with a dumbbell in each hand.

Move: Push your hips back and hinge forward at the hip, lowering the dumbbells as far as you can. Stand back up to starting position. You could also hold one (heavier)weight in the opposite hand as the working leg to engage the core more.

I used 35 lb. dumbbells on Monday (started with 25 lb DB’s 4 weeks ago,) and did 6 reps on each leg for 4 sets. Now I have DOMS two days later. Glorious.

Have a lovely afternoon!

What’s your favorite lower body exercise right now?

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  1. I am a huge fan of deadlifts! They always make me so sore!! My hamstrings are one of the weaker muscles in my lower body, so it always feels good to work them extra hard.

  2. Oh, deadlifts always kick my ass. I want to try this one!

  3. Paige, what is the reason for standing on the plate? I know using a bosu ball or something like that creates more instability requiring more core control but how is this much different than standing on the floor?

  4. Those cookies look seriously yummy! Good stuff! I got in some major coffee today too and it was FANTASTIC! Sounds like a kick butt move girl!

  5. Quinoa and grapefruit!? YUMYUMYUM!

  6. I love doing squats – they’re my fav exercise!

  7. Looks like a challenging exercise. I love getting DOMS, it hurts so good. Remind us of all of our hard work :-)
    I need to get some grapefruits and try out this recipe, stat!

  8. WOW girl that looks intense but, um, what is a DOM?
    *so not hardcore YET*

  9. Now I have done many a single leg deadlift in my day (lol… i sound ridiculous), but never on a plate. So why the plate?



  1. […] felt fine and wasn’t physically tired, especially since yesterday was an unplanned rest day. But I just felt like staying in my rope and sipping coffee for an hour instead of sweating it […]

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